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NEWSLETTER 12th February 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

Here’s the news from the Suchitra campus!

News from the PRE-PRIMARY

It is hard to believe that the end of the school year has arrived, time has flown away so quickly.

The year’s end always brings with it a tremendous sense of accomplishment. So many things have been accomplished this year. Our students have been involved in an extraordinary number of activities and of course, we should not forget the tremendous amount of learning which has taken place during the year. Throughout all these activities our students have demonstrated great character.

12647052_1232532616762315_4396282243447128550_nTHANKING OUR HELPING HANDS

On Friday 29th January our Pre-primary kids expressed their gratitude by distributing shoes, pressure cookers and shawls to the ayammas, drivers, gardeners and other helping staff in school. These gifts were purchased with the money collected from the Canvas Auction.

Inner Image-1We have also adopted 2 kids from the SOS village and will be taking care of their food clothing and education for a year. We would like to thank Ms. K S Nagarathnamma great grandmother of Khushi Sharma from Jr. KG B for donating Rs. 1000/- towards this cause.

We appreciate your involvement. Your donations provided help to people in need and taught our students how to be compassionate.




During the last few weeks we have been talking about food and nutrition. We talked about 12647289_1238656589483251_6591115168058121886_nfruits and vegetables, learned about seeds and what all plants need to grow and flourish. Children are having a great time taking care of their vegetable garden. To make learning more fun and interactive Fruit Chat Day was conducted on Wednesday 3rd February. Hands on activities get the preschoolers moving and interacting. So children had a chance to touch, smell and distinguish the differences between skin, size, color, texture etc. Later on kids had fruit chat for lunch.

12512554_1238654929483417_1426797368511685557_nTHEME-END PRESENTATION

The last Theme-end presentation of this academic year was held on Friday 5th February. Themes covered were ‘Joy of Sharing and Caring’, ‘Fantasy World’, ‘Farm to the Table’ and ‘Transport’ Children spoke and performed amazingly well.



Thank you parents for expressing your happiness on Parent Mentor Interaction (PMI) day which was held on Saturday 6th February. Your words of appreciation for the teacher’s efforts and hard work were truly rewarding. Your positive expressions motivate us to do better each day.


Thursday 25th February    – Sr. KG Graduation Day





The much awaited PARASAILING event took place on Wednesday 10th February and Thursday 11th February. Students from grades I to X as well as the teachers did parasailing over these two days. It was an exhilarating experience for the children and the air was filled with squeals of laughter and delight. Most unexpected was the enthusiasm and fearlessness shown by the students of grades I to III. Not a trace of fear was seen on their faces!!! We’re sure that you must have heard a lot of stories of this event from the students. It has always been our endeavor to give a varied variety of experiences to the students and this event was one of them. Thank you for the overwhelming response.


On Thursday, 11th February, year end G.K. EXAM for grades I to VII was conducted. The results of the G.K. Exam will be announced later.


On Friday, 12th February, ENGLISH SPELL BEE FINALE was conducted for grades I to VII. The results of the spell bee will be announced next week.


Darphad Reddy of grade IIA entered the quarter finals of India Math Bee – 2015.

Arunima Verabelli of grade VI won silver medal for Telangana state at Roller skating nationals in Ahemdabad.



15rd February( Monday)                    – G-VIII Year-end PMI
16th February (Tuesday)                   – New session for new G-IX begins
18th & 19th Feb.( Thu/Fri)                 – ICT assessment (G I-VII)
20th February (Saturday)                 – Farewell Party for Grade X

Dear Parents this week and coming week are your deadlines for Fee payment. Please honor them. Also by 15th February you will need to inform the school about your plans for the coming Academic Year and if you are to discontinue.

The GK, Spell Bee, ICT tests etc. are almost done and now we are revising for the SA2s scheduled to start by 29th Feb. Please monitor the children’s study hours closely and support them wherever needed and communicate to us if there is any issue.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy

NEWSLETTER 29th January 2016

Namaste dear parents,

Here we are with the fortnightly round up of the news from the Suchitra campus!

News from the PRE-PRIMARY

12552785_1230106097004967_4885809995068821905_nFIELD TRIP TO SUDHA CARS

Field trip to Sudha Cars on Friday 22nd January was a unique experience. Kids were amazed to see the vintage and handmade cars. Captivating designs of cars in the shape of handbags, lipsticks, compact, stilettos and the replica of red London bus were a treat for their eyes.



Competition plays an important role in academic achievement because it often spurs students to pursue excellence. On one hand it teaches them the value of participation and on the other to accept winning and losing gracefully.DSC_1748

Towards the end of the academic year, children of Sr. KG had been eagerly waiting and were prepared well enough to showcase their academic achievements and their knowledge. On Friday 29th January a quiz competition was held among students of Sr. KG. A, Sr. KG. B and Sr. KG. C. Kids confidently answered to each and every question posed to them in a random order, in which Sr. KG. B, emerged as a winner.


Wednesday 3rd February – Fruit Chat Day

Friday 5th February          – Theme-end Presentation

Saturday 6th February      – Parent Mentor Interaction (PMI)



IMG_7915On Thursday, 21st January, a TALK ON FINANCIAL LITERACY was delivered by Mr KVN Sirish Kumar for students of grades VIII-X. He explained the true meaning of economics to the students and also the importance of starting savings from an early age. He stressed upon the different types of insurances that are a must for every person to have. He encouraged the students to be more aware about the finances in the family and appreciate the hard earned money which makes all their wishes come true. It was a very informative and interesting lecture. The best part was that the speaker spoke in the language the students easily understood and gave examples they could easily relate to.


On Monday, 25th January, Sqn Ldr Kaushik gave a TALK ON ADVENTURE SPORTS and careers in the armed forces. A video on parasailing was shown. He spoke about various sports like parasailing, para gliding and sky diving. He explained the gear used for these sports and the safety measures to be taken. Dear parents, you must have already received the parasailing pamphlet. This is a golden opportunity for the children to experience first hand the excitement of parasailing. It would be a wonderful experience for them and we hope that they take full advantage of this opportunity.


For grade VIII HINDI AND TELUGU SPELL BEE FINALE was conducted on Thursday, 21st January and ENGLISH SPELL BEE FINALE was conducted on Monday, 25th January.


IMG_8048REPUBLIC DAY was celebrated with great enthusiasm on Tuesday, 26th January. The entire staff and the student office bearers attended the program. The tricolor was hoisted by Mrs Renu Shorey, the Director Principal of the school followed by some patriotic songs by students and teachers.


A special assembly on the topic ‘World Is A Canvas’ was conducted on Wednesday, 27th January. The assembly not only focused on the meaning of art but also explained the differences between various art forms like cave art, patachitra, abstract art, etc. to name a few. An introduction to the great paintings and painters of the world was given, as also the various movements like surrealism or abstract art. Photos of interesting paintings depicting optical illusion were shown. A sand art video was shown. The students also gave a demonstration of face painting and tattoo making, which were an instant hit. It was a very informative assembly.


As a special activity, a PAINTING COMPETITION on the topic ‘India Of My Dreams’ was conducted for grades V-VII on 28 January, Thursday as Special Activity.


3rd February           – Gr-VIII SA 2 begins
4th February            – Hindi / Telugu Spell Bee Finale (G I-VII)
11th February        – English Spell Bee Finale (G I-VII)
11th February        – G.K. Assessment (G I-VII, Inter-House quiz teams will be picked up following the quiz)
We are fast moving towards closure of this Academic Year. Portions are almost getting over, revisions are about to start. Hopefully it has been a great learning year for children and a satisfactory one for you too.


Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy