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NEWSLETTER 1st August 2014

Namaste dear parents,

Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Suchitrans!

News from the PRE-PRIMARY

It gives us immense pleasure to share with you the excitement of last few days, during which our learning took a new leap.

Wednesday 23rd July – Id-Ul-Fitr

We would sincerely like to thank parents for taking out time from their busy schedule and visiting the school. The importance of Ramzan month and celebration of Eid was beautifully explained by parents. Children got the opportunity to see the holy Quran, the prayer mat, the head scarf worn by girls and the cap worn by boys while offering prayers. Parents demonstrated how Muslims offer prayers in simple language. During lunch hour children also enjoyed sheer- khurma got by the parents.

Friday 25th July – Suchitra Food Court

As parents, we do our best to support our children’s education. Many of us wish we could do more than our hectic lives allow. And when we do want to participate more, sometimes it can be tough just to know where to start. That’s not really anybody’s fault. In many ways it’s just the reality of the complexity of life. So somewhere, we at Suchitra, try to bridge that gap.

Friday 25th July, was the day when our Sr. KG presented a Food Court to parents who participated in full strength and appreciated the hard work put in by the students and teachers. Hat’s off to the Sr. KG students, for the warmth with which they presented food to their parents. AND Thank you parents, you have been true partners in learning.

Thursday 31st July – Theme-end presentation

Theme-end presentation was a grand ending of the themes ‘I am Special’ and ‘Farm to the Table / Transport’. It was a treat to the eyes to watch the little ones perform. The song, the skit, the dance, were truly mesmerizing, not forgetting the narrators who did an awesome job of reflecting on the journey of learning.

Up-coming events

  • Friday, 8th August  – Field trip to EME centre
  • Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th – Literary competitions


The week began enthusiastically since Monday was the commencement of the English Language Week. A plethora of competitions had been planned which would showcase the talent of the children. As you must be aware, most of the competitions were Inter-House and each and every child had participated in the initial elimination rounds.


A SOLO AND GROUP RECITATION COMPETITION was conducted on Tuesday 22nd July. The children recited their poems beautifully with proper intonation, rhyme and rhythm. It was a pleasure to see younger children make proper use of props to enhance the beauty of the poem. The winners of this competition were as follows : Solo :-
Group 1 (G I & II)
Group 2 (G III & IV)
Group 3 (G V – VII)
Group 4 (GVIIII – X)



Group recitation :- 1st Prize – Sanskriti House, 2nd Prize – Dhriti House & Prakriti House

Ms Madhu Sharma, a renowned educationist, not only judged the competition but also explained the nuances of poetry and its recitation. She motivated the children to keep this poetic spirit burning and explore the pathways of literature.


An ORATION AND EXTEMPORE COMPETITION was conducted on Wednesday, 23rd July. For oration, the children spoke on various topics e.g. Table manners – are they important?, The dreams of today are realities of tomorrow, If I could do magic etc. The winners of oration were
Group 1 (G I & II)
Group 2 (G III & IV)
Group 3 (G V – VII)10450619_899888750026705_174835966271692465_n
Group 4 (GVIIII – X)

For the extempore competition, topics were given on the spot and the children spoke with 10 minutes of preparation. Many children spoke exceedingly well and that too on varied topics e.g. A stitch In Time Saves Nine, Cell Phone, Wrist Watch etc. The winners of extempore were :-
Group 2 (G III & IV)
Group 3 (G V – VII)
Group 4 (GVIIII – X)

Mrs. T Kasturi Reddy, principal St Michaels School, was the judge for the afternoon and she greatly appreciated the talent among the children.


A POETRY AND CREATIVE WRITING COMPETITION was conducted for all groups on Thursday, 24th July. All the children wrote poetry as well as tried their hand at creative writing be it a story, description or a narrative. Some interesting topics for poetry were Topsy Turvy World, My School Bag and Life In An Aquarium. While some of the topics for creative writing were ‘If I were locked in a departmental store overnight’, ‘If dragons existed’, ‘Coping with brothers or sisters’. This competition sprung some pleasant surprises and a lot of Wordsworths, Dahls and Ruskin Bonds were discovered. The winners were
Poetry :-
Group 1 (G I & II)
Group 2 (G III & IV)
Group 3 (G V – VII)
Group 4 (GVIIII – X)

Creative writing :-
Group 1 (G I & II)
Group 2 (G III & IV)
Group 3 (G V – VII)
Group 4 (GVIIII – X)

Special Assembly20140728_082742

A special assembly on RAMZAN was conducted on Monday, 27th July by Grade 10. The children enacted a skit in which the grand parents explain the significance of the festival to the youngsters. The children enacted very well and very much suited their parts dressed in traditional attire. A ppt was also shown highlighting the significance of fasting and doing good deeds. It was a very educative assembly for one and all.


The students started with their FA-2 from Wednesday, 30th July. Dear parents, we hope that you take out some time to guide the children in their preparations as within no time these would be over.

Kho Kho

INTER HOUSE KHO-KHO matches were held on Thursday, 31st July. They were conducted in two groups Group I (Grades IV-VI) Boys and Girls and Group II (Grades VII-X) Boys and Girls. All the students played with full enthusiasm and wanted their house to win. The matches had their serious and lighter moments but at the end of the day the best teams won and all glowed with the pleasure of a game well played.

Upcoming events

2nd August – PMI ( 9.00 TO 11.30 a.m. )

4th August – One-Act Play Competition

8th August – Story-Telling competition


Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Dir-Principal, Suchitra Academy