07th OCTOBER, 2016

Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and then staying with that plan. – Tom Landry
Namaste Dear Parents,

It is going to be another busy and exciting Term, with lots of learning opportunities and new experiences. We know you will continue to work with us, so your child can grow in confidence, with a love of learning and a determination to be the best.

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra before we closed. Please read on for some interesting news from the Campus….



14440765_1428801333802108_2554317739713734301_nTheme-end presentation was held on Wednesday 28rd September. It was awesome to see the Nursery kids stand on the stage and talk so confidently. The Jr. and Sr. KG Kids were incredible, the Hindi poem on the farmer and English poem dedicated to our soldiers was heart warming. The tri colour dance and the flag formation was mesmerizing. Thank you parents for being there and encouraging our kids. They performed amazingly well and your overwhelmed response brought further validation to us.


Through this theme Kids had the opportunity to listen to stories about community helpers. We read stories and talked about the various community helpers that help us in different ways. We sometimes take them for granted and in the big rush of life,  forget to say a special thanks to the people who help us day in and day out.

So on Thursday 29th September, we at Suchitra Academy Pre-school, gifted bedsheets and steel containers to the Aayamas and security, to tell them how much they all mean to us.

We also appreciate all the parents who donated bedsheets for this event. A big thank you to you from us.


After all the hard work through the term it was celebration time, we organised a term-end party on Friday 30th September. Children enjoyed the goodies and danced merrily to the sound of music.14440972_1428848807130694_6493732195381673414_n

TERM-END PMI (Parent Mentor Interaction)

Term-end PMI was held on Saturday 1st October, thank you to all the parents who took time out to fill our survey. We will look in to your suggestions and concerns and do our best and we will share the feed back with you shortly.

Up-coming events

Thursday 13th October                            – School Re-opens

Tuesday 18th October                             – Eye camp



Children of Grades I, II & III had immense fun on the last day of their term tests by trying out their culinary skills for the activity COOKING WITHOUT FIRE. They enjoyed being Chefs for a day and presented their dishes beautifully proving that they are no less in this art too. Children presented variety of dishes, Gr I with Puffed Rice Peanut Butter Balls, Gr II Sandwiches and Gr III Potato Fillers. On the whole it was a fun filled activity for both children as well as the teachers.


The much awaited SWIMMING COMPETITION was held at the school swimming pool on Wednesday, 28th September. All the students and teachers were enthusiastically cheering the students and their house relay teams. There was a lot of excitement in the air and some of the students displayed excellent swimming styles and techniques.



The students of grades VII-VIII displayed their acting prowess through the THEATRE PRESENTATION on Friday, 30th September. Each and every student of each grade/section participated and presented wonderful plays. The throw of voice, the handling of the mikes and the superb acting of every student amazed the audience. It was wonderful to see the shy students deliver their dialogues almost like a professional! Our objective of giving each and every child an opportunity to be on stage and face the crowd confidently was more than met. Thank you Sunita and Aarti for your untiring efforts and putting up a wonderful show within the very short time that we gave you.


To ensure that the students get access to the best books for their reading levels and interests a BOOK FAIR by SCHOLASTIC was held on Saturday, 1st October. It was an exploratory time when kids browsed through books about real-life experiences, fun facts, love and friendship. Popular, age-appropriate titles to engage older readers, relevant topics and current, relatable issues attracted even the reluctant readers. On the PMI day Scholastic did a whopping sale as you people bought the books that the children had identified. Hope children and you, both read those books together.dscn0753


13th October                                    : School Re-opens –  Term II Begins

18th-19th October                            : Eye Camp – PP-X

19th October                                  : Project Presentation Grades IV A, V A, VIA, VII A, VIII A

20th October                                  : CAS – Visit to Old Age HomesGrades VI-X     & QCT- How to be safe Grades I-III

Dear parents, the short break is moving briskly and very shortly we will be ready to reopen and charge headlong into a hectic 2nd Term.  In the mean time our Excursion that has gone to Dalhousie and Amritsar etc. will be returning tonight, after a fantastic break. It will be a pleasure and relief to welcome them back.

Hope you are having a good time with your children and enjoying the festival too.

Warm  Regards.

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy


23rd SEPTEMBER, 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra.

Please read on for some interesting news from the Campus….



Storytelling is seen as a crucial part of an all-round education, a core skill for learning and sequencing ideas, a way of developing skills and confidence in speaking and performing.

Final round of storytelling for Jr. & Sr. KG was held on Wednesday 14th September. Senior school teachers Ms. Sujana and Ms. Manisha graced the ocassion and judged the kids.

Names of winners

Jr. KG.

1st –  Jaideep Varma        2nd – Tanishka Reddy    2nd – Unnati Tripathi     3rd –  Prisha Modi

 Sr. KG.       

 1st – Siyona Kefira                  2nd – Nihit Sivalenka        3rd – K.  Nitisha               3rd – K. Sri Vibhavi


Theme-end presentation was held on Friday 23rd September. It was awesome to see the Nursery kids too stand on the stage and talk so confidently. The Jr. and Sr. KG Kids were incredible, the Hindi and English poems, the tri colour dance and the flag formation were mesmerizing. Thank you parents for being there and encouraging our kids. They performed amazingly well and you were a lovely audience.


Pre-primary kids will be thanking the helping hands at school on Thursday 29th september. Teachers along with students will be gifting a small token of love to say ‘Thank you’ to the Ayamma’s for all their help. Parents if you wish to be a part of this event you could gift bedsheets ( new ones only pl. ) which will be distributed amongst them.


Thursday, 29th October        – Thanking the helping hands

Saturday, 1st October           – Term-end PMI / Dushera vacation begins

Thursday, 13th October        – School Re-opens



The final round of the INTER-HOUSE KHO-KHO Competition was held on Thursday, 12th September. It was a nail-biting contest where the audience was at the edge of their seats, cheering for their respective houses. This competition helped the students develop strong bonds of solidarity and act as a great motivating force inculcating true sportsman spirit and competitive streak. SUKRITI HOUSE (boys team) and PRAKRITI HOUSE (girls team) emerged as winners.


A special assembly on the topic INDOMITABLE WILL was presented by the students of Grade VI A on Wednesday, 14th September. The children exhibited immense confidence and poise while speaking. The skit explained that ‘true strength is an indomitable will’ depicting examples from history about great achievers, who showed enormous willpower to achieve their dreams. The presentation was successful in putting across the fact that strength has little meaning in the world when you cannot have the inner strength to face life.


  1. A workshop “FIRST STEP IS THE LAST STEP” was conducted by Krishnamurti img_20160906_143433Foundation India, held at Besant School, Rajghat Fort, Varanasi. It was attended by our Vice-Principal Ms Deepa Kapoor and Librarian Ms Manjula from 6th to 9th September. The workshop revolved around watching videos on Jiddu Krishnamurti’s talks around the world, followed by discussions on those topics by the guests.  It was an exhilarating experience, encouraging them to delve deep into their thoughts. 
  2. I attended a Conference-cum-workshop conducted by Dr. Kobus Neetherling from South Africa on 13th September at The Park Hotel. It was an amazing work shop where Dr. Kobus spoke on ‘FROM ORDIANRY TO BEYOND’. Dr Kobus is a world celebrated speaker, author of 99 books, Guinness World Record holder ( He wrote a 110 page book in 4 and a half minutes- From Impossible to Possible) and a trainer on ‘CREATIVITY AND PASSION’. It was an extraordinary experience to be able to hear him.
  3. An introductory workshop for teachers was conducted in Ganges Valley School, Hyderabad in collaboration with the Indian Schools Debating Society, backed by Ramco Group of Companies. It was attended by our Academic Coordinator Ms Anne Issac and English Mentors Ms Madhuri and Ms Sujana, on Saturday, 17th September. This workshop was designed to bring teachers from various schools across India into the folds of the ‘World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC)’ format of debating.  

We would like to, once again, express our gratitude to Dr Kiran, parent of Dhruv Kumar Naidu, and his team for their dedicated contribution during the Medical Camp held in the campus for two days. Dr. Naidu and his team devoted 2 whole days to carrying out the examination of all children. Thanks a lot Sir.


26th -27th September                 – Paper discussion

28th September                         – Inter-House Swimming Competition

29th September                         – Scholastic Book Fair

30th September                         – Theatre Presentation Grades VII-VIII

1st October  ( Saturday)           –  PMI 9.00 to 12.00 p.m.

                                            SCHOOL REOPENS ON THURSDAY, 13th OCTOBER 2016.

Dear Parents the 1st Term is over and I sincerely hope you saw the growth and learning in your child. At our end, we have not left any stone unturned to create a happy learning and enriching environment for our children. In the Report Cards, we do give suggestions for improvement. These are mainly about encouraging your child to read more. Please do this sincerely and everyday spend about half an hour discussing some non-academic topic (may be sports or music or movies or good behavior) and you will see wonders happening. Regular and relevant communication with your child will form the basis for lasting relationships in her/his life.

It gives me immense pleasure and pride to share with you that our school ( estd. 2011) is ranked 9th in Hyderabad and Telangana by Education World, out of the 110 schools in Hyderabad, in the open category ( the toughest one) and we compete against schools which are 25 to many more years old.

Dear Parents, the credit goes to both of us for this success as it is your faith in us that is taking us places. Thanks you so much and let’s keep working to even better prospects.

Look forward to meeting you on 1st October and wishing you a great festive season ahead.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy


09th SEPTEMBER, 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra.

Please read on for some interesting news from the Campus….



Teachers play a major role in making their students responsible citizens of tomorrow and good human beings. It is impossible to imagine our lives without teachers. They are the cornerstones of our future. To acknowledge the teachers’ contribution and recognize the hard work put in by our teachers, Teachers day was celebrated at Suchitra Academy not only for one day but two consecutive days. On Friday 2nd September all the teachers were invited for a grand programme organised by senior students. The programme included dance, skit and songs performed by the students. The next day all the staff members had a great day out for a picnic to Celebrity Resort. The day was enjoyed by all the teachers. All in all, it was celebration mode for everyone!

STORY TELLING (elimination round)

Jr. & Sr. KG storytelling elimination round was held on Wednesday 7th September. The objective of the preschool storytelling competition is to inspire the interest in the children to bring out their talents, to build up their self confidence and thus enhance their self-esteem and also to strengthen their ability in public speaking. Around 125 kids participated of which 21 kids have qualified for the final round. The final round will be held on Wednesday 14th September.


It’s a scientifically proven fact that children whose parents are involved in their schooling and learning, grow up to be more successful. We invited parents to come to school.  A parent child activity was organized on Thursday 8th September to make an eco-friendly Ganesha. Parents came up with innovative ideas and made amazing Ganeshas along with their kids. These creations were later displayed in the classrooms.


img-20160908-wa0008The annual ‘Medical camp’ was organized for the preschool kids on Friday 9th September. The team of Doctors from Aditya Hospital checked the overall physical parameters and dental health of the children and gave a prescription too. Your child must have brought it back home today.


Tuesday, 13th                – Bakrid Holiday

Wednesday 14th               – Story telling (final round)

Thursday 15th                      – Ganesh Visarjan Holiday

Friday 16th                               – Thanking our helping hands at school




The students of Grades I and II along with their teachers visited the NEHRU ZOOLOGICAL PARK on Friday, 26th August.  The purpose of the trip was to provide students with experiences outside their everyday activities. The students were taken to the Fish Aquarium where they observed different types of fishes. Then they were taken around in a toy train to explore the zoo. The children enjoyed watching the birds, animals and reptiles kept in their separate enclosures. Grade II children were thrilled to record their observation about the animals after the ride. After enjoying a hearty meal the children returned with many pleasant memories to share with their friends and family.

The students of Grade IV visited JAI LAKSHMI FOODS, MEDCHAL on Friday, 26th August. The trip did remind them of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The students learnt about the manufacturing of chocolate and the other skills related to running a factory and the business. They were taken around the factory and were shown the different stages of production explaining in detail the various processes. Students were actively involved in collecting information and getting first-hand account of various functions of management and procedures involved in setting up and running of chocolate units. The students were all smiles when they returned with packets filled with variety of chocolates.



To mark the occasion of Teacher’s day, a GREETING CARD MAKING ACTIVITY was conducted on Thursday, 1st August for the students of grades I-III.  It was a day of delight for the teachers to see the talent of their children. Children too showed eagerness and excitement to showcase their artistic side. On the whole it was a fun filled activity for both the children as well as the teachers


A workshop highlighting the setting of Board papers, pattern and topics for the Summative Assessment for grades IX-X was attended by our Language teachers Ms Mangalakshmi and MS Subhashri on Thursday, 1st September. Interesting group activities were conducted and important discussions with regard to the new textbooks and its pedagogy were discussed.

Our ICT teachers, Ms Prardhana and Ms Deepthi attended a workshop on Friday, 2nd September. The workshop was on the 21st CENTURY COMPUTER SCIENCE CURRICULUM conducted by Next Education. The workshop was completely activity based and it highlighted how these activities can be incorporated into Computer Science text books as practice exercises.



A teacher affects eternity; She can never tell where her influence stops…

With the main purpose of celebrating TEACHERS, the students of grade X along with the Activity Co-ordinator Ms Poonam put their heads together and planned a memorable programme on Friday 2nd August. The day began with the students getting into the shoes of their teachers and teaching a class for forty minutes. To heighten the enthusiasm it was declared a competition wherein students of grade X taught classes I-IX. The event began with the students welcoming the teachers with the traditional Aarti and Kum-kum Tilak. A short skit to highlight the contributions of teachers and the lives they have touched made the audience emotional. Young children sang a melodious song that echoed the importance a teacher plays in a child’s life. The dancers left the audience tapping their feet with their spectacular performance. It was indeed a memorable day for both the teachers and the students!


The teachers set their spirits free at CELEBRITY RESORT on Saturday, 3rd September. It was a day off where all the teachers escaped to the luxury retreat and enjoyed amidst nature’s glorious serenity. It was a day to break free from the hectic schedules and experience an occasion to bond and rejoice in the gift of togetherness.


The students of Grade II B presented a special assembly on the topic ‘WATER WATER EVERYWHERE, NOT A DROP TO DRINK’ on Tuesday, 6th September. The presentation showcased the scarcity of drinking water in spite of having so much water on the earth’s surface. Children spoke confidently on the pollution and unnecessary wastage of water. They danced to the song “pyaasi hoon mein tumko pilake……” The assembly came to an end with a pledge that we would not waste water and use it judiciously.

Another assembly was presented by the students of Grade VII B on the topic ‘A SMOOTH SEA NEVER MADE A SKILLED SAILOR’ on Wednesday, 7th September. The students spoke confidently and were successful in strongly putting across the idea that we learn from the hardships and upsets of life. If everything comes easy, then we will never learn to deal with the disasters when they inevitably arrive.


PEARSON SCHOOL, KOMPALLY had organized an Inter – School Independence Day Cultural Fest “TIRANGAA” on 31st August.

S.Rohit of Gr II won the 1st Prize in the English Story-Telling Competition.

Akansha Deb of Gr II won the 2nd Prize in the English Story-Telling Competition.

Rashida Zohar of Sr. Kg. won the 3rd Prize in the Fancy-Dress Competition.



Monday, 12th September              : Inter-House Kho-Kho Competition.

Tuesday, 13th September              : Holiday- Bakrid

Thursday, 15th September            : Holiday- Ganesh Nimarjan

17th-23rd September                      : Summative Assessment 1

Time has moved quickly and there we are, almost nearing the end of I Term. Portions, Date-sheet etc. have been sent. Revisions have started in classes from today. I am sure you are sitting with the children and trying to bring them up to date with their subjects too. Don’t stress yourself too much please, children are very capable and they will do well.

The holidays in the next week will give you added time to revise.

Dear parents, in my last Newsletter I had asked your inputs regarding changing the school timings to 8.00 a.m. from the current 8.25. I must thank the very few who took the trouble to write back (barely 6 to 7 mails).

I must say I am most disappointed by the majority who did not care to write back. Either our news letters, written so painstakingly, are not read or are not important enough to respond to. I wonder what the reason is. I again request you to send in your views if we change the school timings to about 8.00a.m. in the morning.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy.





Newsletter 26th AUGUST, 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra.

Please read on for some interesting news from the Campus….



img20160817135145-1On Wednesday 17th August students of Pre-primary had Rakhi making activity to mark the festival of Raksha Bandhan that honours the sacred relationship between a brother and sister. Children enthusiastically made colourful Rakhis with papers, satin ribbons and other decoration materials. It was a joy to see their imaginations taking shape.


The air in Pre-primary is filled with feeling of patriotism as the children are learning about our freedom fighters, national symbols, various religions, festivals, cultures and languages spoken in our country India. On Monday 22nd August Children were taken on a Field trip to the AOC centre. They got an opportunity to see the Gurudwara, Mosque, Church and Temple all in one place.  After the visit children were treated to some snacks and sweets at the centre by the officials.


As part of celebration of JANMASHTMI, the birth of Lord Krishna, a pot breaking event was organized in the Pre primary section on Wednesday 24th August. The little Krishnas and Radhas looked adorable in their traditional costumes and the entire area was transformed into a land of joy, celebration and happiness. The naughty little Krishnas were all set to sway and dance with the Gopikas and Radhas. The entire event was enjoyed by all and the tiny tots.

Upcoming Events

Friday 2nd September             – Teacher’s Day Celebration

Monday 5th September         – Ganesh Chaturthi Holiday

Wednesday 7th September   – Story Telling Jr & Sr KG (Elimination round)

Thursday 8th September       – Parent and child activity (Eco friendly Ganesha)

Friday 9th September            – Field Trip to the post office

Wednesday 14th September – Story telling final round

Friday 16th September          – Thanking our helping hands at schoo



“Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.”       Theodore Roosevelt

An INTER-HOUSE PATRIOTIC SONG COMPETITION was held on Thursday, 11th August. It was a time where everybody relived the emotions and feelings associated with the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. All the four houses were united with one sound that resonated with joy as India celebrated her 70 years of Independence. The winners of the competition were Prakriti House and Sanskriti House. dscn2612


INDEPENDENCE DAY was celebrated in our school to mark the 70th year of freedom from the British rule.
The programme started with flag hosting by our Dir-Principal Ms Renu Shorey. This was followed by a musical rendition by students with the underline theme being saluting our motherland. On this patriotic occasion the students of grades IV B and C showcased a colorful ballet of India’s vision through their performance, depicting different facets of our glorious freedom struggle. The participants spell bound the audience with their performance and also energized them with patriotic fervor.


Another special assembly was presented by the students of grade III C on Wednesday, 17th August. The presentation highlighted the importance of THANKSGIVING.  The students spoke on how the phrase ‘Thank You is pretty much ubiquitous. But it’s never unwelcome, and it can mean so much. Through the assembly they spread the message that saying thank you is everyday etiquette and a simple courtesy that takes just a moment. It costs nothing, not even effort, but leaves a warm feeling.

img-20160823-wa0029Another special assembly depicting the importance of JANMASHTAMI was presented on Tuesday, 23rd August by the students of Grade II C. The students presented a Dance Drama as a part of Janmashtami celebrations. They won the hearts of the audience by enacting various roles from Sri Krishna’s life. The awesome performance was applauded and appreciated by everyone.

The students of grade IX A made the audience introspect and reflect through their special assembly presentation on the topic TAKE THE INITIATIVE, BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE, on Wednesday, 24th August. Through a series of skits the students showcased that one can leave a stamp on this world by making our lives meaningful in a thousand ways and making the lives of others better than they ever thought possible. If you want to see


change you must first start within. The presentation left the audience with a deep thought and introspection. They knew they had to choose between- take an action or just sit there. It’s that simple and it’s that profound!!!!


The students of grade V visited the GOLCONDA FORT on Wednesday, 24th August. The children were quite excited and thrilled about the trip ahead. It was an attempt to make students visualize and connect to the past….the magnificent and glorious lifestyle of kings and the stories of their reigns. Students were overjoyed with the first sight of the historical fort as they got down from the bus. In the scorching heat also, students wanted to go up till the top.  As they climbed, they kept counting the steps.  Exploring each nook and corner of the fort and viewing the city from greater heights was an amazing experience.  Coming down was equally exciting as they looked content with the spark of achievement on their faces.

It was somewhat of a pity to discover that most children though had lived in Hyderabad for most of their lives but had not been to Golconda Fort. Dear parents it is our duty to expose children to monuments of such value.


A workshop on ‘SYSTEMS THINKING’ was conducted by Ms. Trisha Chakraborty, Head of Research and Training on 6th and 20th August. The matter of the workshop was adapted from Systems Thinking workshops by Waters Foundation, attended a few years back by her. The key features of the workshop were how to make thinking visible in the classroom, what a system is and why it is important for any system to have a coordinated approach. The workshop was full of activities for teachers to help them relate with the major concepts taken up in the workshop and for them to prepare similar activities to suit the need of the class and the context to be dealt with the students. The focus in all the activities was to help children ‘think’ using variety of organizers and stimulators.

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt


Meridain School had organized an Inter School Competition

‘IMPULSE’ on Saturday, 23rd July.

Samaira Panda of Gr II won the 1st Prize in the Hindi Poetry Recitation Competition.

Abhiram of Gr VII A entry was part of the exhibition Galleria-2016  which

was held at Ravindra Bharathi.

Aaira Sood of Gr-VIIIB won the AITA talent series (Under 14).

Congratulations to the upcoming Tennis Champ!!!


29th August                              – ECA Play Presentation: Grade V

1st September                         – Inter-House Kho- Kho Semi-finals Grades: IV-X

2nd September                        – Teacher’s Day Celebration

5th September                         – Holiday: Ganesh Chaturthi

6th September                         – English Spell Bee Finale: Grades I-VIII

8th September                        – Inter-House Kho- Kho Finals Grades: IV-X

8th September                         – Field Trip to the Zoo: Grade III

Dear Parents amidst the upcoming busy calendar, we also get ready for the I Term Tests and SA1. The coming week we shall be sending the Portions and Date sheet for the upcoming tests too.

There is a large number of parents who have yet to pay the 2nd Term Fees. I am sorry but they will have to pay now with a Late Fee charge. Innumerable reminders have been sent regarding this.

The traffic situation outside the School is getting worse by the day and we all are suffering due to that. We are considering advancing the school timing from 8.30 a.m. to 8.00 a.m. with the hope that we will beat the traffic to some extent. The School timings then would be 8.00a.m. to 2.40p.m. I would request you to write in with your views regarding this.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy


Newsletter 12th AUGUST, 2016

“India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only.”

 Mark Twain – American author

Namaste Dear Parents,

The week has been filled with proud moment after moment! Our students have raised the bar in terms of standard and expectations in everything that they put their gifted minds to.

Please read on for some interesting news from the Suchitra Campus….



The theme ‘Discovery of India’ was introduced on Tuesday 2nd August. Through this theme kids are learning to love and respect their country. Kids are being introduced to the rich culture and heritage of our country. We have been discussing our great leaders and their contribution to the country. Kids are being taught to honour and respect the National Flag and the National Anthem. They are learning to respect the national property and keep the country clean.



Children celebrated the joys of making and having friends on Thursday 4th August. ‘Friendship Day’ was the perfect occasion to let the kids know how much friends are needed. Kids made their own friendship bands and exchanged amongst their friends. This was an excellent starting point for discussions on friendship and behaviours.


English Recitation Competition for Jr. KG and Sr. KG was held in school on Friday 5th August. The objective of the competition was to build confidence, improve fluency and enhance expressions of kids. The kids participated in this competition with enormous zeal and were pleased to deliver their learning on stage. Each one was a winner because of what she/he gained in terms of learning and confidence.

Our winners

Jr. KG                                                               Sr. KG

1st Unnati B, Tripathi                           1st Nihit Sivalanki

2nd Tanishka Reddy                             2nd Sri Vaibhavi

3rd Nandana Ishaanvi                          3rd Vihaan Tuniki


The zeal continued on Monday 8th August, when Nihit from Sr. KG participated in the Interschool Recitation Competition and stood 2nd


Independence Day was celebrated with full vigour and enthusiasm on Friday 12th August. Kids came dressed in tri colour and marched around the school campus. This was followed by singing of patriotic song and listening to independence stories.


Ms. Annapurna Devi mother of Shaurya Gudapati of Nursery A donated Rs. 11,000/- towards care of children of SOS village. ( Suchitra Academy and pre –primary students have, as of now, sponsored 2 children in SOS village for a year for Rs. 38,400/-)


Upcoming events

Monday 15th August                   – Independence Day Holiday

Wednesday 17th August            – Rakhi making

Thursday 18th August                 – Raksha Bandhan Holiday

Monday 22nd August                  – Field Trip

Wednesday 24th August            – Janmashtami Celebration

Friday 25th August                      – Janmashtami Holiday



St. Peter’s Public School conducted a Chess Tournament on 28th and 29th July. Our students participated in the sub-juniors category. K. Sai Sri Nimai of Grade IVA, K. Sai Ohm Nabhya of Grade IVB, K Shamanth of Grade IVA, Linga Shounak of Grade III B.


The students of grades IX- X visited the BIRLA SCIENCE MUSEUM on Thursday, 29th August. The children were quite excited and thrilled about the trip ahead. The Exhibits dated from ancient times to the present day. Students were excited to see and try out various hands-on exhibits in the interactive science section of the museum. They had a firsthand experience of using and understanding principles of the working of various scientific exhibits. The Nobel gallery and Dinosaurium were a sight to marvel!!!! Overall the trip was an informative learning experience, both for the students and to the volunteers as well!!


The students of Grade VII visited the POLICE STATION at Pethbasheerabad on Friday, 29th July, as part of an interactive programme. The officials spoke to them about the way a police station functions. The students visited the control room and other facilities like the women cell, lock up, VHF Set, CC camera points at the police station. It was a highly informative session with the Station Head Officer where the children asked various questions ranging from their ranks, functions to use the handcuffs and the service revolver. Some were curious about how the control room functioned and how the wireless sets worked.


As a special activity on Thursday, 4th August, a LEADERSHIP ACTIVITY was conducted for the students of grades I-VIII. It was an activity that initiated a feeling of fun but in the long run they learnt to challenge themselves by searching for opportunities and by experimenting, taking risks and learning from mistakes.  This activity proved to be a powerful way to unite a group, develop strengths and address weaknesses.

Inter School Basket ball Tournament

Suchitra Academy participated in Shri B. Ramender Reddy Memorial Inter School Basketball Tournament for Boys & Girls (Under 16 yrs) which was held between 4th and 6th August, 2016 at Niraj International School. The boys team reached the Finals and bagged 2nd place (Runner up). The Girls team played a magnificent game and reached the Semi Finals which unfortunately lost to Niraj International School.


TALEN-TIME has become an inseparable part of the Suchitra tradition.  We dedicate this time to celebrate English language.  We had a series of competitions spread over two days starting with POETRY RECITATION, EXTEMPORE, ORATION, DECLAMATION, STORY-TELLING, CREATIVE WRITING AND DEBATE.  These competitions brought out the best from the children. They were happy to stand on a platform where they could showcase their talent and receive appreciation from all.  8th and 9th August, the campus was abuzz with the Inter-School English Literary Competition. 18 schools including HPS Begumpet, Meridian, Pallavi Model School, Bolton, St. Andrews etc. participated in the event. The judges showered praises for the wonderful performances and shared their valuable inputs with the students on how to enhance and improve their performance. The entire programme went off successfully and this year too, our students bagged many prizes. The winners list is on the last page of the newsletter.

Day 1 – Ms Deepa Banerjee, Ms Zenobia Rustam Fram, Ms Ritu and Ms Arti, all renowned names in the teaching field, were the Chief Guests for the day, and our honorable judges. It was the day of Recitation, Extempore’, Oration and Declamation.  We were proud spectators as the children enthralled us with their performance. Their prioritization and sequencing of thoughts to display logical thinking was commendable. The poise and comfort with which they spoke was appreciated by all.

Day 2 – Dr Saraswati Puranik, Ms Vandana Patel, Ms Urmila Mahajan and Ms Sunita Modi, were the judges on the second day of the competition. This day kept the audience on the edge of their seats with the debate and storytelling competitions. At the same time the poetry and creative writing competitions highlighted the participants’ power of expression, empathy, critical reading and thinking. St. Andrews was pitted against Suchitra Academy in the final round of the Debate. Speakers conveyed their points, presented well-formulated arguments and spoke confidently to prove their point. The countering sessions spiced up the talk, making the debate more enjoyable.


15th  August                  : Independence Day Celebration

16th August                  : Grades IX-X Prelim 1 begins

18th August                  :  Holiday- Rakshabandhan

19th August                  : Grade V- Field Trip to Golconda Fort

19th August                  : Grade VI- Visit to Birla Planetarium

23rd August                  : Grade VII- Field trip to the Meteorological Department

25th August                  : Holiday- Janmashtami

Dear Parents to run a calendar of the kind that we do, needs extraordinary aspiration for our students. The organisation, the planning , the execution without any glitches requires immense foresight as well as attention to detail.

I am so proud of my whole team here at Suchitra and the darling students who rise to the occasion each time and surpass themselves.

You should be proud too : of your children, of their teachers and of the school. The opportunities that each one gets here are what is shaping their future and exploring their potential.

I sign off with gratitude to my colleagues and my students.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy


Winners of Poetry and Creative Writing Competitions

Poetry Writing

Group 2:

Topic :  I am happy when

Sreemayi K   Grade IV A- 1st Prize

I am happy in the morning,

When I hear the bird sing,

Merry, merry songs,

In the morning.

I am happy in the noon,

Our games start very soon,

And we will play till we are tired,

In the afternoon.

I am happy in the night,

Such a lovely night ,

Seeing the moon shining bright

In the night.


Name: Dipansha Agarwal Grade III D – 2nd prize

I am happy when

I am happy when I play,

I am happy when I swing,

I am happy when I talk,

And I am happy when I walk

I am happy when I sing and dance,

I am happy when someone hugs me,

I am happy when it’s raining

I am happy when it’s my birthday,

I am happy when everyone wishes me,

I am happy when everyone gives gifts to me.

I am always very happy.


Group 3:

 Name: T Pratik, Grade: VI B- 1st prize

Topic: Homework

 Do you like homework?

Neither do I.

I want to be free like a bird

Flying in the sky

All of our homework

Is all so irritating

I could ban all our homework

If I were the king.

When I do it all

I feel so relieved

And when I get it all

It’s like I’m never free.

If I were to go back

And stop this difficult thing

I would take the chance

And stop this thing.



Name: Aishi Raju, V B- 2nd prize

Topic:  Homework

Homework is a fun thing to do,

Math, Science and English too.

When I have no one to play with,

I go and do my homework.

Projects or diagrams,

Both are very interesting.

When I have too much homework,

Sometimes I have a headache,

So, I do it in the garden

Or right in my bed.

I have to do homework

It makes me feel good,

And when I finished it completely

I run off to play.


Name: Om Dhotre, Grade:VIIB – 3rd prize

Topic: The Last time I Cried

It was a Tuesday

On the 19th day of July

I woke up in the morning, happy.

But I had no idea I would cry that day.

I was selected for extempore

I was energized and happy

I boarded the school bus, excited

But I had no idea I would cry that day.


When I reached school, I was more excited

I was so energized and pumped up

I thought I would do my best and my better

But I had no idea I would cry that day.


Then came the time for

The biggest day of my life

It was a huge competition

I knew I had to win it

But I had no idea I would cry that day.


My turn to speak came

The anchor called my name

I took a deep breath

And stepped on the stage

But I had no idea I would cry that day.


As I looked at the thousands of people before me

My leg and my fingers started to tremble

My heart was beating fast and I thought

“Will I do well? Will I win?”

But, I had no idea I would cry that day.


My speech had a bad start

Like the wheelspin of a racing car

I almost forgot what my topic was

But then I caught up.

I spoke all the words that came into my mind

But, I had no idea I would cry that day.


At last, the anticipated moment came

The time for announcing the results

I folded my hands and started praying

For my luck and my life

But, I had no idea I would cry that day.


The winners were Prachi and Manhar

I felt like broken glass

I told to myself,’Chin Up, you’re a boy”

But that was of no use for a boy like me.

I really had no idea of I would cry that day


Then school was over, I was going to the bus

Sadly thinking about all my efforts gone in waste

Thinking about all my classmates saying tome,

“Congratulations, Om! You lost!”

Well, I had no idea I would cry that day.


I settled in my seat

Still thinking the same

I rested my head on the seat

Trying to forget and sleep the same.


I felt like crying, then

I thought of all my efforts

I couldn’t control my emotions

And I started to cry and cry and cry

That was the last time I cried.


Group 4:

Name: Sarvesh Paradkar, Grade X- 1st prize

When everything goes wrong

I woke up from sleep

And fell down a bed so steep

I went down for breakfast, still feeling tired

Then found out that the milk had expired!

Right then   my neighbor started their blaring song

Why, today, was everything going wrong?


I was already late, so I decided to run to the bus stand

A bad decision I realized as I slipped in the sand.

When I finally reached, the bus was nowhere to be seen

Was it yet to come, or had it already been?

A man told me, “The bus has already come for the day”

Why was everything going wrong today?


When I came to school, I was super late

The teacher was already writing the date!

So I stood outside, staring at the class

Guess this was a subject, I wasn’t going to pass

Then there was a break and everyone, except me, went to play

Why was everything going wrong today?


Then I looked at the timetable, it was going to be all right

The next period was games, everything was just right.


Name: Roma Samala, VIIIB-  2nd prize

Sometimes I wish…

Once along the beach

I saw something in my reach.

It was a dirty looking lamp

In a place that was very cramped.


I smeared some of the mold

To uncover a lamp that was gold.

The lamp started to shine bright

And out came golden light.


An abstract figure emerged from the lamp

Blue and gold and not at all damp.

The figure said ‘I shall grant you three wishes’

After that all you will get is three empty dishes.


“So use them wisely”, he said

And without disagreement, I followed where he tread.

My first wish was immortality to fly

So I could go up and touch the sky.


My second wish was to be rich

And this was for real without  a glitch

At last came the third vortex

Should it be simple or complex.


So I wished for a million more wishes

And so, I got no empty dishes.

I started to wonder what could go wrong

Thinking this is a dream and it won’t last for long.


So out there I wandered

With my wishes not forgotten.

I knew this dream was actually true

So all I could do was be wise and look at the sky so blue.


Creative Writing- Picture Composition

Group 1

Name: Ali  Quadri Grade II D- 1st prize

  1. Rose is holding a plate.
  2. She is deciding to eat pizza or vegetables.
  3. She is confused.
  4. She loves pizza but she knows vegetables are healthy.
  5. First Rose takes some vegetables.
  6. After she finishes she will take some pizza.
  7. Now Rose can have healthy and junk food.


Name : Sudiksha Sunderesan , Grade-II D , 2nd prize

  1. It is lunch time. Rita is waiting for her lunch.
  2. Pizzas are junk food.
  3. Rita likes vegetables.
  4. Rita dislikes pizzas.
  5. Vegetables are good for our body.
  6. Rita is holding a tray she is thinking should I eat veggies or pizzas?
  7. Vegetables are healthy.


Name : Anshuman  Nanda  Grade II C  -3rd prize

  1. Vegetables are healthy food.
  2. Healthy food makes us strong.
  3. Junk food don’t have the provictims and minerals.
  4. Veggies have the proteins and fibers.
  5. Junk foods are not good for health.
  6. Healthy foods are good for health.
  7. We should keep ourselves strong and healthy.


Creative Writing

Group 2

Name:  Tanusha Barigala, Grade IV C- 1st prize

Topic: The bird who couldn’t fly.

There once was a bird who couldn’t fly, she was a sparrow. Since the minute she was born to the last try she couldn’t fly, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t fly. All the other birds would tease her because she couldn’t fly. She felt like crying when they teased her. She only had one friend who cared for her very much. They were best friends. No one could bring them apart .She always felt joyful when her friend found a way to stop others from teasing her. One day as they were talking about why she could not fly, a huge bird came down and took her friend away. She called for him, but all in vain. So she had only one chance to rescue him. She flapped her wings harder and harder till they lifted her off the ground. She kept trying and she finally got the hang of it and she went faster and faster and finally caught up with the huge bird. She found her friend and stopped the bird from eating him. Then they went back to their tree happily.


Name : Mysha Javed Lirani- III A  – 2nd prize

Topic: The bird who couldn’t fly.


One day a girl was walking in the garden. She saw a beautiful bird flying in the sky. Suddenly the bird hit a branch of a tree and fell down.  ‘Oh dear,’ The girl said as she ran and picked the bird. Then the girl took it to her home. There she bandaged the bird’s hurt. Then she gave the bird some food to eat and some water to drink. After some days, she removed her bandage. The bird tried to fly again and again but it couldn’t. It tried the last time and it flew. The bird and the girl were both happy.


Group 3:

Name: Vaibhav- VII A- 1st prize

Topic : My Journey On a Pirate Ship

This story is all about my journey on a pirate ship.So here goes.I was on vacation with my friends on a small island. There, I saw a ship.  A ship that wasn’t ours.So I decided to take a peek.When I got on, the ship started moving. Curiosity killed the cat and all that….When someone was lifting the anchor, I realized I was not alone.I was drifting away from my friends!  Jack! Save me! Anyone here?” I shouted.  Who should come, but the pirates themselves.I realized that as I heard the deck creaking.

I had been running to and fro in my fear when I tumbled over a chest.  I had found a treasure chest.It had a imprint of a skull on it which was made of gold. When I opened it, I realized that I had hit jackpot. I filled my pockets with coins.

Meanwhile, the pirates had caught me. I thought they were going to loot me and push me off the deck.  On the deck, when I looked around, I realized that the boat was only a few metres away from land.I thought I could jump off.  I was sweating profusely. The clock was ticking and the boat was slowly drifting away. I made the decision in a split second. I dropped all the coins for speed and weight reduction.I jumped off the deck using the same plank.  I swam and later when I reached the beach, ran very fast. I was lucky the pirates did not chase me. So I hope this tells you what to do and what not to do on a pirate ship.Now this is just something extra.The captain had a hook for a hand! Weird ,huh?




Name: P.Priyanka- VII A – 2nd prize



Topic : A Dark Hallway

It was night. I was in my room watching videos on my laptop because it was the weekend.It was around mid-night when I heard a noise from the hallway.I was really scared.So I ran to my parents’ room and woke my mom first.She told me that it might be coming from the kitchen. And then she told me to go have a look.  That should have given the game away.  Which mother tells you to go and check a dark hallway?

I went to my room and quickly grabbed my toy gun filled with water.  It was not regular water.It was paint water.I wore my baseball hat which made me feel more like an under-cover agent.  I tiptoed down the stairs.I heard another sound which was louder. I finally got downstairs.Now, I had to pass through the dark hallway.My heart was beating faster than usual.I was scared of my own footsteps.As I was passing through the hallway, I heard different sounds from my brothers’ room, which was weird because my brother had left for college.  I opened the door slightly, when I realized that my little sister uses his room.She was playing with her dolls.I asked her to accompany me to the hallway.Now we had to go inside the kitchen.I opened the door to make sure no one was there.Then I noticed that the light was ON.My sister smelled cookies and opened the door.There,  I saw my dad. He was stuffing his face with cookies.  So, my dad was the thief of the day and was coated with pink paint.  And what’s more, I turned around to see my mother doubled over with laughter!!!


Group 4:

Name: Namratha Alluri , Grade IX B- 1st prize

Topic – A friend who moved away

As far as I remember, the time I spent with her, the joys we celebrated together are the most precious memories I have. She was Aprajita Mukherjee, my best friend, whom I can never forget. We were together since we were in first grade. We used to get time to play before the assembly started. Somehow, we were the only ones who would not hear the bell and always ended up going late to assembly. And once, the teachers were so annoyed that they made us stand in front of the crowd while the assembly was going on with our hands touching our toes. You might be thinking how embarrassing it would have been.

But for me, it is a precious memory. Even though we were punished, we kept on laughing and chatting which is what I remember. Then, another time, while we were playing in the play pen, we suddenly saw a spark in the sky. We thought it would bring us joy, but it brought us life-long misery.  It was a UFO.  It came down, and suddenly everyone in the school vanished. Aprajita and I were wearing black clothes with our hair put up in a bun. The first thing the alien with one eye and an antenna kind of thing on his head, green in colour said “We hate black” with an angry face.  Aprajita and I looked at each other and saw that we were indeed wearing black clothes. We were brave enough to ask him why he had come to earth.

He replied,” I have come here to take one of you away from the other, because we hate when two people are very friendly and have a lot of affection between them.” We were proud that he had indicated that Aprajita and I were best friends. Without another word, he took Aprajita with him. I started crying and I suddenly heard my Mom calling me. And I woke up and realized it was just a dream.

But we did get separated that year as I changed my school. Till date, there are nights when tears fill my eyes when I recall these memories. I still try to look for her in social networking sites. She was funny, she was kind and we got along so well that the bond we shared, even if it was so transient has left an everlasting memory.



Name : Shriya Menon,  X – 2nd prize


Topic: A friend who moved away

She was not just a friend, Ashna was the sparkle if I were the diamond. IF I were gold, then she was the real value. She was my best friend.

In a world where there are girls and there are boys, we are those girls who think, act and work like boys. We don’t really understand what runs in each other’s head, but we, surely do the same thing. Ashna and I have shared a lot of experiences and adventured together.

One of them was a time when both of us had gone to take our neighbor’s dog for walk.  We were so engrossed in our talk that Hatchi, the dog pulled itself and ran away.   It took a long time for me to realize that Hatchi was missing. Both of us started to run around our whole complex looking for him. After two and a half hours, we went to Mrs. Bring our neighbor, to tell us that Hatchi was missing, but to our surprise, we saw Hatchi peacefully sleeping in his garden.

There were so many more adventures filled with joy, excitement, anxiety, guilt, depression that Ashna and I shared. If I had a chance,I could write a whole book about it.

Ashna is now in Bombay, and even today, after 3 years, she tells me that she doesn’t belong to the city and wants to come back. And I often think, I could give up anything for her to come and live here again and be able to spend time with her.














29th July, 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

We are happy to keep you informed about the various events and happenings at Suchitra!!

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra. The month of July was a blink and miss with a flurry of activities and competitions. It was exhilarating!!

Please read on for some interesting news from the Suchitra Campus…



On Thursday 21st July, we created stations with simple machines and objects that helped prove that simple machines make our work easier.

There was a lever station, wedge station, inclined-plane station, wheel and axel station, pulley station and a screw station. Children examined tools and machines and learnt how the machines improve the lives of humans. Children had the opportunity to operate these machines and understand the working of the machines.


As we are learning about various changes, we also touched upon the changes in season. We organized a ‘RAIN DANCE’ for kids on Tuesday 26th July. Through this we could draw their attention to the water puddle on which they splashed and played in the morning which disappeared later in the day. Children were encouraged to think where and how the water disappeared and in the process develop an understanding of the water cycle.


13886494_1368812079801034_1148670821773596629_nThe first Theme-end Presentation of this academic year was held on Friday 29th July. It was amazing to see the Playgroup and Nursery children display their confidence on the stage. The Jr. KG children mesmerised the crowd with their song, skit and dance. Sr. KG children displayed their learning through slide show of amazing facts, talk on reason for seasons and skit on life cycle of frog, germination of seed, stages of human growth and life cycle of the butterfly. The song on body parts and the butterfly dance was fascinating.



Monday 1st August                    – Bonalu Holiday

Tuesday 2nd August                   – Introduction of new theme (Discovery of India & People who help us)

Wednesday 3rd August             – Recitation competition (elimination round)

Wednesday 10th August           – Recitation competition (Final round)

Thursday 11th August               – Field trip (Sarva Dharm Sthal)



The entire week, starting 18th July, was a very busy week with a plethora of Inter- House competitions celebrating the English Language Week.

20160719_095049Monday, 18th July, was the day of ENGLISH SOLO AND GROUP POETRY RECITATION COMPETITION. It was a day when Edward Lear, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Shelly came alive on stage.  The students recited beautiful poems engaging with the audience through physical presence, including appropriate body language, confidence and eye contact. Some of the memorable poems were ‘Kubla Khan’, ‘Why Mankind Why’, to name a few. We were proud spectators as the children enthralled us with their performance. Ms Nalini Nanda Kumar, raconteur and compere of international fame, was the chief guest and judge for the day.

Tuesday, 19th July, was the day of STORY-TELLING AND EXTEMPORE COMPETITION. Students from Grades I and II narrated interesting stories from Aesop Fables and Akbar – Birbal tales. They brought the characters to life with their confidence, voice modulation, stage presence and beautiful props to support.

The students of grades III to X taxed their imagination to think off their feet. Their prioritization and sequencing of thoughts to display logical thinking was commendable. The poise and comfort with which they spoke, spoke volumes about the commendable job my teachers are doing to instil various skills in our children.

Mrs Urmi Mazundar ( HOD English) from St. Andrews School, Bowenpally, graced the occasion and judged the event. In her speech she expressed amazement at the expertise that the children seemed to display in thinking on-the-spot. She had profuse praise for the brilliant display on the day.

Wednesday, 20th July, was the day for CREATIVE WRITING AND POETRY WRITING COMPETITION for all the grades. Students had to write poems on interesting topics like ‘Magic show’, ‘Homework’, ‘My cozy spot at home’, ‘When everything goes wrong’, to name a few. Creative writing topics like ‘The idea hit me like a tornado’, ‘My journey on a pirate ship’; ‘The dark hallway’ highlighted our students powers of expression, empathy and critical reading and thinking.

Thursday, 21st July, was the day for ORATION AND DECLAMATION COMPETITION. Grades III-VII had been given the topic a few days in advance to prepare a speech for their oration. All the participants were well- prepared and even the little ones exhibited immense confidence and poise. Grade X students outdid themselves during the Declamation Competition. The participants did not make any attempt to mimic the original author of the speech. Instead, speakers developed an oration that delivered the message of the author in an original and engaging manner with clarity, emotion, and persuasiveness. Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln, John Cena radiated on the faces of the participants. Mrs. Shukla Dasgupta, Headmistress of Delhi Public School, Nacharam, graced the occasion and judged the event and expressed great admiration for the children.

Friday, 22nd July, was the closing day of the Language Week with INTER-HOUSE DEBATE COMPETITION. Four houses were pitted against each other. The audience witnessed heated debates on discussed topics in today’s world. Topics like ‘Cinemas are only to entertain the masses’, ‘Private tuitions are a necessary evil’, to name a few. It seemed like the perfect choice considering most of the pre-teens and teens around the world are actively involved in cinema and private tuitions. Speakers conveyed their points, presented well-formulated arguments and spoke confidently to prove their point. The countering sessions spiced up the talk, making the debate more enjoyable. Mrs. Shruti Bhattarcharya , Head of the Department of English, Gitanjali Senior School, was the chief guest and the judge for the day.  



As a part of the CAS Programme the students of grade IX visited the ZILA PARISHAD SCHOOL on 27th July. Our students became thoroughly engaged in this process and truly understood the responsibility given to them. Our students sang a prayer song followed by interesting games and an interactive session. Their immersion in the interactions was remarkable. As a token of love, our students presented gifts to their new friends which were cherished and appreciated by them followed by a lunch at Suchitra campus. The self-realization of the fact that how small things give great happiness and how blessed all of us at Suchitra are, made the whole trip worth it.


The students of grade X visited DEVNAR SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND, BEGUMPET on 27th July. The purpose of this visit was to sensitize them to the ways in which the visually challenged cope with life and to recognize the blessing of ‘sight’ that we take for granted in our lives.

The students were taken around the school and were explained about the different resources used  to impart education to the visually challenged students. They enjoyed an interactive session and shared chocolates with their special friends. Somewhere it is said that scarcity brings out the best in a person. And that was quite clear from the visit. Surely as children walked out of those gates, they knew that something had changed in all of them—the way they saw things, the way they looked at others and most of all the way they looked at themselves.

SARVESH PARADKAR of GRADE X shares through his words how he took back a powerful lesson for himself:  “We received the unique opportunity to interact with the students. It was a joy to talk to our grade 10 counterparts. We got to see how they learn a variety of subjects using the Braille script and other auditory aids. From the chairman of the school, we learnt how several alumni, despite being visually impaired, have successfully pursued academics. Some have completed their CA, others are now in renowned law universities, engineering colleges and even gainfully employed in IT firms. We learnt how the students overcome their disability with sheer hard work and willpower. By doing so, they have managed to thrive in various paths of life. I took back one powerful message inscribed in my heart – if they can overcome the barriers of their disability to be happy and productive, then all the hurdles we conceive to our success are purely excuses.”


1st August                          : Holiday- Bonalu

8th -9th August                : Talen-Time: Inter-School Literary Competitions

11th August                       : Inter- House Patriotic Song Competition



Dear Parents the past week- Literary Week-  has been extremely hectic as for any competition, to get the final participants we start from the very grass root level. The whole process started more than 2 weeks back.  I can say with complete confidence that each and every child of the school was given an opportunity to participate and eventually those who showed that bit of extra talent came on to the stage and took away  top honours. Please rejoice in the fact that all are being groomed and given the opportunity to explore. Finally the winners are those who ace it at all levels. I am sure your child too is next in line and has the potential.

My apologies as we had many hiccups in trying to organise fee payment through ICICI Bank. The bank just could not get its software readied and as a result we cut a sorry picture.

We request you to come and pay the II Term Fee in school itself. Please do keep in mind the last date for Fee Payment – 31st July (without any late Fee).

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy