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NEWSLETTER 15th January 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

This is how we began our new year at Suchitra !

News from the PRE-PRIMARY


New theme ‘Farm to the table & Transport’ was introduced on Monday 4th January. Through this theme children will be learning how food is grown on the farm and how it reaches our table. They will be learning about the four means of transport and how it helps us transport food and other materials from the farm to various places.


The harvest festival is celebrated all over the country with different names like Lori, Pongal, Makar Sankranti etc. On Thursday 7th January pre-primary kids celebrated Sankranti with great zest. Teachers cooked Pongal and a bon fire was lit around which children danced and enjoyed. Latter the Pre-primary kids ran across the back yard flying their kites.


Colouring Competition for Nursery and Jr. KG and Drawing Competition for Sr. KG was held on Friday 8th January. It was amazing to see the tiny tots from Nursery colour so beautifully. The Jr. KG students were directed to use colour code to colou which was done amazingly well. For the Sr. KG theme was seasons. Few kids drew the four seasons and some drew one of their favourite seasons.



Monday 18th January   – School Re-opens

Friday 22nd January     – Field trip



On Tuesday, 5th January, grade IIB presented a special assembly on the topic ‘EATING RIGHT’. Dressed up as various fruits and vegetables, the students presented a short skit in which they spoke at length about the benefits and importance of eating the right kind of food at the right time. A very informative video highlighted how various deficiencies affect the life of a child and what needs to be eaten to reduce the deficiency. The students also sang a peppy song. All the students were extremely well prepared and it was evident that a lot of planning and practice had gone into it. They spoke flawlessly and with loads of confidence. Good job grade IIB.

On the same day an assembly on the topic ‘ONCE A SPORTSMAN, ALWAYS ONE’ was also presented. Students dressed up as various world famous sports personalities like Sachin Tendulkar, Diego Maradona , Ben Johnson and spoke about their contributions on and off the field especially the admirable work these celebrities have done in the promotion of sports in their own countries. .

On Thursday, 7th January, grade IVB presented special assembly on the topic ‘LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE ORDINARY’. The assembly gave information about those personalities who, in spite of their disabilities, achieved success in their lives. The children enacted a skit about India’s pride “SUDHA CHANDRAN”, followed by a video about Azher Maqsusi who, being ordinary, made his life inspirational for others. The children read out some motivational quotes and, to conclude the assembly, a video on importance of life was shown.

IMG_7390The SANKRANTI OR PONGAL ASSEMBLY on the same day ignited the festive spirit among the students as well as the teachers. The students explained the various customs and traditions followed during this festival. The ritual of bhogi pandlu was performed and the significance of the bhogi bonfire was explained. Students also demonstrated how the most important dish “pongal” is made.





On Friday, 8th January, as a conclusion of the year long theatre classes, grades V-VIII presented a play HORRID HIGH based on the same book by Payal Kapadia. Each and every student of each grade/section participated and the play was presented in an unusual format. The same characters were taken over by the students of different grades as the play progressed. The throw of voice, the handling of the mikes and the superb acting of each and every student amazed the audience. It was wonderful to see the shy students deliver their dialogues almost like a professional! Dear parents, we’re sure you too agree with us that the play was a treat for the eyes!

The best performance by a class was that of grade VA. The other best performances were

Character Best performer
Narrator Veer & Powlomi
Ferg Inder & Advik
Perverse Gautam
Granny Medha
Verbose Prachi
Chef Maytri
Mynus Shivcharan
Coach Chetan & Sparsh
Fermina Prardhana
Phil Sai
Nurse Saharsh


18th January – School reopens
19th January – G.K & ICT assessment G-VIII
21st January – Hindi/Telugu Spell Bee finale G- VIII
25th January – English Spell Bee finale G- VIII

26th January – Republic Day ( Holiday)


These children are turning into National level skaters and doing us all proud-

Konaki Vanshika Chowdary, grade IIA, , Anvita.V. (IVB), Arunima .V. (VIA)participated in the 12th National Ice Skating Championship held at Gulmarg between 31st Dec to 2nd Jan 2016 and won the following medals

Name of child Competition Event Position
Arunima .V. (VIA) Hyderabad District Roller
Skating Competition 2015
Artistic Freestyle Bronze
Solo Dance Silver
Pair Dance Gold
Pair Skating Gold
2nd Telangana State Artistic Roller Skating Championship 2015 Artistic Freestyle Bronze
Solo Dance Gold
Pair Dance Silver
Pair Skating Gold
Ice Skating National
Championship 2015
Artistic Freestyle Bronze
Show Group Gold
Pair Dance Gold
Pair Skating Silver
Anvita.V. (IVB) Ranga Reddy District Roller
Skating Competition 2015
Artistic Freestyle Gold
Solo Dance Gold
Figure Skating Gold
2nd Telangana State Artistic Roller Skating Championship 2015 Artistic Freestyle Silver
Solo Dance 4th
Figure Skating Bronze
Ice Skating National
Championship 2015
Artistic Freestyle Bronze and TC
Show Group Gold
Pair Dance Silver
Pair Skating Gold


Dear Parents the admissions for 2016-17 Academic Session are in progress. Please let your friends and neighbours know about this.

You have been sent Fee challans for the I Term of 2016-17. The last due dates for payment are mentioned in the challan. Please do honor the dates as our planning for the next year depends on the numbers that pay up by the dates given. If you have not received the fee challan please contact the office immediately.

Also if you are planning to discontinue from school the last date for Withdrawal and TC request is Monday, 15th February 2016.

Look forward to seeing the children on 18th January, Monday, all refreshed after this short break .

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy

NEWSLETTER 1st January 2016

Namaste dear parents,

“Every time you tear the last leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas new year and new progress.”

Here’s wishing a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 from all of us!

News from the PRE-PRIMARY



IMG_6883Pre-primary Sports Day was held on Tuesday 22nd December and was a great success. It was a fun day where we were able to promote the joys of physical activity and healthy competition amongst the children. A variety of games were conducted testing their skills. The children participated in races like Coconut race, Ball and Hoop, Chinese Farmer and running 50 mtrs.

Their recounts of the day reflected how much they enjoyed the different activities. Overall the Sports Day was a wonderful event to remember for the budding champions of tomorrow.


Christmas is a time to give and forgive, celebrated everywhere as a joyous affair. We too, at school, celebrated Christmas on Thursday 24th December, as a happy time for our children.

Our senior school children presented a PPT on Christmas for the preschool kids and later the air was filled with Christmas songs and festivity. Santa too made a grand entry on his bike. The delight was uncontained especially as he brought out the gifts. The children came beautifully dressed for the Christmas party that followed. The pre-primary classrooms too had been dressed with bright and colourful bells, stockings and stars created by the children in their art and craft class.

FANTASY PARTY3799_1214523718563205_1750584651467782554_n

As we always say celebrations never end at Suchitra Academy, we had yet another grand Theme-end Fantasy Party on Wednesday 30th December. We had Kings, Prince and Princess, Hulk, Batman, Spiderman….. all in the front lawns of Administrative Block celebrating the Theme-end Fantasy Party. There hung festoons, ribbons, chocolates, candies and balloons from tree branches as the children looked in awe !

We would like to thank all our Parents for the yummy food which added to the grand success of our Theme-end Fantasy party.


7th January              – Sankranthi Celebration

8th January              – Drawing and Coloring Competition

9th to 17th January – Sankranti Vacations

18th January            – School Re-open




Friday 18th December was an important and much awaited day for the students of the school. Grades I to IV and Grade X had a NIGHT CAMP at school. The excitement and enthusiasm had caught on the previous day itself and students could not wait to come back to school at 3:30 pm on Friday.

After their arrival, after settling-in and snacks, the students were taken on an outing. Grades I to IV went to Sarva Dharm Sthal and got to understand the true meaning of Unity in Diversity. The students of Grade X went to the Military Reformatory at Thrimulgherry, an erstwhile jail built for the British prisoners. The students were fascinated by its history and architecture.

Later in the evening, a painting competition was conducted for the students. After a tasty dinner everyone assembled in the soccer field for an evening of fun and frolic. There was a talent show and the children put up some brilliant performances of dance, drama and song.

After an enjoyable evening the students retired for the night, only to wake up early at 5:30 a.m. for an adventure trek to the Deer Park at Shamirpet. After discovering the beauty of nature in the wee hours of the morning, the students returned to see a hearty breakfast awaiting them.

The most difficult part was the parting! The students had so much fun during the night camp that they wanted to spend another day at school!!


On Tuesday, 22nd December, grade IIA presented a special assembly on the topic ‘THE MORE YOU GIVE THE MORE YOU GET’. The assembly highlighted the importance of giving unconditionally. The children enacted a short skit supported by a song and video to convey how various acts of giving come back with rich dividends, at some point of time in one’s life. They spoke assertively about how ‘giving’ benefits not only the receiver but also the giver. The assembly concluded with a dance formation conveying the message that we need to give something back to our planet too and contribute to the global cause.

IMG_20151224_083320490On Thursday, 24th December, grade VA presented a special assembly on CHRISTMAS. A nativity scene had been created in one part of the MP Hall. The assembly began with some melodious Christmas carols. Videos depicting the story of Jesus and the different ways Christmas is celebrated throughout the  world were shown. The students also enacted a short skit where the significance and importance of each and every Christmas decoration was explained. This made the children understand why things like stars, candies etc are hung on the Christmas tree.IMG_6821






Sports day was conducted for the entire school on 22nd, 23rd and 24th December for Pre-Primary, Grades I – IV and Grades V – X respectively. The students participated in all the events like the running races, the relay races and some unusual races like the balloon burst, back to back etc. very enthusiastically.

All the non – participants and the teachers were heartily cheering their respective house representatives.

The races and events had some unexpected winners. Dhriti house was declared the best house in sports and games and Sanskriti house was declared as the best house in Co – Curricular Activities, both the houses for the second consecutive time. Congratulations Dhriti and Sanskriti! Well done!


An Inter-House General Knowledge Quiz competition was organized on IMG_726331st December for grades II- IX. The Quiz consisted of four rounds viz. Quick Thinking, Sports, Science, Audio Round, Visual Round and Rapid Fire. The questions were highly innovative and of extreme diverse nature, covering practically all fields of General Knowledge and overall awareness.


It was clearly evident that the students from all the four houses were well informed and performed amazingly well, answering even the seemingly difficult questions with ease. The Quiz contained questions on a wide range of topics to test every facet of the student’s knowledge. All the participants displayed a commendable level of awareness and knowledge and gave each other a tough fight for the top honors.  Their strive to be declared as winners continued till the very end of the contest. Finally in the junior category                             and in the senior category


‘It is customary to celebrate joyful events with giving gifts or exchanging.’ A Gift Exchange Activity was organized on 31st December for the students of grades I-X. The gifts were packed by the students themselves. The gifts were exchanged and received with a smile. Each gift that the students exchanged carried feelings of their love and emotions. They were no longer mere lifeless objects but proved to be a strengthening bond of affection between peers. The entire activity proved to be a two-way street, in which the giver and receiver experienced the shared enjoyment of the exchange. It spread cheers and mirth around which brightened up the positivity in the whole school. It was a great end which paves way for a brighter and happier new year.



9th – 17th January                    – Sankranthi Vacations

21st January                            – Hindi/Telugu Spell-Bee Finale Grade VIII


Konanki Vanshika Chowdary, Grade II A, participated in the 2nd Telangana State Artistic Roller Skating Championship held between 22nd – 24th Dec. 2015 and won following medals:

Solo Freestyle: Gold, Pair Freestyle: Gold, Solo Free Dance: Gold, Pair dance: Gold, Show Group : Gold.

She participated in five events and won Gold medals in all the five events.

Congratulations Vanshika!

Darphad Reddy of Grade IIA was ranked 5th amongst the Top 20 in India Spell Bee – 2015.

Congratulations Darphad!!

V. Karthikeya IIC won the “Champion’s Trophy” at the National Level in ABACUS at Chennai on 25th October 2015. Congratulations Karthikeya!!



  1. There should be no last minute instructions given to school regarding transport changes; that the child should not board the bus and parents will come to pick up or board another route as the parent is at another location etc.

During school hours teachers do not check their mobiles and nor is the office capable of ensuring that the requested changes are conveyed and executed accurately.

Such requests may result in confusion and mismanagement. So kindly cooperate. In rare cases if there is any such need for a change the child should bring a written note from home in the morning and must give it in the office.

  1. Please do not let children come to school with dangling gold (or any other) earrings which may come off easily. Only studs or small ear rings are allowed. The other day thanks to our ayah a dangling gold earring was found and handed over to the parent of Grdae II child.
  2. Fancy hair-cuts (boys or girls) , long untied hair, long nails, rings, fancy expensive watches/ pencil boxes/ water bottles etc. are not allowed please.


Another matter of grave concern for us and for you too , is use of bad( abusive, foul) language by the children in the school.

I am at a loss about where to fix the blame !

The child’s environment is home and then school. Between these two where is he/she picking this up?

All you, esteemed parents, provide the best to your children without an exception. At the same time we at school are most zealous about the way we speak to the child. Unfortunately during my meetings with other School Principals this is a common concern and we brainstorm on what could be done. But there are no clear solutions in sight.

How do we handle this menace? You and I have to work on this together by being watchful, correcting and even firm when we notice this. Please do help!


Coming to nicer things may I request you to come and sample our food – lunch or snacks- any time, any day.

I would not need any advance information. Please come in at 12.30 p.m. or so and just let the office know.


And last but not the least my sincere thanks to the Grade I parents who could spare time and come and meet me on 31st. It was an enjoyable interaction and I do hope that we can fulfill all your expectations.


Hope the NEW YEAR brings Cheer, Health, Happiness and Peace to all of us !

With Warmest Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy