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NEWS LETTER 15th JUNE 2018, VOL.7, ISSUE: 174


15th  JUNE 2018, VOL.7, ISSUE: 174




We are happy to keep you informed about the various events and happenings at Suchitra!! The month of June is filled with a flurry of activities. It is exhilarating!!

Namaste Dear Parents,

Please read on for some interesting news from the Suchitra Campus….

Welcome back! I hope you have had an enjoyable summer. The children have certainly had lots of exciting stories to share. We wish all our new children and their families a special welcome. All our children are settling really well, we hope they will continue to enjoy their time at school.


To make the kids feel special and welcomed to school, the class mentors gifted storybooks to each child. These books will be retained in class. Nursery and Jr. KG kids will use these books for story time and our Sr. KG kids will go a step ahead and learn to read the stories.



Naming our class is a pivotal part, especially at the beginning of the year! Every year we pick a theme, this year our theme is planets. All our 9 classes have been named after a planet. So here we are all 9 planets set to roll!

As parents and carers, you put a great value on school and education. Please do explain to your child that treating everyone with respect, being on time and in school every day and wearing the correct uniform is important. These are also important life skills. The value you place on these will be the value your child holds.

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It is nice to see children returning to school, looking smart in their school uniform. However, we also expect that children will attend school with suitable haircuts. Extreme haircuts with tramlines, patterned styles etc.. are not permitted. Please allow any such haircuts to grow out immediately.




Children must be collected on time at the end of the school day. You must contact the school office or send a diary note if there is a change, ie another adult will be collecting your child. We will not let your child go home unless we are notified.


Your child must wear the correct school uniform, with proper black shoes. Please ensure you write your child’s name in all that your child gets or wears to school, including shoes.


Please make sure that your child carries an extra pair of clothes every day to school, in case they soil their clothes.


Please ensure the child’s snack box contains healthy food, with no fizzy drinks or chocolate and chips.


We request you to please follow the call time and day given by the teachers. Also please call only if it is really very important. I am sure you will understand and respect the teacher’s personal time.




As part of the World Environment Day and to infuse some excitement in the many newcomers, the students and teachers came dressed to school in shades of green on Tuesday, 5th June.


The students looked excited to head back to school after a relaxing summer vacation. They had a lot to catch up on, with their friends and at the same time share how they spent their vacation. The teachers were not behind in sharing this mutual feeling with their students through Quality Circle Time. A welcome gift from their class teacher was enough to add to their happiness for the day.

 NEWS FROM HIGH SCHOOL                



Our Pre-Primary teachers enthralled the audience through their special assembly presentation on Wednesday, 6th June. The message to save the environment was spoken out loud through a street play. An old Hindi melody remixed with new lyrics to spread the noble message was highly appreciated.

The students were overjoyed to see their teachers on stage for a change essaying different roles. It was a presentation enjoyed by one and all.



“The world was my oyster but I used the wrong fork.”
~Oscar Wilde

Good table manners are a necessary skill needed to feel self-assured and confident in any situation. We therefore, thought it appropriate to give the students of Grades I- V, a practical demonstration of table etiquette. The students and teachers had a sit-down meal in class for their special activity class on Thursday, 7th June                     


New Picture


On the occasion of World Music Day a MUSICAL ASSEMBLY was conducted on Thursday, 14th June. The budding musicians of Suchitra showcased their expertise not only in playing the different musical instruments but also left us enthralled with their melodious singing. They presented an informative PPT in the form of a quiz on innovative musical instruments and artists who have carved a niche for themselves in the world of music. The audience was left amazed!! It was a wonderful assembly which left everyone wanting for more.

 NEWS FROM HIGH SCHOOL                 


Heartiest Congratulations!

Darphad Reddy of Grade IV secured a Global Percentile Score of 87.3297 in the World Genius Search Examination, 2018.


16th June, Saturday: Id Holiday

19th June, Tuesday: Investiture Ceremony

25th June, Monday: English Language Week Eliminations Begin

29th June, Friday: Speak to Lead Club Meeting

Dear Parents it’s unbelievable that the school has worked for barely 10 days (IX-XI) and 6 days for Gr I to VIII…… It’s mind boggling what all has been achieved!

We have class Board Display Competitions done, Elections done, world music day celebrated and there is no telling what all lies in the next few days!

It is this kind of variety that lends vibrancy to the school and students, not to mention the exposure, learning and FUN !!!!

On 12th June, I attended a TOI organised workshop on “My Child Health Care” at Park Hyatt. During the course of proceedings I was pleasantly jolted when a parent came up on stage to share and speak about the positive difference her daughter’s school has made to her child who has some learning issues!

And yes. You are right. She said that her child studies in Suchitra Academy ! You can imagine the pride and vindication I felt for all the time, effort and resources we, at Suchitra, try to dedicate towards making each child feel comfortable, cared for and loved. Honestly it made my day!

It’s moments like these that recharge and rededicate you towards your core values.

Another proud moment for us is that our just launched Grade XI, already has almost 27 children and would soon be a thirty!

It is all thanks to the word-of-mouth praise that you provide us. We are grateful!

Please write back to me of any of your concerns, compliments or whatever that needs to be expressed.

 NEWS FROM HIGH SCHOOL                 

Dear parents we have sent you a circular yesterday asking for certain details.

Please understand, as a school, we have no part in it and do not care for collecting this information. But it is mandated by the CBSE Board and Governments of Telangana as well as India. Please consider this urgent and send back the filled forms. The data has to be sent to the DEO.

The details asked are exactly what is demanded from us ( no more, no less         

  ELECTION BULLETIN , an important milestone, will FOLLOW shortly !



Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy


Contributions : Deepa.K, Anne.I, Satya.S, Sujana.L,, Sirisha.S.

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NEWS LETTER 05th JUNE 2018, VOL.7, ISSUE: 173

Namaste Dear Parents,

We hope that you had a relaxing and wonderful break. The lazy days of summer are over and the countdown has begun as we are preparing to welcome our students. Making a school welcoming is much more than just decorating the hallways, it’s more about creating an environment where everyone feels the love and we, at Suchitra work to achieve this goal.

Here is some great news we would like to share with you!!


We are happy to announce a 100% RESULT of our fourth CBSE batch of Grade X. They have passed with flying colours and have made the school proud with their achievement.  Heartiest congratulations to our dear students.  We wish them success in all their future endeavours too and congratulations to the team of teachers who left no stone unturned to support and guide the students !


The teachers are back at school after a relaxing summer break. The school is abuzz with activity. The teachers are gearing up for the upcoming session with fervour.  Classrooms are being decorated; worksheets and practice sheets are being made. Various professional development workshops were conducted to apprise the teachers with the latest happenings in the education field.


The students of Grades IX and X are back at school after what we hope was a wonderful and exciting summer break spent with family and friends.

We are happy to inform you that the school year for our very first batch of Grade XI has started with a huge choice of subjects. We already have more than 18 students!!! We are excited about the educational challenges that lie ahead of us and know you will continue to assist us in our efforts to bring the best learning experience we can for our students.



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Ms Trisha Chakraborty, Head of Research and Training, conducted an enriching session for the teachers on THINKING OUT OF THE CIRCLE on Thursday, 24th May. This workshop showed the process of brain storming in a completely new light as different and innovative methods of brain storming were discussed. This has helped the teachers to use innovative brainstorming tools to actively and successfully facilitate students in creating ideas and communicating innovations to act on.

As a follow up of workshop conducted on Creativity, teachers had presented the topics assigned using the brainstorming techniques introduced to them. The topics were like 31 days Calendar to become Creative, Makeover of dining hall in 10 ways and so on. It was interesting to see the number of ideas that came on the platform and interesting ways of presentation. It re-confirms that given some thought to the existing matter around us and looking at them from a different perspective help one to start thinking creatively.


A workshop on WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING was conducted on Monday, 29th May. Dr Samuel Johnson, Consultant Trainer, VIT AP – Amaravati, kept the teachers enthralled between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. as the session enhanced the teachers’ insights to whole brain teaching and behaviour modification.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-29 at 6.36.35 AM

He focussed on the 3C’s of a healthy working environment- coexistence, cooperation and collaboration. He successfully demonstrated the close relationship between emotions and learning and how the right ‘frame of mind’ is the most important precondition for learning.






A two- day workshop on WHOLE SCHOOL QUALITY CIRCLE TIME was conducted on 30 & 31st June.

Ms Maya Menon, Founder Director- The Teacher Foundation, Bangalore, trained our teachers on how to conduct QCT (Quality Circle Time) in class and highlighted its importance in the overall socio-emotional development of a child.  This helps to promote better relationships and also help with positive behaviour management, two of the most effective improvements needed for both learning and the smooth and harmonious running of a school.


Suchitra Academy celebrated the 4th anniversary of the formation of Telangana with an extremely educative and moving presentation by the High School Social Science teacher, Mrs. Nayantara Prabhakar. This was

followed by a rendition of the Telangana Anthem. The programme ended with the hoisting of the national flag and distribution of sweets.



6th June 2018, Wednesday                : School Re-opens for Grades I to VIII

7th June 2018 , Thursday                   : Grade I to Grade V ( Table Etiquettes)

9th June 2018 , Saturday                   : Lego and Abacus activity presentation

11th June 2018, Monday                   : School Reopens for Sr.KG and Jr. KG

12th June 2018, Tuesday                   : School Reopens for Play Group and Nursery

13th June 2018 , Wednesday : Display board competition  PP – Grade V

: Election of Student Council

14th June 2018, Thursday                  : World Music Day ( Special Assembly)

15th June 2018 , Friday                      : PT 1 ( Grade IV – Grade X )

Dear Parents,

You must have been receiving mails from the teachers informing you of the changes in Mentors and Sections too. There have been quite a few changes in the class lists, class mentors and subject mentors too. All these are due to addition of new students as well as because of the start of Grade XI. Rest assured, in no time at all, children will be settled in with their new class mates as well as mentors.

A few other changes would be that from July, teachers will work on 2nd and 4th Saturdays instead of 1st and 3rd Saturdays. Henceforth all our PMIs would be on 2nd Saturday. This has been done since many of you wanted teachers available on 2nd Saturday.

Another matter which has been long  pending due to various logistical issues was having GPS in school buses. I would like you to know that GPS trackers have been installed in all our buses. From 6th June, the trackers will be on trial for timings of each stop and hopefully after a week we will be able to share with you the log in id etc. to let you track the movement of your child’s vehicle and stops.

For all of us, FOOD remains an extremely important area of concern; be it taste, variety, hygiene or nutritional value. Dear parents , if any of you is a Dietician or has M.Sc. in Nutrition, we would like you to volunteer to vet our Fortnightly Menus for us. Kindly mail in to me in case you wish to offer help.

Last year we had introduced 2 special activities LEGO & ROBOTICS and ABACUS. These were paid activities and showed great results.This year too we are going ahead with these. Lego will be for students of Grade I to VIII and Abacus for students of Grade I to IV.The trainers will be here from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. on 9th, Saturday to meet parents and brief them about the scope of the activities.


As we go along, you will find us doing many new and interesting things, but what will remain unchanged would be our Vision, Mission and Core Values.

Please write in if you have any suggestions.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy

Contributions : Deepa.K, Anne.I, Satya.S, Sujana.L,, Sirisha.S.

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