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NEWSLETTER 1st May 2015

From the day of first Suchitra Newsletter in the month of May 2011 to today, we mark a century of our communication to you  through our news letters. 800px-100_sculpture

These have been like clock-work, dispatched to you every fortnight of almost 4 years without fail. We all can take pride in this.

Namaste Dear Parents,

You may be far, you may be near, but from us Suchitrans, you will still hear!!

10646952_1073014676047444_5302072164206422339_nNews from the PRE-PRIMARY
The school closed for Pre-Primary on 22nd with a noisy, happy, excited class party.There were eats music and happy feet dancing.

I am sure right now the little ones are enjoying 1469961_1073015292714049_8894250549106234355_nthe thrill of waking up late, visiting cousins or places and generally the pampering at home. Make the most of the time with them because these precious moments will never come back. Talk to them, read to / with them, work at building vocabulary and good habits.11182268_1073017342713844_3416693735898544026_n

With all this done, I am sure the little moppets will return raring to start the school all over again.

Happy, Happening, Holidays !



11028045_1073684355980476_5239451247386652962_nSPECIAL ASSEMBLY

On Wednesday, 22nd April, 2015, students of grades VIII presented a special assembly on the topic  ‘THE ENIGMA OF SHAKESPEARE’.  The assembly started with a ppt on Shakespeare which highlighted his life and works. The genius of Shakespeare was brought forth with enactment of a scene from King Lear. The students also presented a dance and sang a sonnet from Shakespeare’s work as a rap song. The entire presentation was put together beautifully and the beautiful costumes and effective dialogues brought the characters to life. Well done grade VIII.

CLASS PARTY 10409379_1075591069123138_4238720799547074_n

Friday, 24th April was the last day of school for grades I to VIII. It was a cause for celebration and CLASS PARTY for grades I to X. The students and teachers had brought food from home and organized a full- fledged pot-luck party in the classroom, complete with music, games and dance. It was a very enjoyable afternoon for the students before breaking up for the vacations. We are certain that the yummy food and the fun and frolic would remain as good memories throughout the summer break and that the students would be looking forward to return to school in June. Also I would like to thank the parents who went that extra mile to cook all those dishes, much shared and relished by all.


Wednesday, 29 April 2015, was the last working day for the teachers. It was the day to wind up all the pending work and to unwind with, of course, a POOL PARTY! The teachers enjoyed an afternoon of interesting games and took a dip in the refreshing swimming pool. It was an occasion for everyone to chill out and de-stress after a very hectic and demanding schedule. All in all, a very welcome change!

4th June    – School reopens for G-IX & X
11th June  – School reopens for G-I to VIII
15th June  – School reopens for Pre-Primary

Dear parents from time to time some of you have approached me with a wish to sponsor education of some worthy students in our school. I would like to let you know that right now we do have two students who would benefit greatly from your generosity. In case you wish to sponsor please do get in touch with me.

  As the Mercury rises I am sure you all have made your plans to beat the heat. Stay safe and watch out for sun-strokes and other summer hazards. Have a great time with your kids; knowing them better and bonding better too.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy