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NEWS LETTER 26th JANUARY 2018 , VOL.6 , ISSUE: 166

Today, Let Us Remember The Golden Heritage Of Our Country And Feel Proud To Be A Part Of India. Proud To Be An INDIAN! happy-republic-day-images-1

                                                      HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY!

  Namaste Dear Parents,

Here’s the fortnightly round up of some interesting news from the Campus….

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”    – Jane D. Hull.


We at Suchitra pre-primary planned a picnic to Lumbini Park on Thursday, 25th January. What better time to plan a picnic, especially when spring is upon us. It was an amazing place full of greenery, bringing the children close to the alluring beauty and bounties of nature. The children were full of excitement as they played lots of games and were served sumptuous lunch. What a joy it was watching the children exploring their natural world and the spontaneity they exhibited. It was an unforgettable visit.


  • Be involved and stay involved in all that your children do.
  • Ask your child how the school day went.
  • Engage in conversations about what they learned in school, who their friends are, what they had for lunch etc.
  • Always be free to answer any questions and assist your children.
  • Read all notes/ e-mails sent home from the school and stay updated.
  • Play with your children.
  • Read stories to your children. Encourage them to read.
  • Praise your children for their achievements.
  • Actively participate in all school activities.


Thursday, 1st February            :Jr. KG Quiz competition

Friday, 2nd February                :Sr. KG Spell and Tell Competition


As part of the special activity, two activities each were planned for the students of Grades I-VIII on Thursday, 18th January. These activities were designed to help build critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills. After each game, the children discussed how they applied teamwork to the task at hand and why teamwork helped them complete the tasks.


To create awareness about early detection of sight problems doctors from Maxivision screened students across PP – Grade X on 18th and 19th January. As part of our community initiative, students from the Government School, Venelagada were also examined and given required advice.


WhatsApp Image 2018-01-24 at 4.48.10 PM

On the occasion of BASANT PANCHAMI, a special assembly was conducted on Wednesday, 24th January by the students of Grade V C. The assembly commenced with an introduction to the festival, this was followed by a rendition of the Saraswati Vandana and recitation of shlokas. They spoke about how the advent of spring is celebrated in Bengal and Punjab and why we, traditionally wear yellow on that day. The presentation culminated with mesmerizing dance performances by the students.



India’s 69th REPUBLIC DAY was celebrated today with patriotic fervor. The celebrations began with flag hoisting.  It was a moment of great pride for all of us to soak in the fact that it took almost 3 years for the Indian Constitution to be shaped in its current form. The teachers offered a perfect tribute with melodious patriotic bhajans. Sai Medha, the school captain, delivered a powerful speech that reminded us that our country has flourished despite adversities to rise victorious.

                  OUR ACHIEVERS

Name of the Student Event Participated Winning Position
B. ADVAITH REDDY  V C Third National Level Open Karate Championship (Chief Minister Cup – 2018) Bronze  U-11.


SUDEEP CHANDER R IX B                      YASH PALLA  IX A





Reliance Foundation Junior NBA

(Basketball Selection)  2017-18

Glendale Academy



NIHIT SIVALENKA Hyderabad Kids Fair Run 2017   10th  Edition Completed 2K run



30th January, Tuesday                      : Grade III- Field Trip

29th -30th January                               : ECA Presentation

2nd February, Friday                         : Annual Exam begins for Grades VIII-IX

3rd February , Saturday                    : PMI ( PP – Grade VII )


Dear Parents, here we are at the threshold of starting Annual Exams for Grade VIII and IX and moving towards the new Academic Year for them ( IX and X). The time has grown wings and flown away.

We will also be sending you a mail asking you to let us know if your child will be continuing with Suchitra Academy in the coming Academic Year which starts from Monday, 12th March 2018.

Admissions for Play Group to Grade XI are in progress and it is heartening for us to note that people from far off areas are converging on Suchitra Academy and seeking admissions.

Thank you, Parents this has been possible mainly because of the lovely positive feedback that you have been giving. Also, this pushes us to work harder and try for the stars for our dear kids.

Hope 26th January has some more significance for all of us besides being a holiday to enjoy. Hope we realize how only we alone can make a difference to our city, state and country.


Warm Regards

Renu Shorey,

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy



Contributions : Deepa.k, Anne.I, Satya.S, Sujana.L, Shyam, Sirisha.

Note : For more pictures of events visit us at



May this festival of the harvest season be one that brings along with it all that’s best.

                                                Happy Makar Sankranti!

 Namaste Dear Parents,

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra. Please read on for some interesting              news from the Campus….


“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”

Dr. Maria Montessori



The tiny tots of pre-primary put up a wonderful show on Saturday, 30th December and enthralled their proud parents. In a colourful display of ‘The Magical Hop around the World’ the kids sang, danced and acted on stage. The event held parents in awe as one by one the items unfolded on stage. The enthusiasm and energy reverberated in the entire hall with applause doing justice to the show.

As every year the canvases painted by students and teachers were auctioned after the Annual show. It was amazing to see parents bid with such enthusiasm.


Our lucky bidders were parents of:


1 Kartikeya Prattipati Nursery A
2 PraharshGopishetty Nursery B
3 Akira Reddy Jr. KG A
4 Reyaansh Reddy Jr. KG B
5 VedhasriChatla Jr. KG C
6 Snehith Rao Sr. KG A
7 Adwitha Reddy Sr. KG B
8 SuvaasVikhyat Sr. KG C
9 Aarush Reddy Sr. KG D


The celebration of Sankranthi festival reached a crescendo on Friday, 5th January as students of Suchitra Pre-primary came together and celebrated the festival.

The Pre-primary block adorned a festive look where students came dressed in beautiful traditional attires.

To depict the significance of Sankranthi, Pongal sweet was cooked in an earthen pot in the traditional way and a bonfire was lit to add grace to the festival celebration



Wednesday, 17TH JANUARY      – SCHOOL RE-OPENS (Kindly note the change in the date)

Thursday, 25th January              – Pre-primary Picnic

Friday, 26th January                  – Republic Day Holiday




Teach for change  

An interactive session was conducted for the students of Grades VIII-X on Wednesday, 3rd January. Our guest speaker Mr. Chaitanya MRSK is the Founder and CEO of ‘Teach for Change’, an NGO he founded when all of 17 years old. The session was extremely enriching!! His words not only enlightened but also motivated and inspired our students to identify their goals and role in building a wider movement for educational equity in the country.

A Field trip


On Wednesday, 3rdJanuary the students of Grade VII visited the B M BIRLA SCIENCE CENTRE. They found all the 3 shows (Planetarium, 3D show & museum) interesting. Lessons on gravity, pendulum, optical illusion, circular motion and many other scientific principles came alive for the students from the exhibits at the museum.


On the same day Grade V visited the magnificent CHOWMAHALLA PALACE. The students took a peep into the days gone by and were quite amazed to see the architecture, furniture and crockery displaying the luxurious lifestyle of Nizams, making them wonder how such a magnificent building could be constructed when technology, then, was not so developed.


Special assembly


The SANKRANTI ASSEMBLY on Thursday, 4th January ignited the festive spirit among the students as well as the teachers. The students explained the various customs and traditions followed during this festival. The ritual of bhogipandlu was performed and the significance of the bhogi bonfire was explained. The dances brought out the true essence of the day which was ‘fun and festive.’ A loud cheer of Happy Sankranti boomed throughout the assembly greeting everyone!

Speak to lead club

The members of ‘The Speak to Lead Club’ had their concluding meeting for this academic session which was held on Thursday, 4th January. They declaimed, recited creative monologues, put up entertaining radio shows – proving without doubt the success of the club!


Drop everything and read

To encourage students to read and to start them young, the teachers and students of Grade V C came up with a novel initiative of engaging young children from Grades I-III to read. They came dressed up as characters from books, recited the original poems that they had written in different classes and asked students to guess who it was. They concluded by telling the students that there were many more characters they could meet in the library by reading books!

Night camp

The annual night camp was organized for Grades I-III and X on 5th -6th January. A trip to the Army Sports Complex where children participated in a variety of Team Building Games arranged by their teachers and then came back to a sumptuous dinner. And then under a sky filled with twinkling stars and classmates for company, the students had the time of their lives as they exhibited their umpteen talents to the roaring applause of the audience. The highlight of the evening, like every other year, was the bonfire and the foot tapping music provided by Mr. Chaitanya doubling up as the DJ. The children grooved to the music and it was an effort to coerce them off the ground into the classes to sleep. They were up at 5 a.m. and ready to go to Necklace Road for a walk and some more play! It was definitely a night to treasure!

Last Fortnight we had made a mention of the Math Days’ Events and Competitions that took place in school. Here are the winners of various Events that took place as part of the Math Days. Congratulations to all the Winners!!


 Winners of the Math Tricks:

I  Prize: II Prize III Prize
M.Ishitha (IV B)

V.Karthikeya (IV B)

Anirudh Mathur (IV D)

Tanusha Barigala (V B)

Aaryan Jaiswal (VI B)

Manas Nain (VII A)

Arunima Verabelli (VIII A)

Akarsh.H.Patil (VIII B)

V.Sai Medha (IX A)

P.Powlomi Reddy(IX A)

Aakarsh Saurab (IV A)

S.V.Pavan Kalyan (V B)

M.Mohit (VI A)

Alisha Asikali Dhanani (VII B)

Jash Sancheti (VIII B)

Om Dhotre (VIII B)

Aaswath R(IX A)

Anvi Waghmare (IVB)

Saanvi (V B)

Sreemayi Kanneganti (V C)

J.Shiva Charan (VIB)

Sushruth Challa (VII B)

Vaibhavi Bisht (VIII A)

R.Aneesh Varma(IX B)


Winners of the Math Fair:

I Prize II Prize
IV B (Group 2)

M. Ronit

Preksha Jain

M.Aditya Varma

V B (Group 6)

Shantanu Kumar

S.V.Pavan Kalyan

K.Svanik Reddy


IV A(Group 3)

 Arpita Thakur

Neehar Yamini

Dipansha Agarwal

Aryan Vaidya

VI A(Group 1)

Christina Kanjikkatt John

Anvita Verabelli

Usha Gayatri Jonna G.V.Aashritha Reddy

VI A(Group 4)

 G.V.Aashray Reddy

Syed Bilal Qadri

Moksh Awasthi

Krrish Ahuja

VII B (Group 3)

Sparsh Sarda

Manasvi Rajyana

Sri Sai Lakshmi Adaa

Meenal Sahay

Preksha Saraf

VI B (Group 4)

Harshith Reddy

S.Srivar Reddy

Rishit Moningi

Kunal Thakurdesai

VIII A (Group 2)

Yash Toshniwal

Vuppala Pratika

Koluguri Harshith Kumar Reddy

IX A (Group 1)


K.Shashank Reddy

Aaswath R

A.Sahith Reddy

VIII B (Group 2)

Jash Sancheti


Habeeba Yasmeen J.Shanmukha , Surya Vamsi


Winners for:

Puzzles/Coding/Riddles Tambola Flyer
Neel Dasot(V C)

Nithya Reddy M(V A)

Sreemayi Kanneganti (V C)

Darphad Reddy(IV C)

Sri Sai Lakshmi Adaa (VII B)

R.Aneesh Varma(IX B)

Tanusha Barigala (V B)

Sushruth Challa (VII B)

Vansh Agarwal(IX A)

Vaibhavi Bisht (VIII A) Akarsh.H.Patil (VIII B)

Anvi Waghmare (IV B) S.V.Pavan Kalyan(V B)

Chaavi Ojha(VII B)











                                                  FORTHCOMING EVENTS


17TH JANUARY, WEDNESDAY   : SCHOOL REOPENS PP-X (kindly note the changed date)

17th January, Wednesday         – Prelim 2 begins for Grade X

18th January, Thursday              – Team Building Activity for Grades I-VIII

22nd January, Monday               – English Spell Bee Finale- Grade VIII

23rd January, Tuesday                – GK Final Exam- Grade VIII

24th January, Wednesday          – II Language Spell Bee Finale- Grade VIII

25th January, Thursday               – ICT Final Exam- Grade VIII

26th January, Friday                     – Republic Day


Dear Parents, hope you are spending some quality time with your children now that the morning rush is not there and neither is there a hurry to catch the school bus. I do recommend that you make a habit of asking kids to observe more keenly their environment, be it at home or outside. Ask them to identify shapes, number of angles in an object or the angles a door makes as it moves on its hinges. Ask them why the pressure cooker whistles and throws up the weight when heated for some time. Why food always turns BLACK when burnt whatever the original color might be. Give them the opportunity to be curious, encourage them to ASK QUESTIONS and search for answers. Asking questions is much tougher than finding answers and that is the skill they need- OF ASKING QUESTIONS.

     We have changed the reopening date to 17th January and please do make a note of it.

Otherwise, our priorities remain the same. NO late coming. NO shabby long hair beyond 1 to 1.5 inch. NO wrong uniforms (Thursday is for Formal school uniform). NO long nails, nail polish, henna, huge watches, dangling ear rings etc…

The slight chill in air makes this short break even more beautiful. Enjoy! And hope the New Year treats you well.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy

P.S. Dear Parents as our Grade X’s Academic Year draws to a close and a sense of a chapter closing in their lives dawns on them, they wished to voice some of their feelings. These reminiscences are very special and are being sent to you as a supplement with this Newsletter. It is with a twinge of sorrow and a sense of delight that I read these. Hope you will enjoy this and understand some of the emotions that they are going through……     


Contributions : Deepa.k, Anne.I, Satya.S, Sujana.L, Shyam, Sirisha.

Note: For more pictures of events visit us at