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NEWSLETTER 12th September 2014

Namaste dear parents,

Let’s have a peek at the happenings at Suchitra in the fortnight gone by

News from the PRE-PRIMARY

We have been very busy over the past couple of months with a wide array of exciting and educational experiences for our students.


Monday 1st September our new theme ‘Habitat on Land and water’ was introduced. This month our 1422416_924845440864369_8323856415003088624_nfocus is to get to know about habitats around us and how human and animals adapt to their environment. We began by learning about human habitats. Through this theme children discovered that forest, desert, polar and aquatic areas are unique and separate habitats. They have been learning to identify animals that live in four different environments.

10410913_924845220864391_4785110878119542503_nTEACHERS DAY

Friday 5th September indeed was a very special day for all the teachers. Enthusiasm and festivity marked the Teacher’s Day celebration at Suchitra Academy. The campus was gripped with fervour as students put their best foot forward to pay respect to their teachers. Celebrating this day is the recognition of the devotion, with which, teachers undertake the responsibility of educating a child academically as well as morally.


PPT ON HABITAT UNDERWATER 10678482_927491437266436_3848218374848105183_n

Besides books and magazines with pictures of various habitats, on Wednesday 10th September students were shown a PPT on water habitats to help them differentiate between those animals that live in an aquatic habitat from those that do not live in an aquatic habitat.


Up-coming events

Friday 19th September             – Field trip to the zoo

Tuesday 23rd September          – Theme-end presentation

Saturday 27th September        – PMI (Parent Mentor Interaction)

Sat 27thSept. To 6th Oct.         – Dusherra Vacations

                                     News from PRIMARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOL


On Friday 22nd and Wednesday 27th August a DENTAL CAMP was organized at school. Doctors from Denty’s Dental Care had visited the school and conducted a dental check-up for the entire school- the children, teachers, the administration staff and the support staff including the ayahs and the drivers.



On Friday, 5th September, on the occasion of Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday, TEACHERS’ DAY was celebrated at school with a lot of enthusiasm. The children had been preparing for this day since the earlier week and the excitement of the teachers and the students was visible. The students put up an entertainment programme comprising of dance, drama and song. The students left no stone unturned and expressed their love and respect for the teachers wholeheartedly. It was an enjoyable day both for the teachers as well as the students. Once the kids left after lunch we teachers had a good time. There was good food, good music and good gifts.

Added to this were – the fantastic words of appreciation from you, dear parents. The feed-back that you sent for the blog absolutely made our day. After all there can be no better GIFT than having our hard work acknowledged !!


Grade IX and X started their SECOND PRELIMS from Saturday, 6th September. This is in preparation for their SA-1 which commences in the third week of this month. The students are well prepared and we are sure they will show good results.


Grades I to VIII commence their TERM 1 ASSESSMENT from Monday, 15th September. A lot of revision is being done in the classes by the subject teachers and we are sure that you, dear parents, would also take out some time to guide the children.


  1. School Timings from Monday 15th to Friday 26th Sept. ……….. 8.30 to 12.40 ( lunch will be served ) Children to carry books for the next day’s revision and school diary.
  2. For Birthday celebration in school children can come in their personal dress, distribute only sweets/ chocolates TO THEIR OWN CLASS and donate plants or books for the library. We sincerely request you to respect the school policy.
  3. You MAY RING UP TEACHERS ONLY IN CASE OF A DIRE NECESSITY. Pl. do not call to ask how you should prepare the child for his tests or exams or why his water bottle is left behind in school….Please do not trivialize this facility.


Upcoming events

25th September                                – Swimming Competition
27th September                                 – Term end PMI
27th September to 6th October         – Term Break
7th October                                        – School reopens

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director-Principal. Suchitra Academy.

Wishing all our Precious, Proficient & Priceless Mentors Happy Teacher’s Day


  • Let me begin with wishing you a very Happy Teachers’ Day! And what a marvellous idea!! dfd1215249d704a26e0caed58de4ca1aHere are my words –The principal deserves accolades for being proactive and zealously committed to the cause of development of the school–concerned  about teachers ,  students and parents alike. I really appreciate the balance you maintain ma’m. Ms Deepa Kapoor always comes across as a warm human being who personifies efficiency coupled with  sincerity and utmost  courtesy.My daughter Nimisha studying in Gr IX is extremely lucky to have gems like Shireen, Shrutokirti ,Priyanka B and Bhavani  as her teachers. Their knowledge about respective subjects, commitment towards teaching and unflinching dedication are exemplary. I really appreciate the efforts  Jeena and Satyashree put in towards their subjects.My son Neil, studying in Gr II, is lucky to have an extremely caring teacher in Laxmi Gatti. Her thoughtfulness towards students and little gestures of tenderness are often carried home by word of mouth.The contributions of Aruna, JoyDeb, Venkat , Surendra and Niti are no less  praiseworthy.I would also like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the office staff too. Jemima, Deepika, Nalini are amongst the most tirelessly positive people I know Samba Murthy deserves gratitude for his endless patience towards endless queries from us parents!Thank you Teachers!!Thank you Suchitra –Rinkoo Wadhera


  • My grandson Prateek studying in Sr Kg ‘B’ is doing fine. His Teacher Lavanya is very caring and maintains the right balance of studies and other activities. She has greatly helped in making the child more disciplined .We are very satisfied with Prateek’s progress – Mr Shanthilal Jain 


  • My son Charan Battina is studying in Grade -IB. I have a lot of appreciation for my son’s Hindi language mentor who is very caring towards the children.Last week my son was not at all interested in studying for his exams. I had no option but to be very firm with him as he is very much interested in watching TV. The next day he was very upset and went to school with a dull face to write the exam. The Hindi teacher noticed him and assured him that she would speak to me and would help me in guiding my child.My son was very happy as the teacher had shown concern for him. We are really happy about the teacher showing so much of concern.I would also like to appreciate the efforts that Shraddha ma’am, Sireesha ma’am and the new Grade-IB mentor have taken.We are happy to inform that our kid had improved a lot though he joined a little late compared to other children. – Srivani Battina



  • Namaste , I would sincerely like to thank all the teachers of Suchitra Academy for taking special care of our children . Teachers’ love for the kids can clearly be seen by the attachment that the kids have with their teachers .My daughter Parisha loves her teacher and just cannot stop talking about her when she comes home from school. Thank you so much for your help in bringing up our kids  – Shikha Pasari




  • I am very much satisfied with the progress of my child who is in Sr.Kg B. She is very attached to her teacher Mrs. Lavanya. As I am not aware of other teachers I would like to speak about Lavanya. She is the best! The way she treats the kids and the way she teaches them is wonderful. I am amazed when my daughter sings so many songs and tells so much information about India. Hats off to you ma’am! Keep going. All the best to each and every teacher of Suchitra Academy – Deepthi



  • I will start with saluting our Teachers who are creators of ‘FUTURE INDIA’.                  “Gurur Brahma !!Gurur Vishnuh!! Gurur Devo!!Maheswaraha!!Guru Saakshaath!! Param Bramha!!Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha!!”                                               As  Dr. Abdul Kalam said in his book “Ignited Minds” – Teachers and Parents are the “ROLE MODELS” for the students. A Student will learn a lot by observing what his/her parents and teachers do. As students spend most of his/her active time in school with teachers, they will learn a lot from what they say, show and act. I’m glad Suchitra teachers are talented and trained to  be the best role models for their students.I am very happy with the way my son is being guided at Suchitra, not only in academics but also helping him out to grow as a better individual in all aspects of physical, intellectual, social and moral values.My sincere thanks to Sreekar’s class teachers Kavitha Ma’am, Shraddha Ma’am, Rashmi Ma’am, to his Music Sir, PT Sir, Karate Sir, Arts and Crafts Sir, Hindi Ma’am, Deepa Ma’am and finally but not the least THE PRINCIPAL, Renu Shorey who leads from the front.I WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY, FUNFILLED AND SUCCESSFULL TEACHER’S DAY!! -Balaram Madhuri (K.V.K Sreekar Gr II C)


  • I am father of Svanik Kothapally from II B. The class teacher is Ms. Meera. I really appreciate the way she is grooming Svanik. Though he has joined very late, he is working quire hard to catch up with the other students. All the credit goes to the class teacher and the other teachers of the school. I sincerely appreciate your efforts in bringing about an all round development of the children. The teachers are the foundation of the children’s future. Keep going –Sirish Kothapally



  • I take this opportunity to wish all the teachers of Suchitra Academy a “HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY” and also to express my gratitude towards your team for all your efforts on various aspects for an all round development of our children.  GURUR BRAHMA, GURUR VISHNU, GURUR DEVO MAHESHWARAHA!  GURUR SAAKSHATH PARABRAHMA  THASMAI SRI GURUVE NAMAHA!This is where the teachers are placed, i.e. equal to GOD and, as a parents, we have a duty to inculcate the same sentiment in our children : to respect the teachers and follow their valuable advice and instructions.Quote :”The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”  –   William Arthur Ward.Congratulations to you for having great teachers in your team.I appreciate all the teachers of my daughter for their efforts, patience, love and affection extended towards her. I personally thank Ms.Samreen Imtiaz, her class teacher, for bearing with my naughty daughter.Also I can’t forget Ms. Lakshmi ma’am, who was her class teacher last year (II B), for her support and encouragement extended to my daughter Sriharshini and I take this opportunity to thank her once again.From the bottom of my heart, once again, I thank and appreciate all her teachers.-T.Padmaja (K.Sriharshini III B )



  • Dear Anita ma’am, It’s my privilege and honor to appreciate your patience, dedication and sincere effort in bringing up our son SRIYANSH SINGH,for igniting his interest in learning new things and for all the good qualities that are being inculcated in him. Wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day.  Jayanthi & Anil Singh





  • I am writing a few lines about Sravanthi ,mentor of Nursery class.You see each child as a kid and not as a student.
    You see your class as an individual and not as a group.
    You deal with upset kids and pushy parents with grace and dignity.
    You fight for your kid and know when to take a stand.
    You never give anybody any doubts as to why you went for teaching.You love your job and it SHOWS and WE ALL LOVE YOU TOO MA’AM.There’s no one quite like a SPECIAL teacher and no teacher quite as SPECIAL as YOU. THANK YOU FOR BEING A GREAT MENTOR and TRUE BACKBONE for Pre-Primary of Suchitra Academy and indeed to us. It’s great that you are the first teacher of my kid Vihaan, who loves you and always speaks about you. He misses you a lot.- Swetha and Ravi (P. Vihaan Reddy Jr Kg ‘C’)




  •  happy-teachers-day-1Wishing all the staff members of Suchitra Academy A Very Happy Teacher’s Day!!! I would like to share a few words on this occasion.                                                                                Firstly Sravanthi ma’am!!!                                                                               A person who has to be the second mother of the child is the first teacher of any student. She has to take care of the child and make the child sit in the class comfortably leaving their parents. Sravanthi ma’am has all these qualities. Ma’am, believe me,you are the best teacher that any parent would leave their kids with at the school without any doubt in their minds. Nainika improved a lot in all aspects in the year that she spent with you. Thank you Sravanthi ma’am!!!                                                                                                                                                                   Adithi ma’am!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                  When children come to Jr Kg from Nursery, it’s very difficult for them to adjust with a new teacher!! But believe me, you were so friendly that Nainika adjusted with her new class teacher very easily. You are a lovely person ma’am!!!Gayathri ma’am!!!Oh my god!! Can a teacher be so friendly and so nice? I really can’t believe that a teacher can be soooo friendly and helpful…I tell you ma’am, all the students of your class are in love with you…I wish Nainika would have you as the class teacher for all her classes ahead!! Thank you ma’am!!!Satya ma’am!!Ma’am you are so down to earth! You listen to the parents very patiently and reply to us very politely. Ma’am you are such a wonderful person that any parent can come and speak to you about any problem without any hesitation. You are so nice ma’am!!

    The Principal!!

    I had never seen any principal interacting so much with the parents. You keep us in touch with everything that is being done in the school through newsletters and your mails. You always keep telling us to share any kind of problems that we are facing either with the school faculty or food or anything else and assure us that it would be a secret between youand us. Ma’am you are the best principal I’ve ever seen!!

    We parents are so touched and so happy with the friendly and understanding nature of all the staff of Suchitra Academy that we can never think of leaving Suchitra and choosing some other school.I tell you teachers, with such a wonderful staff, Suchitra Academy would one day be the number ONE school in India!!

    Wishing you all a very Happy Teacher’s Day!!!  – Vinati Vidyasagar


  • It would be our pleasure to share  a few words regarding the caring gesture  of your teachers.Teachers-Day-Quotes-31
    Ishaan is in Jr KG ‘C‘ and a very emotional boy. He takes some time to glue up with someone but, if once, then forever. This is his first year in your academy and, in these 3-4 months, he is studying under his third mentor. We were so worried about his adjustment. But your teachers washed away all our confusions and tensions. Really they are “the backbone of your academy”. Their approach is quiet commendable.Many thanks  to  Supriya ma’am, Heena ma’am and for sure Gayatri ma’am.  You all are the real gems of the garland named ‘Suchitra Academy’. – Amrita & Shailesh Agrawal (Ishaan Agarawal Jr Kg C)


  • I sincerely appreciate the effort put in by Ms Poonam, Ms Jaswinder, Ms Priyanka and Mr Venkat in guiding my daughter who is studying in Grade IV B. I feel all of them are putting more then 100 % in guiding students towards success in life. I am very thankful to them for their dedication, patience and sincere effort in contributing towards my daughter’s future. I wish all teachers and especially these four, a Happy Teachers’ Day.  Lt Col Sambit Acharya



  • On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, our best wishes to you and to all the teachers working at Suchitra Academy. All the teachers are doing an excellent job in the all round development of the students, not only in studies but also in all other extra curricular activities. They have a lot of patience and students really love them. We are really proud that our children are studying in your school and we are sure that they will become good citizens of our country.Vurao
    (V.Shravya Gr VII A  & V.Abhav Gr IA)




  • A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning. Thank you Ms. Saritha of Class IA. My daughter Sahasra Anika is enjoying all her classes with you Pallavi


  • Anupma and Satya Madam, I want to give you my personal thanks for providing excellent support to my daughter Lincy Isaac and for continually searching for ways to improve her overall performance by creating extra-ordinary experiences and by listening to the need and envisioning the future, . Well done and keep up the good work! Jonathan & Sushma Isaac



  • As parents of two children in the same school, we interact with a good number of teachers whenever we visit Suchitra Academy.  The one impression we always carry back home is that they are very courteous, balanced and have a warm approach towards all the children. They are so approachable and willing to help out the child not only in academics, but also with respect to issues that are affecting them emotionally at school.Thank you Renu ma’am for conjuring up such a wonderful team! – Meghna & Mukul Joshi (Tanvi Gr VI & Aaryan Gr III)



  • To the teachers of my daughters, I am very happy the way my kids regard their teachers. Both Prachi and Prisha respect them a lot and the teacher’s word is final for them. Personally, I would like to thank their teachers for being so kind and loving to them apart from educating them. When teaching comes in a  loving way, it takes education to an entirely different level. Thanks to Suchitra Academy and its teachers for making the growing up process of our kids a lovely one. Hope it always remains the same.Priya Sarda



  • First of all, I would like to wish all the teachers a Happy Teacher’s Day.  It is because of the teachers that our kids are stepping up the ladder with flying colours.  I really appreciate the way the teachers are teaching the children at Suchitra and my daughter is really enjoying and showing a lot of interest towards education.  As a parent, I know the way my daughter used to struggle with her studies in her earlier school : no response from teachers for any queries from the parents, we used to hardly get to see the principal. Here, as a parent, I really see the difference myself.  Hats off to the principal, teachers and staff at Suchitra !  I am blessed and my daughter is really lucky to be at Suchitra.  No school as of now gives the liberty of reaching the teachers over the phone but Suchitra did give the comfort to the parents and I really feel that parents should not misuse this opportunity.  In fact all the parents should be happy that their children are in safe hands.I would once again like to appreciate the teachers at Suchitra who are very helpful, cooperative and possessive about their students.  I assure all the teachers that parents like us would support the teachers at any given point of time. – Srilatha



  • I would like to wish you all a Happy Teacher’s Day, I am thankful to my children’s mentors Supriya and Manjeeth for their hard work and contribution towards my child’s development. I am enjoying every bit of their daily progress and all the support staff is doing a great job. Keep it up! Padmaja Rajalingari ( Saanvi & Samanvi Jr Kg ‘A’)



  • A few lines for our wonderful Teachers: God sent Teachers to paint the lessons of life in our hearts, I am lucky to find the correct Teachers for my son at Suchitra Academy – “Wish all the Wonderful Teachers at Suchitra Academy A Very Happy Teacher’s Day”Dr.Kishore (K. Ramtej Jr Kg) il_340x270.460127633_8a9u



  • Our deepest appreciation goes to Mrs. Manisha Kalra who has created a long lasting impression as the greatest teacher in my child’s mind and, based on my several interactions with her, I too echo the same sentiment. Suchitra should have clones of Mrs. Manisha Kalra who was the class teacher of my child Yasha Sri in Grade III in the previous academic year.I feel, such mature mothers with great attitude, compassion, empathy, concern and more important knowledge imparting skills are required to be commissioned as teachers at Suchitra. If the school is in contact with her, I would prefer sharing this with her.
    We wish all teachers at Suchitra a ‘Happy Teachers’ Day’ and thank you very much for everything. – M.S.Raju



  • A Teacher plays an important role in every child’s life and I am happy that my daughter is lucky to have such people who are not only good teachers but also great human beings. They have always been very supportive and friendly with the students and also the parents. A special thanks to the teacher Ms Meera Chowdhry. Happy Teachers’ Day to all those wonderful people of Suchitra.I would also like to add Ms Kavitha Gandhi’s name as I still remember her as a great teacher and Haasika will never forget her. – Vismitha Reddy (Haasika Reddy Gr II B)




  • Dear teachers…..Wish you all a Happy Teachers’ Day. My appreciation of your hard work lies in the fact that my child wishes that the school was for 7 days a week! Such strong bonding of the child for the school is a reflection of the Principal’s and the teachers’ efforts. – Priyanka (Meher Prajna)





  • Dear teachers,
    Wish you all a very Happy Teachers’ Day!!
    I highly appreciate all the efforts taken by all of you. Teachers play a key and the most vital role in building a child’s character and future. I feel so proud to say that my kids are in safe hands. I am very grateful to one and all. Mrs Renu Shorey, Principal , Mrs Shraddha Gangly,   Mrs Gayatri  and all the other teachers….keep up the good work!
    With all due respect and love I would like to THANK ALL OF YOU. – Priyanka Jain


  •  I am father of Sripadh who is studying in II B, we are very fortunate to have Meera madam as Sripadh’s class teacher. From the time she took over as class teacher of II B we see very good progress made by Sripadh in all aspects. We really appreciate the guidance , mentoring and especially  the patience with which  Meera madam teaches the kids. – Neetha & Prasad Kattu



  • Dear Teachers,There is a wonderful saying,“Those who educate children are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those, art of living well.” ~ Aristotle, (philosopher). Thank you Suchitra Academy for all the wonderful teachers. They are really teaching the best Art Of Living to our child. – Mr & Mrs Chowdhury ( Tanish C Gr II B)



  • Dear Teacher, you share a space in my child’s heart and mind. Together we should give the world a great citizen and a loving person. I have no doubts that this can be easily achieved by the dedicated efforts of all the teachers at Suchitra.
    Thanks – Madhusudan Vellore



  • I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts the Principal  and her team have taken during this academic year from day one, T. Nakshatra (Grade- III) enjoyed each and every class and used to look forward to go to school every day. I really appreciate the way in which  you helped her to learn . By making the lessons innovative, your team not only helped her in getting good scores, but also in developing a keen liking for the subject. I also thank you for encouraging her to participate in the Art & Craft activity which she thoroughly enjoyed.
    I thank you again for all the wonderful work you have done and wish all the best for your future endeavours. – T.Laxman Rao





  • I am the parent of – B. Eshanth Naaidu who is studying in Grade -IA. We always believed that our child had the ability and, with the right kind of support, he can grow into a confident and self-sustained individual, who can contribute to the society. This belief has been strengthened by the support of your school.I take this opportunity to thank all the teachers for all their effort and appreciate the fact that he art-of-teaching-van-doren-quote1has opened up as an individual. I have noticed remarkable changes in his personality, and more importantly, I can notice him mingling with everyone. Earlier, he was an introvert, but now I see him reasonably comfortable even with new people.The activities you plan, the room you decorate, the friendships — it’s all incredible, and it’s helping our son (and us!) believe that school is fun, which is incredibly important.My son will never forget all the fun activities you include in your class to enhance learning. Eshanth especially loved how all the teachers always related the lessons to real-life examples that would allow the material to make more logical sense.Once again, thank you so much for your time, expertise and patience!  – Mr. & Mrs. Batchu



  • I am the parent of Suzain Valani studying in Grade IB. First of all, I want to wish all the teachers , principal and vice principal a Happy Teachers’ Day and thank all the teachers for making the school a joyful place for my child. I always appreciate your efforts in class decorations, in teaching them concepts and relating them with their practical applications. My child always shares everything done in class. She loves the teachers here. She shared her experience of learning about evaporation, she also told how Bihu dance is performed by shaking the shoulders and explained what bishops, kings and queens are. I am very happy. You touch the lives of kids. Once again thank you and a Happy Teachers’ Day to all of you. – Azmina Valani


UntitledOne of the best teachers that I have come across, who is very strict yet loving and caring. Her very first email enquiring about my son Tanmay, gave me the confidence that my son is going to be nurtured by the best Guru.
Thank you Meera ma’am for being there. – Salitha Menon



  • My son is in Grade I D. His class teacher is Anita ma’am. She is really a very good teacher. At school she is a second mother for my son. My son is very impressed with her. I am very satisfied with the progress of my child. Happy Teacher’s Day. Thank you- Mumtaz Charaniya



  • I would like to convey my regards and wishes to all the teachers on Teachers’ Day. I really appreciate their efforts in finding innovative ways of teaching. We are really happy to get help and support from Priyanka ma’am (Class teacher – Grade IV). She is kind enough to respond to the phone calls and provide help, when ever we have called her up. We have got similar help and support from all the other subject teachers as well. – Ankur Sharma (Advik Sharma Gr IV)



  • We immensly appreciate and value the dedication, concern and sense of responsibility  exhibited by the teachers. They are doing an excellent service in grooming our children with the highest values and we earnestly commend their endeavour .HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS ON TEACHERS’ DAY.- Sandhya (Abhinav)



  • For The Sweet Teachers  & One and All of Suchitra Academy, you all a Very Happy Teachers’ Day.I am Very Glad for,
    The Way You Teach…..The Knowledge You Share….

The Care You Take…

The Love You Shower…..

Makes You….

One of the Best Schools.

Not only You have wonderful teachers but  also friend, philosopher, and guide to the children as well to the parents.

Thanks for being a Great Teacher.  May you all have a memorable Teachers’ Day. – Dharani Koushal.




  • Greetings for the day & my best regards to all the teachers, Deepa Madam & Renu Madam! My daughter Prakriti was the only student in Grade VIII when I took admission for her, two years ago. I have not put her there for the ambience of the school but for the World Class Teachers in your esteemed school. All these years I have seen a great passion for teaching in Ms Satyashree madam , Ms. Shireen madam , Ms Poonam madam , Ms. Hema and Ms. Priyanka. I have seen great commitment of these teachers towards their students. Though Ms. Satyashree doesn’t teach grade X nowadays, my daughter praises her every day for teaching the basics in an immaculate manner. Ms.Shireen is a jewel in the crown of your school and this jewel is very precious for the future of the school. So are Poonam , Hema & Priyanka .The best part with your teachers is : along with teaching they do counselling and this boosts the confidence of the students.I request you madam to handle grade X students in a soft manner as all of them are young teenagers ! – Ram Subhag (Prakriti Gr X & Shourya Gr V)



  • My daughter Sreshta studies in Grade V. I have interacted with Poonam madam a couple of times and here are my comments: She is always helpful and has responded back to my queries in time with appropriate solutions. Today we can confirm with confidence that my child is in safe hands. I can see regular improvement in my child and she is thoroughly enjoying with the teachers/friends and the overall facility. Thank you Poonamji for all the support and guidance. Your mentoring is simply superb – M. Srinivas



  • Thank you for helping to make the classroom so special for Hasini.blossomYou were patient and understanding when she fell behind, and we appreciate that you stayed after school to give us extra support. We’ll never forget how she came home happy with pride from school when she learned something new from you.- G. Swathi Srinivas



  • Kudos to the teaching and support staff at Suchitra Academy, for putting in gruelling hours in mentoring the children. The children love being at school, and on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, I wish the entire Team Suchitra, the very best in all their endeavours! – Colonel S Bhatia



  • I would like to take a moment to thank the current class teacher of Manas as well as Ms.Lalitha the previous class teacher of three wonderful years. We are thankful to you for all the hard work and efforts you have put in, for educating our son. You are not only our son’s teacher, rather you are a friend, philosopher and guide, all molded into one person. We will always be grateful to you for your support. Teachers you have always shown us the right way. Whatever little we have achieved till now is because of you only. Thanks for being our guide and mentor. Lastly thank you very much for the candid feedback you gave to us during our monthly interactions. Congratulations and Happy Teachers’ Day! – Sunil Gaddam




  • It is indeed an honour and a privilege to write an appreciation about the teachers of Suchitra Academy.The fact that you are growing year after year bears a testimony to the hard work and dedication of your teachers.The fact that my son doesn’t want to miss even a single day of school speaks volumes about the efforts taken by the teachers in making the class enjoyable.When you get a mail regarding an impending test on a Sunday morning(6 AM), it shows how efficient and dedicated the teachers are.One email is neither enough to describe the unmatched devotion of your teachers nor can it sum up the hard work put up by them.On the occasion of Teachers’ Day I would like to congratulate the Principal and all the teachers of Suchitra Academy for their fabulous performance. Keep up the good work. Happy Teachers’ Day. – P.V.S.Murthy (Ashutosh Gr V)



  • In a classroom full of students with different learning abilities, the teacher faces a formidable challenge — how to teach each child to his or her maximum potential. While some children in the class may find the lesson too mundane or boring, if it is “dumbed down,” other children may find it difficult to cope with difficult concepts. Nurturing students of different abilities is a tough job. We respect the teachers and appreciate them for their efforts. We salute the teachers this day, as they are nurturing the future of the country and the world.- Krishna & Ramya Kulkarni (Aryan.K Sr. Kg C)



  •  As of now I am receiving a very good response from all of your teachers especially Ms Hema S. K. Really we appreciate all teachers for the way they interact or give guidance or response through emails or verbal discussions. – A. Venkata (Lalitha sree(Gr VIII)



  •  Hello Teachers, Wishing all the teachers, the entire management of Suchitra Academy and the staff associated with the academy a very happy Teachers’ Day and a great and rewarding year ahead. I, as a mother feel that anyone who guides you in your life is a teacher.So, these days, my daughter has become a teacher for me as she is giving me lots of knowledge, tells new things, makes me aware of the various aspects learnt at school. This itself shows that she is being educated and guided by the most eligible teachers. A student spends 50% of his/her day at school and I am happy and proud that my daughter is under the guidance of good and able teachers with a futuristic vision. This is evident in the activities you conduct at school. Special thanks and congratulations to Lavanya Joseph , Satyaswami and the principal Renu Shorey for making education and teaching the most enjoyable and interesting activity. Keep continuing TEACHERS, and I am sure that with all your dedication the students will certainly turn out to be good human beings with high moral values.All the best. – Kota Anuradha R.(Gyana Keerthana)


  • We wish all the teachers of Suchitra Academy a very Happy Teachers’ Day. We believe in you and your patience and ability to take care of our children and we know you people are doing the best . Thanks a Ton – Keerthi Siddu


  • HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY ! Suchitra Academy no doubt has proved that it provides the best faculty! The class teacher ( Poonam ma’am ) has always been approachable and very helpful in guiding me and my child in this new school. She has always been very warm and welcoming. Even other teachers- Hindi ma’am and Hema ma’am have supported us in times of need! This gives us parents a confidence that  kids are taken proper care of. Three cheers to all of you ! Wishing the entire teaching and non teaching staff a Happy Teachers’ Day . Thanks once again . Preeti S (Jash S  Gr V)




  • Any amount of thanks would not be enough for recognizing the efforts you teachers put every day not to create students in their image but  to develop students  who can create their own image and  in shaping their successfull careers. Therefore just wishing all the teachers  “A Happy Teachers Day” .Thank you so much !! – Architha Rajkumar




  • Our heartful respects and greetings to the Principal and all the teachers of Suchitra Academy on the occasion of Teachers’ Day. We deeply appreciate the teachers for their strong commitment and dedication towards educating the students. Their  guidance should always be remembered by the pupils forever in their careers. They should be inspired by their teachings and remember their advice. I wish all the students to find their role model in their masters. We bow and  are thankful to the teachers for moulding our children to become socially responsible students and for creating a better world.“Teachers, I believe, are the most responsible and important members of the society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth!”- Helen Caldicott. HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY – B.Venu Madhav


  • We wish you and your team a very Happy Teachers’ Day.
    Our children spend some of their most receptive hours of the day at school and the teacher has a big influence on their overall development.
    It is a blessing for any parent to find a teacher who is interested in the child as a person and with whom the little person can connect at many levels.
    I feel blessed in this regard with the Suchitra team.
    Teachers are the architects of tomorrow’s society and have a huge responsibility.
    On Teachers’ Day, we salute you.  – Chinmayee



  • Hello Sravanthi Ma’am,We are grateful to take this opportunity of appreciating you on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, a most wonderful day for you as teacher.Our kid, Mayank is learning many new and good things in his curriculum and we found many changes in him such as the way he is speaking, manners, caring and sharing with others. We know it’s very hard to cope up with nursery kids but we observed that you have all the qualities a nursery mentor should have to groom the kids.
    The way you teach..
    The knowledge you share..
    The care you take..Teacher Quote3
    The love you shower..
    Makes you..
    The world’s best teacher..And We are fortunate that we have a Teacher as wonderful, loving, caring as You.                           
    Happy Teachers’ Day – Omkari Soni



  • Firstly I would like to wish you and all the teaching & management staff a very happy TEACHERS’ DAY. – Premchand (Siyona Nursery)




  • We make it a point to mention in every PMI the endless valiant efforts put in by all of you. Every time we meet you, it reinstates the fact that our children are in safe and secure hands. The best part is –the values taught at school were greatly appreciated by the children’s grandmother, who has seen them greeting everyone with the word “Namaste”. All this is possible not by mass education but by paying individual  attention….which is what we see with both my kid’s class teachers… Kudos !!!!A big thank you for making us feel welcomed in the Suchitra family. This is just the beginning and we have got a long way to go. So let’s work together and scale even greater heights. Once again, your team is and will always be the force behind the success of our kids !! – Naveen &  Reetika (Om Dhotre & Adithi Dhotre)



  • Today is Teachers’ Day. I take this opportunity to Thank you for everything that you did for Akanksha as a teacher. You were always there whenever I needed.I strongly believe that Akanksha didn’t get any teacher like you till date who gave her the edge in her academics, extra curricular activities, discipline etc and I hope that she always gets teachers like you in future. – Kathakali (Akanksha Dey)



  • Respected Teachers of Suchitra Academy,We take this privilege to  WISH ALL THE TEACHERS OF SUCHITRA ACADEMY A VERY  HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY. It’s  well   known and accepted that it is  our teachers who  taught us to read ,write, shared knowledge and mentored us and that’s how we are where we are in our career and life today. I take deep pride to have our child PS Srivardhan be a part of the Suchitra Academy family , wherein he steadily started to develop himself with the support to his teachers from Nursery to the Sr Kg as of date .The teachers have helped our child to discover and bring out the best in him  and nuture the same . They have been very caring and helped him with support in areas where he needed development. The patience that all his teachers  have shown in mentoring our child is commendable.A big Thank You to all  especially to Sravanthi ma ‘am, Supriya ma’am, Lavanaya ma’am , Satya Swamy ma ‘am , Deepa Kapoor ma’am and the entire support staff of the Academy. Have a great day –  Mr & Mrs R Subramaniam.




  • We, parents of Ashwathi Balachandran of Grade VIII B, are overwhelmed with the positive changes in our one and only daughter Ashwathi. The appreciation and credit goes totally to her mentors at Suchitra. According to our mythology ,we believe that God cannot be present always and every where. So ‘The Almighty’ has assigned his duty to parents & teachers .Teacher student relationship is a special one in life from which the best lessons can be learnt. We deeply feel that teachers of Suchitra are like a shoulder to lean on when in doom, hand to clasp when in fear, an ear to lend when have a secret to share, valuable advice when in distress, a firm graph to bring back on track, heartfelt applause when success comes our way, a warm embrace when lost in this world ,and much much more…On this occasion, we wish all teachers  a Happy Teachers’ Day – Mr &Mrs. Balachandran



  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank my son’s teachers.

     My son studies in Grade II ‘B’ (Harsith Sai .T) , and every conversation I had with his teachers on every parent-teacher meeting has been inspirational and cordial. I want to extend my thanks to each and every one of them for their time, dedication and teachings. I believe teachers are second parents to kids away from home, and they play an important contribution in a child’s life.

    I would like to make a special thank you to Meera madam, for understanding my situation I shared with her at the last parent teacher meeting and giving my son the encouragement and guidance he needs to perform.

    Thank you all for your teachings and dedication. I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Teachers’ Day.

    All the best. – Samatha Vudugula



  • Mathru devo bavail_340x270.607028370_5tji
    Pitru devo vava
    Acharya devo bava
    Which means Teacher is worshiped as god
    T talented
    E encouraging
    A amicable
    C caring
    H hardworking
    E enthusiastic
    R responsible
    Teachers of Suchitra Academy have all these qualities .
    Thankyou for your services.
    Happy Teachers DayVijaya



  • I take this opportunity to wish the principal, and all the teachers of Suchitra Academy a very Happy Teacher’s Day.The teachers are indeed task masters in school. My child is in Sr.Kg and keeping track of his day to day activities I have observed the details that the teachers go into to teach them every little thing. This indeed requires a lot of patience and hard work and should definitely not go unappreciated. Infact appreciation is the only way to reward their efforts.THANK YOU TEACHERS HAVE A WONDERFUL TEACHER’S DAY – Khadija N



  • Happy Teachers Day..The toughest and imagesmost responsible job in this world is that of Teacher.
    If parents dream about their children’s bright future then it is Teacher who nurtures and take pain to build future of the children.
    I’m proud and very happy that my twin sons got the best school and very good mentors in their life and I’m assured that my sons will have a bright future.It would be incomplete if I don’t mention the following few lines, from the bottom of my heart:Guru brahma, guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheshwara, guru sakhshath para Brahma, tasmai sri guruve namah.Thank you and hats off to all the associate members of Suchitra Academy. – Raj K Prasad (Ohm Nabhya & Sri Nimai Gr II C)


  • I would like to thank you and your team for all the efforts that have been put to make this a real school and not just a brick and mortar structure. I understand how important and difficult it is to ensure the well being of a child. I really appreciate all the efforts that you are painstakingly taking to make my child not a better student but a better human being. Happy Teacher’s Day.Y. Ravi Chandra S & B Sushma (Y.Adarsh Krishna Gr I D)


Teachers Day wishes

NEWSLETTER 15th August 2014

Namaste dear parents,

Celebrating 68 years of independence!

News from the PRE-PRIMARY


Parent Mentor Interaction (PMI)

Thank you parents for participating in the parent mentor interaction (PMI) on Saturday 2nd August. These meetings give both of us, parents and teachers an opportunity to know the kids better. As discussed, for our activity on ‘Incredible India’, coming up on Friday 22th August we would like to request parents once again to start sending stuff for display. Here we would also like to appreciate parents who have already started sending stuff in.

New Theme: Discovery of India

We at Suchitra Academy are lucky to have families from a variety of culture, and one of our goals is to foster tolerance and respect for all cultures and ethnicities. We chose to inculcate these values through the theme ‘Discovery of India’, introduced on Monday 4th August. Children are learning through books, pictures on the walls and from displays of our WOW factor.

My Country India

On Tuesday 5th August, to make the learning more interactive and interesting, children were shown PPT on our freedom fighters, important monuments of India, various costumes, festivals celebrated in India, traditions, food and also our current leaders.

15763_908867905795456_7290953637582008896_nRaksha Bandhan

On Thursday 7th August, importance of Raksha Bandhan was discussed. To understand the festival better children were shown a video on the festival. To continue with the learning, kids made their own rakhis. Rakhis were made using different math concepts like, gradation and sequencing. The Sr. KG kids were encouraged to cut out their own patterns and make the rakhi.



Field Trip: AOC Centre – Sarva Dharma-Sthal

Field trip to AOC centre on Friday 8th August was yet another learning experience for our kids. 7340_908868932462020_3645586525234087707_nChildren got the opportunity to see the worship places used by people of various religions. Through these activities we try to educate children, to be respectful of other people, and to make them aware of the rich diversity of our country and the world.

Literary Competition – Elimination round

Literary competition elimination rounds were held on 13th and 14th of August. Selected students will participate in the final round. Diary note to the kids who have made it to the final round has been sent. Dates for the final round will be mentioned in the diary very soon.

Janmashtami Celebration & Parade

Thursday 14th August was an exciting day for the Pre-Primary kids. Children came dressed in their traditional wear. Children paraded around the campus with placard of national symbols and our freedom fighters.

The little Radhas and Krishnas were looking awesome in their colorful attires. After the parade kids got together at the soccer field, to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami. They formed a human pyramid and broke the pot of curd, later they enjoyed dancing to the songs on Janmashtami. The celebration came to an end with namkeen and sweets.

Up-coming events

Wednesday 20th August – Talent Show

Friday 22nd August         – Incredible India.

Useful Resource

You might find the following website useful and interesting when looking for activities to do with your children at home.




As part of the English Language Week, a ONE-ACT PLAY COMPETITION was held on Monday, 4th August. Four grades put up some wonderful skits. The children acted with confidence and enthralled the audience. Grade VII which enacted ‘Peddler Polly and The Story Stealer’ was declared the winner.


A special assembly on JANMASHTAMI and RAKSHA BANDHAN was conducted on Wednesday, 6th August. 1924383_911193972229516_2886093391095005482_nThe children presented a traditional dance followed by an interesting video depicting the birth of lord Krishna. They enacted a short skit on Raksha Bandhan and the children loved listening to the stories of kings and queens where a mere ‘Raksha-Sutra’ averted wars.


On Thursday, 7th August, a ppt was shown to the children on the topic ‘HOW TO BE SAFE’. In today’s times the safety of the children is of prime concern to all of us. The children were made aware of the dangers that are visible as well as invisible. Dangers on the net were also highlighted and ways and means to keep oneself safe were discussed. It was a very informative activity and definitely the need of the hour.


Children completed their FA-2 on Monday, 11th August and felt mighty relieved.

                                                     INTER-SCHOOL LITERARY COMPETITIONS


It was the mega event of the Term. About 11 schools participated in all with almost 150 participants. H.P.S., Indus Universal School, Sadhu Vaswani International School were there, to name a few.

A string of competitions like Poetry Recitation, Oration, Extempore, Story Telling. Poetry Writing and Creative Writing, and One-Act Play were conducted. Our school children participated in each and every category and almost all of them won a prize! Congratulations, dear children! Hard work always pays!


An INVESTITURE CEREMONY was held on Thursday, 14th August. It was a moment of pride for the elected office bearers and their parents. The office bearers took on new responsibilities for the academic year. They were given their badges and made aware of their new responsibilities by the Chief Guest Mr. Praveen Raju, Chairman and the Managing Trustee of Suchitra Acdemy.


INDEPENDENCE DAY was celebrated at school on Friday, 15th August by hoisting the tricolor. All the teachers and the student office-bearers were present and pledged their loyalty t the nation.

Upcoming events

19th August – Holiday

28th August – Soccer and Throw ball Inter-House Match.

This past week has been extremely hectic and all of us have been on our toes. But it has been an extremely satisfying one too. The Inter-School competition results have showed us that we are moving in the right direction and the clay in our hands is being molded well. Children are making their mark be it in school or outside and it’s just the beginning.

Dear parents be assured that your kids are at the right place and going through the right process of learning. This will be the generation that will make us all proud and take the country forward.

Happy Independence Day to all of you.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Dir-Principal, Suchitra Academy

NEWSLETTER 28th August 2014

Namaste dear parents,

Let’s have a peek at the happenings at Suchitra.

News from the PRE-PRIMARY

Literary competition final round

On Thursday 21st August, the final round of literary competition for the Sr. Kg. children was held. Congratulations to the participants, all of them did a very good job, but yes we do have the winners –

First- P. S. Sri Vardhan, Second- Arya Reddy, Third–Tanush Reddy

Incredible India

20140827_104034To understand the theme ‘Discovery of India’ on Friday 22nd August Pre-Primary teachers displayed costumes, jewellery, food items, dance forms, holy books, places of worship, various festivals celebrated in India, miniature of monuments from different region, and many more things. It was a very very rich learning experience for the kids. We would like to thank Medha’s mother Ms. P. S. R. M. Prasanna and Aditya’s mother Ms. Haseena Rao, for participating and sharing their knowledge. We would also like to thank all the other parents for contributing towards this learning.


Talent show

Wednesday 27th August ‘Talent Show’ was another opportunity provided for the Pre-Primary kids to showcase their talent. This show helped us know the hidden talent of kids. There was not only story-telling and rhymes, kids came up with various talents like reciting Shlokas, playing on the key board, performing a dance, sing songs, hula-hoop, etc. Hats off to our kids, Well Done!!!

Our winners are:20140827_114232

Jr. KG   : First- Pranjal Sirohi, Second- Gunjan Saroagi, Third- Samanvi R.

Sr. KG   : First- Prisha, Second- Prateek Jain and Tanush, Third- Arya Reddy.

Congratulations to the winners!!!!!


This past year we have been working diligently to help prepare your child for various challenges. But we also need your help and support. See some suggestions below:

  • Read to your child every day – make it fun and interesting!
  • Ask your child open ended questions beginning with words such as “who, what, where, when… etc. This will help you when you want them to reply with more than “yes” or “no” answers!
  • Have your child read ‘Environmental print’: road signs, store names, cereal boxes, etc.
  • Encourage play dates – so they can learn to get along with other children and learn to share!!




On Saturday, 23rd August, a special assembly was conducted by grade IIB on the topic ‘The PRICE OF IMG_4281SUCCESS IS HARD WORK’. It was a very motivating assembly highlighting the importance of hard work. A wonderful video was shown which left the children spellbound. A short skit was enacted. The children spoke confidently about the importance of hard work and by the end of the assembly, everyone realized that nothing is beyond their reach. If they can dream it, they can achieve it! It is truly said that ‘Hard work is the key to success!’




An Inter School competition “Triangaa’ was held at Pearson school on Saturday, 23rd August and our children walked away with prizes in each category that they had participated in. (Results of this comp. are mentioned on the last page)



On Wednesday, 27th August two special assemblies were conducted. One by Grade IVB on the topic ‘NOISE POLLUTION’ and by grade V on ‘SIGNIFICANCE OF GANESH CHATHURTHI.’

Grade IVB spoke about the causes and effects of noise pollution. They also highlighted its harmful effects on our health. They suggested ways to reduce the pollution levels in the city and stressed on the importance of individual contribution in reducing this pollution.

Grade V brought in the festive fervor with their Ganesha dance. They showed a ppt explaining the historical significance of this festival. The religious customs and traditions were highlighted while the photos of the mouthwatering delicacies made the students hungry early in the morning. The importance of using eco-friendly Ganeshas was stressed upon and as well as the fact that our celebration should not become a nuisance to others.    IMG_4285


Wednesday, 27th August was an exciting day for Grade VII. They went on a FIELD TRIP TO THE METEOROLOGICAL DEPARTMENT. It was an eye opening visit for them and they got to see and learn a lot. They saw various types of rain gauge and understood how rainfall is measured. They also saw the various methods of measuring air pressure. The children were fascinated by the various instruments used and had a lot of queries which were answered patiently by the met people.


On Thursday, 27th August, INTER HOUSE THROWBALL AND FOOTBALL MATCHES were conducted as a special activity for grades IV to X. The entire campus was reverberating with the cheering of the children. The matches were neck to neck and the children displayed a lot of agility and skill during the matches. The results of the matches are as follows-



While grades IV to X were busy with the Inter house matches, grades I to III were busy with their activity COOKING WITHOUT FIRE. It was an interesting activity where children learned to make tasty dishes without using fire. This is a very safe way for children to start cooking. They made some tasty dishes like Bread dhai bhalla, chocolate balls and Fruit salad and ended up having a second breakfast at school!

Upcoming events

5th September – Prelims 2 begins for grade IX & X
5th September – Teacher’s day
15th September – Term I assessment for grade I to VIII


Inter School competition Results

Colour the monument         K Sai Ohm Nabhya                                Gr IIC

Jigsaw puzzle                     Sreemayi K                                          Gr IIA

Cross word Puzzle               Anmay Mittal                                       Gr IVA

A Poorna Chandra                                Gr V

Poster Making                     Prajakta Acharya                                  Gr IVB

Ishaan Subir                                       Gr V


Warm Regards,

Renu Shorey, Director -Principal

Suchitra Academy