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21st OCTOBER, 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra. Please read on for some interesting news from the Campus….


Children are not things to be moulded but people to be unfolded

Jess Lair


14705910_1449748041707437_4616039437774040539_nThe theme ‘Farm to the Table and Transport’ was introduced on Monday 17th October with a ‘Wow Factor’ that had changed the very landscape around the classes !

Preschool children are active learners who experience the world through their senses, physical involvement and active play. Through this theme children will be learning the process of farming through practical experience. A small patch of land has been provided for Jr. and Sr. KG kids where they will be digging the soil to make it loose, sowing seeds, weeding and taking care of the crops. We also have various activities like milking the cow, baking, healthy food week and many more practical activities lined up.

Note : Dear Parents if any of you have a farm where we can take our Preschool kids for a learning experience, please do let us know.


Early detection of vision problems is very important and has a considerable impact on the life of children. Poor vision in childhood affects performance in school and may have a negative effect on the future of the child.14680492_1448791728469735_7040065322142736930_n

Children below six years old are mostly unaware of what a “normal” vision is. They are unlikely to complain of vision problems and hence on Tuesday 18th October it was initiated at Suchitra Academy to check children’s eyes. The doctors have given slips with their suggestions and these slips are attached to the children’s diary for your reference.


Friday 28th October               – Diwali Celebration

Monday 31st October           – Halloween Celebration  ( instruction will be sent through diary for both the events)



14702383_1446321965383378_714876638672932317_nSarvesh Paradkar and Ruchika Agarwal from grade X were amongst the many who enjoyed the SCHOOL EXCURSION to Delhi, Dalhousie and Amritsar.  They made a brief presentation on Monday, 17th October, highlighting important details and moments of joy experienced throughout the trip. The itinerary included visits to the Golden Temple, Jallianwalla Bagh, Humayun’s Tomb and many other places. The guided trip allowed students to relive history after seeing the Martyr’s well at Jalliawala Bagh. The trip also enhanced camaraderie amongst students and was of great educational value.


An EYE CAMP was held at school on Tuesday, 18th October and Wednesday 19th October, for grades I-X. This camp was conducted by Sri Sigma Hospitals. Children from all grades got their eyes checked. The doctors gave advice on proper eye care and stressed on the importance of nutritious diet to maintain healthy eyesight. They also issued prescriptions wherever necessary. We are extremely grateful to the team of Doctors led by Dr. Patel Bhavin  Kumar,  who spared 2 valuable days for us. If you visit the hospital, there are special discounts available on consultation.


dscn1212PROJECT-BASED LEARNING is a dynamic approach in which the students actively explore real-world problems, challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge.  The students of grades IV, V and VIII made their presentations on Wednesday, 19th October and Thursday, 21st October, respectively. Each class had identified a ‘real problem’ like deforestation, healthy eating habits, air pollution etc.  In this process,


students also honed their organizational and research skills, developed better communication with their peers, audience and worked within their community while seeing the positive effects of their work.


Students of Gr IX-X visted the Old age home ‘Krishnasadan’ on Thursday,  20th October,   as part of the CAS program. Children were very humbled and touched with the presence of old inmates at the home. They interacted with them, sang songs for them and spent quality time with them. Students realized that the most precious and worthy gift they could give to the old inmates is their ‘TIME’ because no one things they are worthy of it. The children also donated a carom board, Chess board and a Tambola set to the inmates. They left the home with a heavy heart with a promise to the inmates that they would visit them again!

Parents, if you wish to visit the place or make a donation, here are the details.

You can support an elderly by donating Rs 3000/- p.m. or 36,000/- annually. For further details, pl get in touch on 8333005264, 8096000008. Website –

Our Achievers

Kartikaya of Gr IIIA won the Champions Trophy for the 31st National Abacus competition organized by ‘BRAINOBRAIN’

Our students  J.R. Kashvi (VIA), Sanjana Chawla(VIIIB) and Veda Prapurna (VIB) participated in the CBSE South Zone Tennis Tournament –U14(Girls) at Indus Universal School, Yapral from 14th -16th October.


24th October                          : Project Presentation- Grades III A and IV C

25th October                          : Project Presentation- Grade III D

26th October                      : Project Presentation- Grades III B and VII A

27th October                      : Leadership Activity – Grades I-VII

27th October                      : Talk on career in the Armed Forces- Grades VIII – X

28th October                     : Diwali Celebration

Dear parents the second term has begun and this also sees our Founder’s Day being celebrated. This year we celebrate with a Sports Day. And as usual our mantra of NCLB ( no child left behind ) will ensure that the whole school participates in the programme. You must have received Consent Slips which also inform you about the costume charges for your ward’s participation. You may send across the amount to the class teacher by Monday with a diary note seeking acknowledgement of the amount sent.

For any suggestions and feed back kindly get back.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy.

07th OCTOBER, 2016

Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and then staying with that plan. – Tom Landry
Namaste Dear Parents,

It is going to be another busy and exciting Term, with lots of learning opportunities and new experiences. We know you will continue to work with us, so your child can grow in confidence, with a love of learning and a determination to be the best.

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra before we closed. Please read on for some interesting news from the Campus….



14440765_1428801333802108_2554317739713734301_nTheme-end presentation was held on Wednesday 28rd September. It was awesome to see the Nursery kids stand on the stage and talk so confidently. The Jr. and Sr. KG Kids were incredible, the Hindi poem on the farmer and English poem dedicated to our soldiers was heart warming. The tri colour dance and the flag formation was mesmerizing. Thank you parents for being there and encouraging our kids. They performed amazingly well and your overwhelmed response brought further validation to us.


Through this theme Kids had the opportunity to listen to stories about community helpers. We read stories and talked about the various community helpers that help us in different ways. We sometimes take them for granted and in the big rush of life,  forget to say a special thanks to the people who help us day in and day out.

So on Thursday 29th September, we at Suchitra Academy Pre-school, gifted bedsheets and steel containers to the Aayamas and security, to tell them how much they all mean to us.

We also appreciate all the parents who donated bedsheets for this event. A big thank you to you from us.


After all the hard work through the term it was celebration time, we organised a term-end party on Friday 30th September. Children enjoyed the goodies and danced merrily to the sound of music.14440972_1428848807130694_6493732195381673414_n

TERM-END PMI (Parent Mentor Interaction)

Term-end PMI was held on Saturday 1st October, thank you to all the parents who took time out to fill our survey. We will look in to your suggestions and concerns and do our best and we will share the feed back with you shortly.

Up-coming events

Thursday 13th October                            – School Re-opens

Tuesday 18th October                             – Eye camp



Children of Grades I, II & III had immense fun on the last day of their term tests by trying out their culinary skills for the activity COOKING WITHOUT FIRE. They enjoyed being Chefs for a day and presented their dishes beautifully proving that they are no less in this art too. Children presented variety of dishes, Gr I with Puffed Rice Peanut Butter Balls, Gr II Sandwiches and Gr III Potato Fillers. On the whole it was a fun filled activity for both children as well as the teachers.


The much awaited SWIMMING COMPETITION was held at the school swimming pool on Wednesday, 28th September. All the students and teachers were enthusiastically cheering the students and their house relay teams. There was a lot of excitement in the air and some of the students displayed excellent swimming styles and techniques.



The students of grades VII-VIII displayed their acting prowess through the THEATRE PRESENTATION on Friday, 30th September. Each and every student of each grade/section participated and presented wonderful plays. The throw of voice, the handling of the mikes and the superb acting of every student amazed the audience. It was wonderful to see the shy students deliver their dialogues almost like a professional! Our objective of giving each and every child an opportunity to be on stage and face the crowd confidently was more than met. Thank you Sunita and Aarti for your untiring efforts and putting up a wonderful show within the very short time that we gave you.


To ensure that the students get access to the best books for their reading levels and interests a BOOK FAIR by SCHOLASTIC was held on Saturday, 1st October. It was an exploratory time when kids browsed through books about real-life experiences, fun facts, love and friendship. Popular, age-appropriate titles to engage older readers, relevant topics and current, relatable issues attracted even the reluctant readers. On the PMI day Scholastic did a whopping sale as you people bought the books that the children had identified. Hope children and you, both read those books together.dscn0753


13th October                                    : School Re-opens –  Term II Begins

18th-19th October                            : Eye Camp – PP-X

19th October                                  : Project Presentation Grades IV A, V A, VIA, VII A, VIII A

20th October                                  : CAS – Visit to Old Age HomesGrades VI-X     & QCT- How to be safe Grades I-III

Dear parents, the short break is moving briskly and very shortly we will be ready to reopen and charge headlong into a hectic 2nd Term.  In the mean time our Excursion that has gone to Dalhousie and Amritsar etc. will be returning tonight, after a fantastic break. It will be a pleasure and relief to welcome them back.

Hope you are having a good time with your children and enjoying the festival too.

Warm  Regards.

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy

23rd SEPTEMBER, 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra.

Please read on for some interesting news from the Campus….



Storytelling is seen as a crucial part of an all-round education, a core skill for learning and sequencing ideas, a way of developing skills and confidence in speaking and performing.

Final round of storytelling for Jr. & Sr. KG was held on Wednesday 14th September. Senior school teachers Ms. Sujana and Ms. Manisha graced the ocassion and judged the kids.

Names of winners

Jr. KG.

1st –  Jaideep Varma        2nd – Tanishka Reddy    2nd – Unnati Tripathi     3rd –  Prisha Modi

 Sr. KG.       

 1st – Siyona Kefira                  2nd – Nihit Sivalenka        3rd – K.  Nitisha               3rd – K. Sri Vibhavi


Theme-end presentation was held on Friday 23rd September. It was awesome to see the Nursery kids too stand on the stage and talk so confidently. The Jr. and Sr. KG Kids were incredible, the Hindi and English poems, the tri colour dance and the flag formation were mesmerizing. Thank you parents for being there and encouraging our kids. They performed amazingly well and you were a lovely audience.


Pre-primary kids will be thanking the helping hands at school on Thursday 29th september. Teachers along with students will be gifting a small token of love to say ‘Thank you’ to the Ayamma’s for all their help. Parents if you wish to be a part of this event you could gift bedsheets ( new ones only pl. ) which will be distributed amongst them.


Thursday, 29th October        – Thanking the helping hands

Saturday, 1st October           – Term-end PMI / Dushera vacation begins

Thursday, 13th October        – School Re-opens



The final round of the INTER-HOUSE KHO-KHO Competition was held on Thursday, 12th September. It was a nail-biting contest where the audience was at the edge of their seats, cheering for their respective houses. This competition helped the students develop strong bonds of solidarity and act as a great motivating force inculcating true sportsman spirit and competitive streak. SUKRITI HOUSE (boys team) and PRAKRITI HOUSE (girls team) emerged as winners.


A special assembly on the topic INDOMITABLE WILL was presented by the students of Grade VI A on Wednesday, 14th September. The children exhibited immense confidence and poise while speaking. The skit explained that ‘true strength is an indomitable will’ depicting examples from history about great achievers, who showed enormous willpower to achieve their dreams. The presentation was successful in putting across the fact that strength has little meaning in the world when you cannot have the inner strength to face life.


  1. A workshop “FIRST STEP IS THE LAST STEP” was conducted by Krishnamurti img_20160906_143433Foundation India, held at Besant School, Rajghat Fort, Varanasi. It was attended by our Vice-Principal Ms Deepa Kapoor and Librarian Ms Manjula from 6th to 9th September. The workshop revolved around watching videos on Jiddu Krishnamurti’s talks around the world, followed by discussions on those topics by the guests.  It was an exhilarating experience, encouraging them to delve deep into their thoughts. 
  2. I attended a Conference-cum-workshop conducted by Dr. Kobus Neetherling from South Africa on 13th September at The Park Hotel. It was an amazing work shop where Dr. Kobus spoke on ‘FROM ORDIANRY TO BEYOND’. Dr Kobus is a world celebrated speaker, author of 99 books, Guinness World Record holder ( He wrote a 110 page book in 4 and a half minutes- From Impossible to Possible) and a trainer on ‘CREATIVITY AND PASSION’. It was an extraordinary experience to be able to hear him.
  3. An introductory workshop for teachers was conducted in Ganges Valley School, Hyderabad in collaboration with the Indian Schools Debating Society, backed by Ramco Group of Companies. It was attended by our Academic Coordinator Ms Anne Issac and English Mentors Ms Madhuri and Ms Sujana, on Saturday, 17th September. This workshop was designed to bring teachers from various schools across India into the folds of the ‘World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC)’ format of debating.  

We would like to, once again, express our gratitude to Dr Kiran, parent of Dhruv Kumar Naidu, and his team for their dedicated contribution during the Medical Camp held in the campus for two days. Dr. Naidu and his team devoted 2 whole days to carrying out the examination of all children. Thanks a lot Sir.


26th -27th September                 – Paper discussion

28th September                         – Inter-House Swimming Competition

29th September                         – Scholastic Book Fair

30th September                         – Theatre Presentation Grades VII-VIII

1st October  ( Saturday)           –  PMI 9.00 to 12.00 p.m.

                                            SCHOOL REOPENS ON THURSDAY, 13th OCTOBER 2016.

Dear Parents the 1st Term is over and I sincerely hope you saw the growth and learning in your child. At our end, we have not left any stone unturned to create a happy learning and enriching environment for our children. In the Report Cards, we do give suggestions for improvement. These are mainly about encouraging your child to read more. Please do this sincerely and everyday spend about half an hour discussing some non-academic topic (may be sports or music or movies or good behavior) and you will see wonders happening. Regular and relevant communication with your child will form the basis for lasting relationships in her/his life.

It gives me immense pleasure and pride to share with you that our school ( estd. 2011) is ranked 9th in Hyderabad and Telangana by Education World, out of the 110 schools in Hyderabad, in the open category ( the toughest one) and we compete against schools which are 25 to many more years old.

Dear Parents, the credit goes to both of us for this success as it is your faith in us that is taking us places. Thanks you so much and let’s keep working to even better prospects.

Look forward to meeting you on 1st October and wishing you a great festive season ahead.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy