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16th DECEMBER, 2016


-William Arthur Ward

Namaste Dear Parents,

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra. Please read on for some interesting news from the Campus….



The theme ‘Learning through stories / Fantasy world’ was introduced on Monday 5th Dec. In this theme children are introduced to virtues and moral values through stories that they will use in everyday life. Children will be introduced to stories, which develop their creativity, literacy and improve their communication skills. Children will also be introduced to fantasy stories and encouraged to differentiate between real and imaginary world

FANTASY STORY – ACT BY TEACHERS 15350558_1508538595828381_2826722944233771493_n

To make learning fun and exciting, on Friday 9th Dec’ the Pre-primary teachers enacted the story ‘One eye, Two eyes, Three eyes’ Children thoroughly enjoyed the story and learnt the message passed through the story.


dsc_3009Storytelling is simple yet extremely crucial and important part of childhood. Children have an innate love of stories. Stories create magic and a sense of wonder. To foster storytelling, parents were invited for storytelling from Monday 12th Dec. to Friday 16th Dec. It was interesting to see the various techniques used for storytelling by parents.

We would like to thank all the parents who came for the storytelling week.


Friday 23rd Dec                    – Fantasy party

Wednesday 28th Dec           – Drawing competition for Sr. KG

Colouring competition for Jr. KG




A Special Assembly on the topic TO ENJOY THE GLOW OF GOOD HEALTH, YOU MUST EXERCISE was presented on Wednesday, 7th December by the students of Grade III B.  The children presented the topic through a power point presentation and also indulged in a session of aerobics to emphasize that any exercise is better than no exercise. I too shared the secret of my good health and energy. I tried to inspire and motivate the children to indulge in physical activities and enjoy the glow of good health just as I do !!!

Another Special Assembly on the topic JOURNEY IS THE REWARD was presented on Tuesday, 6th December by the students of Grade IX B. The highlight of the assembly was the depiction of a student’s life through a very creative pantomime presentation. Eric Vaidurium’s self-composed poem and Paridhee Sarda’a speech accentuated the whole presentation.  The assembly came to an end with a meaningful and melodious song.dscn1695

The students of grade VIII B presented a Special Assembly on the topic LIFE OF A TEENAGER on Tuesday, 13th December. The presentation began with a thought provoking video that brought to light the emotional highs and lows faced by a teenager in her/ his day to day life.  Right care and support is the key to solve all teenage issues


The students of Grades IX-X visited the DEPARTMENT OF BOTONY AND ZOOLOGY, OSMANIA UNIVERSITY on Wednesday, 7th December.  They observed various plant and animal specimens.  The students were excited to see the egg of the extinct Moa bird, dry and wet specimens of various animals and different bat species. Dr Srinivasan guided them and answered their queries.

The students of Grade I visited a FARM in Bonthupally near Dhundigal Airport on Friday, 9th December. The place abounds with trees and paddy fields. The children were taken to the farm to explore how food is grown and how animals are raised. It was an ideal  outing to experience the natural world in a new light.

The students of Grade III visited the POLICE STATION on Friday, 9th December as a part of their ongoing curriculum. The trip was organized to give the children practical knowledge on the topic being done in Social Science “ORGANIZATIONS”. The children observed the functions and duties of a police station. They were curious to know about the working of the organization and came up with many queries which were cleared by the officials. Over all, the trip was an excellent learning experience.


This week also saw us making our annual theatre presentations.

The students of grades V-VI displayed their acting prowess through the THEATRE PRESENTATION on Wednesday, 14th December. Each and every student of each grade/section participated and presented wonderful plays. The throw of voice, the handling of mikes and the superb acting of every student amazed the audience. It was wonderful to see the shy students deliver their dialogues almost like a professional! The dramatized reading of ‘Bim’s Bamboo’ and “The three Sideway Stories” highlighted the students’ talent to read with interpretative voices and gestures.


As a special activity on Thursday, 15th December, a talk on being SAFETY CONSCIOUS was conducted for the students of grades I-X. The presentation emphasized on the key aspects of safety ranging from general safety, road safety, fire and internet safety. The children actively participated in the interaction adding their experiences and learning new safety measures.


Sahil Agarwal of Grade IIIB won 3 medals- gold, silver & bronze in Artistic Roller Skating competition held in Yama Skating Academy in Marredpally on 9th December

Vanishika Chowdary IIIC has completed 3rd Telangana state roller skating Championship held between 9th to 11th December. She has won the following medals: Solo Artistic-Sliver, Solo Freedance –Gold, Solo inline –Gold, Show skating –Gold, Pair freedance – Gold


20th December                          : English Spell Bee Revision I (Grade VIII)

21st December                          : II Language Spell Bee Revision I (Grade VIII)

22nd December                         : GK Quiz Dry Run

23rd December                          : Field Trip (Grade II)

26th December                         : FA 4 begins (Grades IV-VIII)

29th December                         : GK Quiz (Grades II-X)

30th December                         : Field Trips for various classes…Visit to Chowmahalla Palace (Grades IV, V and VI),  Nursery  Visit  (Grade VII)

Dear Parents it’s amazing how quickly the year seems to be rushing past and we are almost nearing the end of December. Very shortly it will be time for final exams and to move on to the next class.

Beauty of ‘time’ is, it never stops and hopefully the woes of ‘demonetization’ too shall pass !

Today we have our ‘Annual Night Camp’ for Grade I to IV and Grade X, another innovative feature of Suchitra, that goes towards enhancing our dear children’s ‘school years’ experience’  and creating a lifetime of memories. More of that in my next Newsletter.

We have started Admissions for the next Academic Year and have very active walk-ins happening. Kindly let your friends and family know about this. We are taking in students from Play Group to Grade X for now. We hope to shortly announce the start of Grade XI too.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy.

2nd DECEMBER, 2016


Namaste Dear Parents,

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra. Please read on for some interesting news from the Campus….




To understand the concept of growing, packing, selling and buying fruits and vegetables, a mock market was set up in the pre-primary back yard on Tuesday 22nd November. The Jr. KG and Nursery kids packed fruits and vegetables and the Sr. KG kids dressed as vendors, sold the products to teachers and parents. In no time atall all our ‘goods’ were sold and a pity that many ‘shoppers’ had to go empty handed !


On Wednesday 23rd November Through the activity of ‘turning wheat to flour and making roti’ the pre-primary kids got the opportunity to practically observe wheat turn to flour and the flour kneaded to dough and the dough rolled out to make roti. Kids also enjoyed eating freshly made rotis. Dear parents ‘rotis’ get made all the time at home but this time the children were ‘observing’ the effort that goes into it. Hope they came home to you and talked about it.15095488_1487065171309057_2852033240207318006_n


A date skipped but not forgotten – Due to the annual function, Children’s day was celebrated on Thursday 24th November instead of 14th November. The Pre-primary teachers put up a dance show for the kids and also showered their love and affection on them by gifting smiley batches.


To understand the process of packing and storing, a field trip to the ‘Ice cream factory’ was organised on Friday 25th November. Kids got the opportunity to see the process of ice cream making, packing and storing and also relished  freshly made ice cream.

MOTHER AND CHILD ACTIVITY (cooking without fire)

Healthy can also be yummy was demonstrated by the Jr. KG kids with the help of their parents. On Monday 28th November, it was amazing to see the tiny tots cutting, grating, pealing, rolling, crushing and mixing to make yummy and nutritious dishes.  Through this activity kids learnt about the various processes involved in cooking.


It was a day not to be forgotten, on Friday 30th November, the Sr. KG kids all dressed in black and white showed their hospitality in the ‘Suchitra Food Court’. It was mesmerizing to see the kids perform their duties flawlessly. They welcomed guests, took orders, served, billed and cleaned the tables and were also courteous enough to ask the guests if they had enjoyed the food served by them. Again this is an effort to build etiquettes, hospitality and eating-out manners in them

Thank you dear parents, for taking time out from your busy schedules and encouraging our kids in the learning process


Saturday, 3rd December                                 : PMI (Parent Mentor Interaction)

Monday, 5th December                                  : Intro of new theme ‘LEARNING THROUGH STORIES’

Friday, 9th December                                      : Fantasy story enacted by PP teachers

Monday, 12th to Friday 16th December       : Story reading by parents.



dscn1597Children’s Day celebration this year was belated but a momentous day for the students. Thursday, 24th November was a sight to behold when the children came to school in coloured dresses to be pleasantly surprised by their teachers. The children were amazed to see their teachers dancing to foot-tapping beats, enacting in musical dramas and singing melodious songs. The highlight of the event was our Director-Principal Ms Renu Shorey dressed as an ‘old grandma’ showering her love on the children.

Ice-cream was a special addition to the menu for that special occasion along with the usual nutritionally balanced diet provided every day by the school.


ACER TEST was conducted for grades III – X on Friday, 25th November. ACER is a recognised international leader in the development of educational assessment and reporting tools for schools and systems. The International Benchmark Tests are to improve learning within classroom and to monitor progress of students between years.


The students of grade II visited the orphanage ‘KUTUMBAM‘ on Wednesday, 30th November. This visit was designed to enable the students to gain a vivid understanding about the lesson that they are currently learning in EVS titled “ARE WE SENITIVE”. Our students were welcomed and briefed about the activities of the Kutumbam. They sang songs, danced and played games with the children from the orphanage. As a token of love, our students gifted socks and stationery to their new friends on behalf of the school. The self-realization of the fact that how blessed we are to have caring parents and caring school made the whole trip worth it.


As a special activity on Thursday, 1st December, TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES were conducted for the students of grades      I-X. These activities initiated a feeling of fun but in the long run they learnt to challenge themselves by searching for opportunities and by experimenting, taking risks and learning from mistakes.  This activity proved to be a powerful way to unite as a team, develop strengths and address weaknesses.


Namratha Ch. Won the 1st prize in the CUE Math Quiz Contest held on 13th Nov.

Saketh of Gr VA won a 2nd prize in Mational Abacus competition held at Mumbai on 20th Nov.

Our students did us proud at Sadhu Vasvani Intl. School’s Inter –School competition held on 19th Nov.

The winners list is:

Name of the Student Name of the Completion Prize
Om Dhotre         VIIB Elocution II
Mehak Dhingra  VIIIA Painting II
Garvith Sarogi  IA Painting III
Vamika Anil VIIIA 100m running race II
Abhishek K Gupta IXB Long jump II
B Nikhil  VIIIB Shot put V


Slam Poetry Competition

Chirec School conducted a competition on Slam Poetry ( Performance based poetry) and three students from Classes IX and X – Sarvesh Paradkar, Ashika and Eric V embarked without hesitation on and adventure in poetic exploration and self – expression. Though they did not win any prize, we believe that they were extraordinary in their creativity and expression. Strong emotions were voiced, fears were expressed, and an abundance of rich vocabulary flew as they spoke words chock-full of meaning and message. ENJOY their original poetry that exposes a vulnerability rarely seen in 14 –year-olds! (Poems at the end of the letter)


3rd December, Saturday              : PMI- Grades I-X

8th December, Thursday             : Special Activity ‘Mental Health Awareness’ Grades VIII-X

8th December, Thursday             : Special Activity ‘The Three R’s’ Grades I-VII

14th December, Wednesday      : Theatre Presentation Grades V-VI

16th– 17th December (Fri-Sat)     : Night Camp (Gr I to IV and Gr X)

As you are already aware our 7-court, International standards Badminton courts are already operational. The Indonesian prized coach Mr. Edwin, trains with us now. Many of your kids had come for selections on Saturday and have been selected to be trained.

We are further proud to announce Commissioning of our high class Gym too, for weight and strength training of the Athletes.

We may be calling for Selections for other age groups too, shortly.

We may also be adding some more disciplines – Basket Ball, Tennis and Swimming- too to Suchitra Sports Academy. Please wait for further announcements.

In the meantime, we are back into the class rooms with all seriousness after the hectic Sports Day. Please spend time with your children and support them wherever needed. Try and have meaningful conversations with them, enriching them in the process. This is best time and best thing you can do for them right now, besides giving them your love and care.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy



Newsletter 18th November, 2016

                                                      SPORTS DAY SPECIAL



Namaste Dear Parents,

The most awaited event of the year the SPORTS DAY CUM FOUNDER’S DAY of Suchitra Academy was cele-brated on Wednesday, 16th November.

It was a day of sports extravaganza. It was a day of leaving the parents spell bound by the meticulous dis-cipline at display. It was a day to showcase all the qualities Suchitra strives hard to inculcate.

Besides being an event to be cherished the Sports day met innumerable learning goals.

– The two weeks of rigorous practice taught the students that the fabric of unity is strengthened by team work and equal hard work. This unity in action and effort gave way to the huge success that made the children proud of themselves.

– This event was like holding a torch that bright-ened the students’ understanding of culture and beauty.

– It increased participation levels (no child was left behind), widened the talent pool and helped young children realize their own mettle, push their limits and crown their efforts with success.

– It heightened their sense of melody and rhythm.

– It taught them how to square their shoulders and march, how to compete and how to win or lose grace-fully.

– It made them appreciate how talented their teachers were. It made them understand that Perfection is not by chance or accident, it is result of tears, toil and tremen-dous dedication.

– It made them understand beauty and grace, song and dance, hard work and meticulous planning, and attention to smallest detail.

– It made them have FUN !


The dance drills were the highlight of the day. Grade I with their “Jog to Rock” and the “Workout Wonders” of grades II-IV made the audience groove along with the children. The “Suchitra Harmonic” by grades V-VIII, with their colours of patriotism received a standing ovation from the audience. Each drill show-cased the children’s hard work and perfection. The karate and gymnastics display enthralled one and all.

Brig V V Reddy, Vishisht Seva Medal winner and pres-ently looking after all the educational institutions which come under the Telangana and Andra Subarea of the Indian Army, was the guest of honour for the day. He appreciated the spirit of sportsmanship among the children and highlighted the importance of a healthy mind in a healthy body. He seemed surprised to know that the school was founded in June 2011 and was just 5 year old. According to him it showed the maturity and organistaion of a much senior school.


The best house in co-curricular activities : SANSKRITI

The best house in sports                              : DHRITI T

he best marching contingent                      : DHRITI


The only sour note appeared, in an otherwise perfect-10 programme, when the 4 flood lights did not get switched on by the people manning the controls ( the sup-

pliers )


Then an amazing thing happened. AU you dear parents lit up the ground with little stars or hundreds of ‘fireflies’ (your phones) and the ground took on a surreal fairy tale look.

Thank you so much for being such supportive audience and partners ( except the solitary lady who was furious with us for messing up things in the end ).


Tuesday 22nd November — Fruit and Vegetable Market

Wednesday 23rd  November — Turning wheat to flour and making rota

Thursday 24th  November — Children’s day Celebration

Friday 25th  November — Field Trip

Monday 28th  November — Mother and child activity (cooking without fire)

Wednesday 30th November — Suchitra Food Court


21st  November- ACER Mock Test: Grades III-X

23rd  November- FA 3 begins

24th  November- Children’s day celebration

25th November- ACER TEST final: Grades III-X


1.Suchitra 1-larrnonic- the finale performance won a lot of accolades. But do you know how it came into being? It began with olana, English teacher who remembered a programme in her school which showed Unity in Diversiw. The seed was planted and it took root. Poonarn took it from there, made song selections and aided Mr Ramesh with the choreography.Our Principal, Renu Shorey was right in the centre of all things- her single minded conviction that the song Hat har Mahadev would aid in the over all effect was proved right- the theatrical nature of the performance was needed to ma. it so effective.

2. Listening to the foot- tapping Bhangra number during practice sessions would make students dance wherever they were in the school grounds.

3. Watching the lackadaisical marching of the students, The Principal, Made a decision to have an expert teach them. And who would be an expert, but an army man is And so, another search began. Sajitha whose husband is in the armY and Cher our resident warehouse of Arm resources Promptly came up with Naik l<VS Rao who was patient with the students, but determined . have thernmarch to his tune! Hence het pliable. almost boneless walks of the children turned into MARCHING I

4.And Suchitrans being Suchitrans- we needed a WOW factor to end it with a BANG. An idea to release flaming lanterns into the sky was suggested and tested- nobody was happy with the time element and the percentage of danger and so another idea was born. The clock was ticking (the D Day was around the corner)as well as ideas in people’s brains- and Voila, Poonam hit the nail on the head when she came up with the idea of teachers walking in with lighted torches! Buying them seemed an unnecessary waste of money- Suchitrans believe in conservation, remember? Then the idea germinated in Deepa Kapoor’s mind , why the torches couldn’t be made indigenously with the pipes lying around took shape ( Our multi talented driver Mr. Solomon, turned into a welder) and what you saw was the delightful spectacle of teachers walking into the ground with flaming torches!

Warm Regards,

Renu Shorey

Director – Principal, Suchitra Academy

4th NOVEMBER, 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra. Please read on for some interesting news from the Campus….



We had a fun Diwali celebration on Friday 28th October. Teachers showed the children a 14570437_1458833694132205_9043963033512677955_nshort film about Diwali and why Diwali is celebrated in our country. Children had fun making cards and paper Diyas. It was wonderful watching children tapping their feet to Diwali songs and enjoying the sweets and namkeens sent by parents. Thank you parents for making our Diwali ‘sweet’.


HALLOWEEN CELEBRATION14925261_1464838133531761_9102094071630301800_n

Kids enjoyed Halloween celebrations, on Wednesday 2nd November. We had cute looking ghosts and goblins, fairies and witches, Spiderman and batman, prince and princesses all around. We started our morning with the assembly and then gathered on the soccer field for the Halloween parade. Kids carried their Trick or Treat bags and marched around the school campus collecting chocolates and candies from teachers.


Through the ongoing theme children have been learning the basics of dairy farming and how milk gets to our table.  We have been discussing the steps involved in having milk readily available. Children have been discussing milk products and the process of churning butter the old fashion way.14925718_1465657736783134_6831056151062862929_n

On Thursday 3rd November, to make the learning exciting and interesting, children experienced milking a pretend cow and churning butter.




Winter jackets have been issued please make sure that your child’s name is written inside of his/her jackets.


Healthy food week Dear parents, as we will be celebrating ‘Healthy food week’ from 7th to 11th Nov., we request you to kindly refer to the almanac and send snacks in children’s snack box accordingly.

Founder’s day Wednesday 16th November – As practices for Founders day presentation are going on in full swing, we will be having Saturday 5th November as regular working day



The students of grade IID presented a special assembly on HALLOWEEN on Tuesday, 25th October. The presentation showcased a Halloween party followed by a scary fashion show and a dance on the song ‘Party with the Monster’ where little monsters had fun shaking their legs. Students spoke confidently on how Halloween is celebrated in different parts of the world and how they have fun with ‘Trick or Treat’.

A Special Assembly on the topic CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, CHANGE YOUR WORLD was presented by the students of grade VI B on Wednesday, 26th October. The students shared quotations explaining the importance of positive thinking. They enacted a skit based on the story of Pollyanna to depict the possibility of seeing the bright side of all situations in life. They also presented information about the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge by Emily and John Roebling, against many odds.

14572929_1458745130807728_5091346636020150448_nAnother special assembly highlighting the importance of DIWALI was presented on Friday, 28th October. The students narrated and enacted a short skit based on Lord Rama’s return from exile resulting in celebrations in Ayodhya. This was followed by a beautiful festive dance with diyas.


dscn1137POJECT-BASED LEARNING is a dynamic approach in which the students actively explore real-world problems, challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge.  The students of grades III, IV B&C, VB, VI B, VIII B and VII A made their presentations on Friday, 21st October and Wednesday, 26th October respectively. Each class had identified a ‘real problem’ like health and hygiene, deforestation, wastage of food and journey of wastes in Suchitra Academy.  In this process, students also honed their organizational and research skills, developed better communication with their peers and worked within their community while seeing the positive effect of their work. Dear Parents you were a happy witness to the presentations of your children and I am sure you agree to what we have said about learning outcomes.


To inspire the students and make them into progressive citizens of tomorrow the students of grades VII and VIII visited the STATE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY on Tuesday, 1st November. This was a rare opportunity as the permissions are impossible to come. Through this visit students gained insight into how the State Legislature functions and this gave them a ‘live’ perspective of the seat of Government and its workings. It was an enriching experience for the students and teachers alike.


14925716_1468879889794252_5463251289727220278_nAn interactive session was conducted for the students of Grades VIII-X on Friday, 4th November. Our guest speakers’ were Lady Officers from the Indian Army, Major Kranti and Captain Nidhi who motivated the students to take pride in serving the nation and be responsible for millions of lives. They provided an insight to the entire procedure of joining the Armed Forces. The Indian army is one of the most satisfying careers and is for the brave hearted only. They propelled the youngsters to serve the country and have a fulfilling life and. They inspired the students to become leaders, organizers, strategists, and managers whose duties entail enormous responsibilities.


We are proud to announce that Vamika Anil of Grade VIII A won the third prize in 100 meters Race held at BHARATIYA VIDYA BHAVAN , Andhra Pradesh.

Dear Parents, Ms Anne Issac ( Acad. Coord.) and I went to Raipur to attend the 22nd National Annual Principal’s Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes-2016. 

This is an annual event and a platform where one learns of the current practices, focus and direction of CBSE policies. Besides that, one gets to hear the most eminent people from the field of not just education but art, dance and theatre too.

We were fortunate to have such a large group of well known experts in their respective fields participate in the conference.

The direction of the conference was established early with the Chief Minister of the State, Mr. Raman  Singh.

Like most of the audience, I was particularly impressed by one of the youngest IAS officers, O. P. Choudhary whose passion for his work and determination brought tears to a number of eyes. Other speakers of interest in my humble opinion were Ms Santhya Ravindran who provided insight into the  ‘hurried war on childhood’ that we conduct, Mr. Sasi Kumar, Director, C – DAD whose speech was very informative, Mr.Srikanth ( the cricketer) who through his witticisms added bullet points on how to react to situations, Anil Shrinivasan who through his music reminded us of the role of music in learning Math.

A special mention needs to be made of the brilliant cultural programmes conducted in Krishna Public School on the first day which were such an amazing display of talent and discipline that it just blew our minds away!

We both returned richer by the experience.





16th November (Wednesday) : Founder’s Day   ( Please set the date aside to attend the programme starting at 2.45 p.m.)


Right now we are in the thick of Sport’s Day preparations. Morning begins with March Past practices for which we have sought the help of an Army Havildar. Then follow drills/ karate practices/ gymnastics and the special SPORTS SONG composed by Dexter and Chaitanya Sir, specially for the occasion.

In between teachers make sure to take classes and keep the flow of Academics while Joy Sir and Jhunnu ma’am work at the huge backdrop.

Believe me, it’s crazy but it’s fun…………… So wait to watch the ‘FUN’ unfold on 16th November.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Sucitra Academy.