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NEWSLETTER 19th June 2015

Namaste Dear Parents,

The school reopens and the fun and action begins…………

News from the PRE-PRIMARY

“All our handling of the child will bear fruit, not only at the moment, but in the adult they are destined to become.” Maria Montessori

Welcome back after the long summer break. We hope you had a fantastic holiday with your family and friends. A big warm welcome to our new children and their families, we are delighted to have you as part of the Suchitra Family.

Parent OrientationIMG_1294

Friday 12th June, gave us an opportunity to interact with the new parents and also share the academic and co-curricular framework for the up-coming session.

During the Orientation it was really encouraging to see the enthusiasm of the parents participating in the activity conducted – BEST OUT OF WASTE.

IMG_1312Thank you so much to the parents who made the effort to come and to those who came in time. We missed all those who did not make it.

School Re-opens

The school re-opened on Monday 15th June. It was a great joy to welcome the kids, as the Pre-primary section sprung back to life once again with the chatter and giggles sounding all over the block.

We know that you have had some wonderful holiday adventures as we hear about it all the time from your little ones. Great to see children sharing experiences during QCT (quality circle time).

There were also a few tears and sobs as the first timers clung to the parents but in no time atall most of them had got busy with the fun and activities around. A few teary-eyed ones are still there but it’s only a matter of time before they too turn into happy school-goers !

This academic year we have decided to name all the Pre-Primary classes. The theme of the year is flowers and children have already started working on voting for their favourite flower, on the basis of which the class names will be decided.

Learning through activity promotes enthusiasm and creativity among  kids. Keeping this in view, we emphasise on free play, themes and innovative activities for learning through active participation.

We have started learning some great facts about human and animal habitats, besides learning sounds and numbers.


Once again we would like to remind parents to send an extra pair of clothing in the kid’s bag regularly and to kindly label all the items.



Thursday, 11th June 2015, the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL !

Air filled with excitement. Teachers eagerly awaiting the arrival of the students and the students  too busy exchanging summer holiday stories with their buddies.

That was the scene in the morning !

The students had a few surprises too. Not only were their classrooms beautifully done up but some classrooms had vanished and some new ones had come up !!! It took some time for them to get oriented with the new layout and it was amusing to see the senior students guiding the younger ones to locate their lost classrooms !

To welcome the students the teachers had planned an elaborate assembly spread over two days presenting  interesting skits, songs and ppts based  on the core values of the school. The students were overjoyed to see their teachers on the stage for a change essaying various roles. It was an assembly enjoyed by one and all.


As a special activity, QUALITY CIRCLE TIME was conducted on Thursday, 18th June. The students participated in what is called ‘The Newspaper Bucket Activity.’ They focused on and discussed the classroom goals and understood that not only setting the goal is important but it is also important to pursue SMART guidelines to achieve these goals. They understood the importance of goals as a major motivating and unifying factor.


20th June, Saturday    – Orientation of new parents ( Gr I to VIII ) from 10.00 to 11.30 ( strictly)

20th June, Saturday     – Familiarization with CBSE and CCE Practices ( Gr IX and X ) 12.30 to 1.30 (strictly)
22ndJune, Monday      – Display Board Competition (G-I-X)

23rd June, Tuesday       – FA 1 begins

Dear parents I would really wish to see you all on the 20th for orientation.

The meeting would make you aware of the expectations we both can have of each other and give a better understanding of our teaching and learning practices.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Dir-Principal, Suchitra Academy

NEWSLETTER 5th June 2015

Namaste Dear Parents,

It’s time once again for the school campus to reverberate with the laughter of the children.

News from the PRE-PRIMARY

We have really missed the kids over the summer and are very excited about working with the families again this year. Together, we hope to provide a positive and nurturing environment where your children can learn and grow. Together, we are partners in creating a stimulating curriculum that encourages your children to learn and develop at their own pace. I trust we will cooperate in this venture.

As we get restarted please remember that communication is the key to any successful program. Our PMIs (Parent Mentor Interactions)   every month give you the chance to ask questions, voice concerns and give us feedback. We also post our Syllabus planner for each class so that you know what the learning objectives are for the term and we send you the almanac of events for each month.

A lot of our pre-schoolers have never been to school before and even though they are excited about coming some are going to have a hard time separating from you and you from them. This is totally normal. When you leave, be sure to reassure them that you will be back. Once you give them that last kiss, hug and a smile, go ahead and leave and rest assured that they will soon become involved in class activities.

Looking Forward to a Fun Year!

A Reminder

What the children need to bring to school everyday :

School diary – please check the diary regularly

Extra clothes – please see to it that the child carries an extra pair of clothes in the school bag every day. If your child brings home soiled clothing, replace the clothing immediately.

Dry and healthy snack – please send appropriate quantity of dry and health snack.

Water bottles – children should carry child friendly sipper bottles.

Uniform – children should wear the school uniform on Mondays and Sports Uniform – Tuesday to Friday with black school shoes.

Kindly label all the items.

12th June, Friday   – Parent Orientation for new admissions ( Parents only




We are very happy to announce a 100% RESULT of our very first CBSE batch of GRADE X . They have passed with flying colours. Prakruti Singh tops with a CGPA of 9.8.  Heartiest congratulations to our dear students!


It’s back to school once again for the teachers. The school is abuzz with activity. The teachers are gearing up for the upcoming session with full enthusiasm. Class rooms are being decorated, planners, lesson plans , worksheets and practice sheets are being made. Various professional development workshops are being conducted in the school to apprise the teachers with the latest happenings in the education field.


Thursday, 4th June was the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for the students of grades IX & X. The students were ready with their holiday assignments and eager to face new challenges that the year ahead holds for them.

8th June               – 1st Mid-Term Assessment for G-IX & X
11th June             – School Reopens for Gr.  I – VIII

15th June              – School Reopens for Pre-Primary

20th June               – New Parents’ Orientation ( Gr I to VIII)

23rd to 1st July       – FA 1 For Gr IV to VIII.
Dear Parents, hope we quickly have a respite from heat as the campus is still blisteringly hot. Regardless of the heat, all of us are working hard at getting better prepared to handle our classes and students.

There is a sense of growth and learning as we go through the various professional development sessions together. The most inspiring part is the fact that the resource for all these work shops is none other than our highly respectable and talented teachers. This makes me extremely proud and I am sure you too.

We look forward to seeing the children on 11th June at 8.25a.m.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Dir. Principal. Suchitra Academy.