Blend of academics and activities

The times that we live in, dictate that children be focussed, and academically ready to face the unknown future with confidence and ability. They have to be equipped with the necessary skills to face the challenges of an unseen and unimaginable tomorrow.

The emphasis at Suchitra is to make learning meaningful, active and last a lifetime. The framework of approach to every student comprises a good balance of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Suchitra offers the CBSE syllabus, but with international school systems and processes in pedagogy and facilities for whole education. This makes our school very different and innovative from any other school.

Setting the foundation for the years ahead

(Play Group to Senior Kindergarten: 1 year – 6 months to 5 years 6 months)

The primary years are a child’s most important years. It’s in these years that a child’s foundation for the future is set. To make these years impactful, emphasis is on experiential learning, towards which the school uses methods that take cues from visual, aural and tactile elements, while exposing them to real-time situations.

While Literacy and Numeracy are the building blocks of learning, English and Mathematics receive special attention in the pre-primary classes. At Suchitra, the focus as such is on seven Key Learning Areas:

  • English
  • Numeracy
  • Everyday Science
  • Human society and its environment
  • Personal development, health and physical education
  • Creative arts –  music, dance, role-play, clay modelling, painting, craft work
  • Languages


The curriculum emphasises on identifying a child’s potential in a given age group, and devising a plan specific to him or her. As such, an interdisciplinary approach is followed wherever possible, especially  up to Grade 3.

The school applies interactive tools to make teaching insightful, and clear. Interactive Smart Boards enable concept teaching and the use of technology as a regular tool. This again is accompanied by subject or topic-driven project learning, research interdisciplinary assignments, whole school processes of role-play, event organising etc.

Encouraging parent participation

School, Parents and Child are three parts of a whole, and Parent participation makes the very process of academics complete. The role of parents as ‘catalysts’ to students’ progress is never in doubt and is acknowledged to be decisively impactful. Parents become great support for teachers when they provide insights and observation about their own child resulting in a more pro-child approach. As such, Suchitra will encourage parents to be closely involved in the progress of their children at all stages.

An active parent community can contribute with ideas, suggestions and support.

Ready to enlighten

The teaching faculty at Suchitra is one of the best. Teachers are selected after rigorous rounds of assessment and evaluation of subject knowledge, communication skills, attitudes, adaptability and passion. We have several workshops and training sessions for teachers every year to stay updated with the latest trends in education and improve key skills.

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