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NEWSLETTER 9th January 2015

Here we are wishing all the Suchitrans a very Happy January of the New Year 2015

News from the PRE-PRIMARY


Christmas at Pre-Primary was celebrated in a very special way. Besides celebrating Christmas with Santa at school, kids visited the old age home on Tuesday 30th December near Loyala college. Here they enjoyed and experienced the true joy of sharing and caring. It was a love-filled experience for the kids to visit so many grandmothers and grandfathers. Children performed a dance, sang some songs, and returned to school with loads of love and blessings from them.

Thank you parents once again for generously donating towards this cause. We had a huge collection to share with the inmates.


PMI was conducted on Saturday 3rd January. Thank you parents for expressing your satisfaction and appreciating the class mentor’s hard work


Our January theme is “Change is Constant and Machines”. The classes have been all set up with 10384666_1006547002694212_1956877861512174276_nWOW factor for the theme. The theme was introduced on Monday 5th January and through this theme kids will be learning about various changes in seasons and our environment. We will be learning about seasons, seasonal food, clothes and also about the life cycle of a butterfly and various stages of human growth. Kids will also learn about the importance of simple machines in our day to day life.



KITE FLYING AND PONGAL CELEBRATION10270753_1007645685917677_8053456040916305690_n

On Friday 9th January  a Bonfire was setup to celebrate the Pongal festival. Mentors demonstrated cooking Pongal. Kids helped themselves to Sugar cane, til ladoos and roasted ground nuts. The highlight of the celebration was dance around the bonfire. The celebration ended with kite flying which was made by the kids a day prior.



Sankranti Holidays                 – Saturday 10th January to Sunday 18th January

School Re-opens                    – Monday 19th January

Quiz competition (Sr. KG.)    –   23rd January


Grade X
went on a study tour of M/S. LAURUS LAB’S R&D DIVISION on Tuesday, 30th December 2015,10411250_1005990659416513_7619813800082185279_n as part of their integrated project. Mr Venkata Ramana Rao, the Vice President (Intellectual Property Management), welcomed the team and rendered all the help required. The students understood the importance of such labs which produce Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for manufacture of drugs for cure of cancer and AIDS in a cost effective manner. The students had a lot of queries about the manufacturing process, the adverse effects, potential of the drug, the labour welfare measures etc.  All in all, it was a very informative visit .

10429246_1005990342749878_5047898375007914139_nOn Tuesday, 6th January 2015, students of Grade IX visited the BOTONY AND ZOOLOGY DEPARTMENT of Osmania University. The main purpose of the visit was to observe and learn about various plant and animal specimens. The students visited the Natural History Museum of the Zoology department and saw specimens of dinosaur fossils, human brain, egg of moa bird, etc. Dr. Srivasulu, a senior scientist gave details of the important specimens in the lab. The students also visited the Botany, Zoology and Mycology labs  as well as the botanical garden. It was a novel experience for the students to see cultures of bacteria and fungus, specimens of octopus, liver fluke and various gymnosperms. A great learning experience for all.


1425545_1006519622696950_3734009943021806221_nSPECIAL ASSEMBLY
 Wednesday, 7th January  2015, was the day of SPECIAL SANKRANTI ASSEMBLY by the Telugu department. The students depicted the three day Sankranti celebration through dance, drama, ppts and songs. The recipe for making traditional kheer was explained. All the students were from different grades but they performed together as a team and put up an engrossing programme. Good job children!







On Wednesday, 24th December 2014, a Karate belt test was c onducted by the karate Association for 10413290_993622840653295_1407214701812739784_nupgradation from White to Green belt. Participated -48, Passed in Grade A -16, Passed in Grade B -28, Passed in Grade C -4

Super kids

  1. Girls – Sumedha.S – VIII A
  2. Boys – Rosh. H – IX A





10th Jan  to 18th Jan – Sankranti holidays (G-I to VIII)
13th Jan  to 18th Jan – Sankranti holidays (G-IX & X)
19th Jan Monday       – School Reopens
20th Jan Tuesday       – International English Olympiad
23rd Jan Friday          –  PMI  for Gr IX/X  from 2.00 -3.00 p.m.


Dear Parents we would be sending the fee challans for the coming Academic year 2015-16, as soon as we reopen. It is important that the Fees is paid by the specified dates so as to enable us to plan for the year ahead.

It has been a good year and we have seen tremendous growth in our kids. They have been able to outshine in most of the Inter-school competitions that they participated in. They show signs of confidence and leadership and are becoming our brand ambassadors.

I am extremely confident that we will see them bloom even more in the coming years !

With Warmest Wishes

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy