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My Experience at the DAV MUN!

“And the best delegate award goes to the delegate of UK…”, was my moment of utter shock!
Well, this doesn’t happen in many MUNs to me, even in those that I win. This was only because
I was up against undoubtedly one of the most experienced delegates in the Hyderabad MUN
circuit; one with over 39 MUN experiences, was the Chairperson in DRSMUN 2K19, and an
extremely intelligent friend. People say hard work really pays off. I now do second that notion.
You must be thinking that I had been researching for days and days to reach this result, but in
fact, I had registered only two days before the MUN deadline. Well, that is not something I would
recommend! To make up for the delay I had nights that lasted till almost 1AM or 2 AM
researching, with the best partner any MUNer or researcher can have – a can of Monster (BTW,
believe me, you drink Redbull, you’ll doze off straight away).
This is undoubtedly the most productive MUN I’ve been to as it has opened a whole other
side of the United Nations to me – the ‘technical part’ as I call it. One where you dig up
resolutions and treaties signed in the 1940s and 50s and find articles and clauses that the
opposing party violates and retort to them with evidence or loopholes and interpretations that
can be used to justify and defend your side. The agenda of the Committee – The Security Council
– I participated in was ‘The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.’ And one thing that made the most
challenging committee, the Security Council even more challenging was that it was a historic
Security Council, with the freeze date being 4th January 1980. (In real life, the Security Council
meeting was called on 5th January 1980).
So, what that means is there are 0 Reuters reports or UN reports up to this date, as in the
simulation the Soviets had just invaded Afghanistan around 6 months back, and there were no
huge advancements made by that time, except in the President’s House. So basically, the soviets
invoked Article 51 of the UN charter, one of the most widely used and controversial article
which allows “collective self-defense” and the Afghanistan government was under threat from a
militant group, the Mujahedeen – the Soviets intervened. They staged a coup and installed a
Soviet-backed president and killed the previous President who had also just killed the previous
Socialist President who also came to power in 1978 after a coup. Hilarious!!!
Well, that’s more or less what MUN-ing is all about. The MUN provides a platform for me to
meet new people and make new friends – people with diverse lives, and different perspectives
and high maturity. The icing on the cake is the Socials – with the rappers and beatboxers and the
DJs, it is the part that all of MUNers look forward to, to close our two-three days of formal
experience, let loose and enjoy.
#DemoracyDiesInDarkness #DAVMUN

– Murtasa Khambati

India’s Golden Girl felicitates Suchitra Academy’s 9th Founder’s Day!

On 23rd November 2019, we at Suchitra Academy celebrated our Founder’s Day with the Chief Guest as Ms. P.V. Sindhu, India’s Golden Girl! We thank Eenadu, Vaartha, Andhrajyothi, Andhrabhoomi, Andhraprabha, Sakshi, Namaste Telangana, Mana Telangana, Manam, Hindi Milaap, and many others from the press and media for covering our Founder’s Day event. Here is a gist of what they covered regarding the event and the school.

The event started with lamp lighting followed by a few words by the Chief Guest. P.V. Sindhu stating that children should not only study, but also should take part in extra-curricular activities and sports.

The event was characterized by drama, singing, and dancing. The students showed their talents in all categories and activities. Not only students but also their parents were given prizes for pre-organized essays. The students who won awards in sports were given prizes by the Chief Guest Ms. P.V. Sindhu. The cultural dances, in particular, were very attractive to the audience and media. Parents found the “Arabian Nights” performance to be very entertaining and the musical drama “Jack and the Beanstalk” enchanted the audience the most. One of the news sources, Sakshi, in light of Suchitra Academy’s 9th Founder’s Day, stated: “Wonder Kids, Thunder Dance” as the headline for their article. Approximately, 1600 parents and 800 students have attended the event. The students of the 1st to 6th standard had participated in the event’s cultural performances.

P.V. Sindhu congratulated all the students, teachers, and management for 09 glorious years of Suchitra Academy and appreciated everyone for their efforts, with special mentions to the Founder Mr. Krishnam Raju, Chief Mentor Mr. Praveen Raju, Director-Principal Mrs. Renu Shorey, and Vice-Principal Mrs. Deepa Kapoor and said that she was reminded of her school days while watching the performance.

PV Sindhu also said that she considers Suchitra Academy as her second home as she visits the school regularly for her fitness training and workouts.

Here are a few more news clippings of the event:

The Joy of Reading!

Whenever I see Murtaza, a student from Grade X, he is always reading a book- sometimes in the library, and sometimes sitting on a step outside his class. Watching him takes me back to my school days when all I did was read, read and read.

I have to credit my father for inculcating a love for reading in me.  Every Saturday, we would take a walk to the library – a neat 5 km walk.  For some reason, best known to the owner,  it was called the ‘Jai Jawan’ library.  In the beginning, the librarian would choose five books for me to read.  Gradually, I began to choose my own.  Enid Blyton’s world of Gingerbread Men, Noddy, Secret Seven, The Famous Five became mine.
I was omnivorous – reading everything from the trite to the classics.  I would lose myself in the characters. As a teenager, I fell in love with Howard Roark from ‘The Fountainhead’, the  individualistic young architect who refused to compromise with an architectural establishment unwilling to accept innovation; looked up to Atticus from ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’  who faces challenges in his profession, family, and town, but stood up for his beliefs; aimed to be a combination of a lady like Elizabeth Bennet from ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and Natasha Rostova from ‘War and Peace’, who was a breath of fresh air and laughter.
I went through the Mills and Boon stage where the archetypal devastatingly handsome, wealthy, powerful, roguish and larger than life heroes took over my dreams only to come crashing down to earth where wisdom ruled and I realized the patriarchal drivel I was reading! I moved on.
The next stage was when I read to my children all the fairy tales that I had once read. Stories by Hans Christian Anderson, stories that taught of consequences, of hope and redemption, stories that brought fairies, magicians, giants, and trolls to our ordinary world, pushing our imaginations to soar with notions of “What if?”s and “What could be”s. What a joy it was to read it again and again until I tired of it (but they never did!).
The next stage was when I read what my students read. The books helped me connect with my students: I could discuss witchcraft, wizardry, Greek Mythology (courtesy of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson) with the best of them. It helped that my own children were the same age and that the books were easily accessible. Harry and Percy got me so hooked that I waited along with my students and my own children for each new volume.
Ultimately, there came a time in which I was preoccupied with a busy life and I stopped reading – I was caught up in the mundane and reading took a back seat until a colleague introduced me to academic literature. Unlike the fictional literature which I breeze through, I had to drag myself through them, but somewhere along the way liked what I was reading and nowadays, I alternate between the fictional and the nonfictional.
What is this post leading to? The point of this short ‘story’ is that as teachers and parents ourselves, we must encourage children to read and more than anything else, make time for ourselves to read too. Get lost in that world of make-believe or reality – whatever you like –  and somewhere along the way, you will appreciate language- the way words juxtapose themselves to frame a sentence which in turn will open up the imagination and whole new worlds!
                                                      – Anne Isaac, Head, Primary School, Suchitra Academy

The Power of Mutual Trust!

One of these days, a child came to me with much pain in her heart!

Once she narrated the reason for her pain I was in two minds- did she come to me because she trusted me that her problem will be resolved or was her coming with an intention to complain against another?

I thought for a fraction of a moment and realized that the dialogue going on in my mind was nothing but a Seed of Doubt and if I deliberate on it further, I will only let the thought Germinate and Nourish till it puts a label about the child in my mind. So I immediately told myself that her reason for coming to me doesn’t matter but if I can guide her right, it will impact her positively.

So, the reason for her pain was that a few children of her grade, but from another section, started telling her what she had scored in her Half Yearly Examination. It was about a subject where these children have a common teacher. As the teacher didn’t share the answer scripts with her section yet, she had no clue of what she had scored. But when she got to know about her marks from others she inquired how they had come to know about it. These children told her, as the teacher is common to both the sections, the teacher did share the other section’s children’s marks with them too.

This girl was very upset, she felt when she herself is not aware of her marks why the other children were told about her marks.

After listening to this it was important for me to guide her and make her strong. At no point, I wanted to tell her that I’ll speak to the teacher. That would have meant two things- I would have shown her that the teacher was weak and I must change her way of dealings or anytime children have a problem they should approach me instead of the teacher.

I did what I felt was best at that moment. I asked her why she had believed that the teacher must have shared her marks with others. Her answer to that was that three different people at different times told her the same marks. So I told her it could be a planned trick on her too. Then I asked her if she had gone directly to the teacher and asked for the truth. Had the teacher given a reason which is not logical to her? Was the teacher not ready to listen to her? She had only one answer – NO!  But she said that she had spoken to her class teacher about it.

I asked if going to the teacher would help the matter better. Her response was- will she understand? And my immediate response to her question was- has she already decided in her mind that the teacher is not going to listen and understand, has she already accepted that the teacher shared the marks, has she already framed an opinion in her mind that the whole story is true without even talking to her??

I told her she can only be at peace if she hears it out from the teacher else there are always chances of misunderstanding and doubts. I told her that I don’t know the reason but my heart says that even if I assume the teacher has done something wrong, she will listen to her, accept it and will not repeat it.

Finally, she went to the teacher and spoke to her directly. While she was coming back to my room to share the conversation that she had with the teacher, I could see her walking with a big smile and peace on her face.

I knew I did the right thing – when children grow in an environment of Trust and when they are guided to see Perspective they will grow into mature adults who will believe in resolving an issue through dialogue instead of mulling over it and labeling people.

End of it, I was not only happy because I could sow the seed of Trust in her but I was also very proud of believing in the teacher.

I am sure the girl will take this message that whatever happens, you can’t distrust your own colleagues. Had I doubted the teacher I would have done exactly the same what the child was doing.

I hope I succeeded in making her better equipped to deal with situations that we all come across every now and then. I would love to hear from the readers if there is a better way I could have taken this up.

Not just with the children, this ‘Trust’ is important to have in all of us, where we don’t jump to conclusions but actually stop to think ‘maybe there was another point of view, maybe there was another reason’ than what we are assuming and seek a dialogue!


-Trisha Chakraborty, Head  Senior School, Suchitra Academy

In The Process Of Endless Discovery!

Our students Puneeth and Devansh had a time of their lives in Japan. The students were on an Exchange Program to Japan. The Asia Kakehashi Project, as the name suggests is bridging the gap between the diverse cultures that these students hail from. After an orientation session in Tokyo, they headed to their respective schools in the city of Shizuoka and Devansh in Kumon International School, Japan.

Puneeth got an opportunity to attend the Seiko Global Development Conference 2019.

Here are his reflections on the conference….

The Seiko Global Development Conference was held from 28th August – 5th Sept 2019. The conference was held to raise awareness about the current scenario of our planet – Earth. The conference taught the significance of the Sustainable Development Goals – adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.
The SDGC had students from 10 schools, such as Jashore Zilla School-Bangladesh, Suchitra Academy – India, Indonesia- MAN Cipasung, Shizuoka Seiko Academy and Shizuoka Seien Girls’ High School – Japan, Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar and Malay College Kuala Kangsar – Malaysia, CRPAO SCHOOL and Vajiravudh College – Thailand & Marie Curie High School- Vietnam.
On 28th and 29th August we had spent time in Tokyo, sightseeing, we were taken to the Tokyo Skytree and went on a scavenger hunt around Tokyo intending to go to as many checkpoints as possible, which my group had won. After the long tiring day, we were yet to board a 5- hour long bus back to Shizuoka.
The next day we were taken to a local garbage plant to see the process of waste management, for which Shizuoka is well known for. The executives at the garbage plant had also presented to us the step-by-step process from collection to disposal and treatment. Further that day, the government servants of Shizuoka City explained Japan’s role in implementing SDGs and that 36% of the population of Shizuoka was aware of the SDGs. We also learned that Japan ranked 15th out of 156 countries trying to implement the SDGs, whereas countries such as India and Bangladesh ranked 112th and 111th respectively.
On the 31st, few of us had visited a village near Mt. Fuji called Oshino-Hakkai; with the cold breeze blowing, we went shopping for souvenirs and more. Thereafter, we were taken to the Lake Kawaguchi, which is a part of the GOKO- “go” meaning five and “ko” meaning lake, that is the five lakes around Fuji-san. Here we rode a cable car, to reach the viewpoint to see Fuji-san amidst the clouds.
The following day was spent working on the steps we would take as tomorrow’s citizens to combat today’s crisis. A couple of workshops were conducted, and everything discussed during the group workshops was to be presented on 3rd September, to our school’s students including a few government officials who added up to 500 people in the audience. We spent 2nd September finalizing our presentation along with a tour of the Tamiya headquarters here in Shizuoka. Tamiya is a very famous, here in Japan as well as other countries throughout the World for making world-class, miniature models of military tanks, naval ships, fighter planes, sports cars and many more. They had displayed a section of the Headquarters where these models rebuilt and made into humanly-driven vehicles.
My group had presented ways to combat environmental damage. We thought it could be done by following the Triple R Rule and conducting research to and somehow use Plastic as a Fuel. The presentation was followed by cultural performances from the schools from Thailand,
Malaysia, and Indonesia. And then we have a farewell party as this was the last of the summit in Shizuoka.
The next day was scheduled to have a surprise Tokyo sightseeing and we were informed on the way we would be taken to Tokyo Disneyland that day. This announcement was followed by cheers and smiles on the students’ faces. And finally, after spending the day having fun and enjoying at Disneyland, it was time to say goodbye the next day. We had seen off our friends from Vajiravudh College and MAN Cipasung from Thailand and Indonesia respectively.

Winners of Poetry and Creative Writing Competitions

Poetry Writing

Group 2:

Topic :  I am happy when

Sreemayi K   Grade IV A- 1st Prize

I am happy in the morning,

When I hear the bird sing,

Merry, merry songs,

In the morning.

I am happy in the noon,

Our games start very soon,

And we will play till we are tired,

In the afternoon.

I am happy in the night,

Such a lovely night ,

Seeing the moon shining bright

In the night.


Name: Dipansha Agarwal Grade III D – 2nd prize

I am happy when

I am happy when I play,

I am happy when I swing,

I am happy when I talk,

And I am happy when I walk

I am happy when I sing and dance,

I am happy when someone hugs me,

I am happy when it’s raining

I am happy when it’s my birthday,

I am happy when everyone wishes me,

I am happy when everyone gives gifts to me.

I am always very happy.


Group 3:

 Name: T Pratik, Grade: VI B- 1st prize

Topic: Homework

 Do you like homework?

Neither do I.

I want to be free like a bird

Flying in the sky

All of our homework

Is all so irritating

I could ban all our homework

If I were the king.

When I do it all

I feel so relieved

And when I get it all

It’s like I’m never free.

If I were to go back

And stop this difficult thing

I would take the chance

And stop this thing.



Name: Aishi Raju, V B- 2nd prize

Topic:  Homework

Homework is a fun thing to do,

Math, Science and English too.

When I have no one to play with,

I go and do my homework.

Projects or diagrams,

Both are very interesting.

When I have too much homework,

Sometimes I have a headache,

So, I do it in the garden

Or right in my bed.

I have to do homework

It makes me feel good,

And when I finished it completely

I run off to play.


Name: Om Dhotre, Grade:VIIB – 3rd prize

Topic: The Last time I Cried

It was a Tuesday

On the 19th day of July

I woke up in the morning, happy.

But I had no idea I would cry that day.

I was selected for extempore

I was energized and happy

I boarded the school bus, excited

But I had no idea I would cry that day.


When I reached school, I was more excited

I was so energized and pumped up

I thought I would do my best and my better

But I had no idea I would cry that day.


Then came the time for

The biggest day of my life

It was a huge competition

I knew I had to win it

But I had no idea I would cry that day.


My turn to speak came

The anchor called my name

I took a deep breath

And stepped on the stage

But I had no idea I would cry that day.


As I looked at the thousands of people before me

My leg and my fingers started to tremble

My heart was beating fast and I thought

“Will I do well? Will I win?”

But, I had no idea I would cry that day.


My speech had a bad start

Like the wheelspin of a racing car

I almost forgot what my topic was

But then I caught up.

I spoke all the words that came into my mind

But, I had no idea I would cry that day.


At last, the anticipated moment came

The time for announcing the results

I folded my hands and started praying

For my luck and my life

But, I had no idea I would cry that day.


The winners were Prachi and Manhar

I felt like broken glass

I told to myself,’Chin Up, you’re a boy”

But that was of no use for a boy like me.

I really had no idea of I would cry that day


Then school was over, I was going to the bus

Sadly thinking about all my efforts gone in waste

Thinking about all my classmates saying tome,

“Congratulations, Om! You lost!”

Well, I had no idea I would cry that day.


I settled in my seat

Still thinking the same

I rested my head on the seat

Trying to forget and sleep the same.


I felt like crying, then

I thought of all my efforts

I couldn’t control my emotions

And I started to cry and cry and cry

That was the last time I cried.


Group 4:

Name: Sarvesh Paradkar, Grade X- 1st prize

When everything goes wrong

I woke up from sleep

And fell down a bed so steep

I went down for breakfast, still feeling tired

Then found out that the milk had expired!

Right then   my neighbor started their blaring song

Why, today, was everything going wrong?


I was already late, so I decided to run to the bus stand

A bad decision I realized as I slipped in the sand.

When I finally reached, the bus was nowhere to be seen

Was it yet to come, or had it already been?

A man told me, “The bus has already come for the day”

Why was everything going wrong today?


When I came to school, I was super late

The teacher was already writing the date!

So I stood outside, staring at the class

Guess this was a subject, I wasn’t going to pass

Then there was a break and everyone, except me, went to play

Why was everything going wrong today?


Then I looked at the timetable, it was going to be all right

The next period was games, everything was just right.


Name: Roma Samala, VIIIB-  2nd prize

Sometimes I wish…

Once along the beach

I saw something in my reach.

It was a dirty looking lamp

In a place that was very cramped.


I smeared some of the mold

To uncover a lamp that was gold.

The lamp started to shine bright

And out came golden light.


An abstract figure emerged from the lamp

Blue and gold and not at all damp.

The figure said ‘I shall grant you three wishes’

After that all you will get is three empty dishes.


“So use them wisely”, he said

And without disagreement, I followed where he tread.

My first wish was immortality to fly

So I could go up and touch the sky.


My second wish was to be rich

And this was for real without  a glitch

At last came the third vortex

Should it be simple or complex.


So I wished for a million more wishes

And so, I got no empty dishes.

I started to wonder what could go wrong

Thinking this is a dream and it won’t last for long.


So out there I wandered

With my wishes not forgotten.

I knew this dream was actually true

So all I could do was be wise and look at the sky so blue.


Creative Writing- Picture Composition

Group 1

Name: Ali  Quadri Grade II D- 1st prize

  1. Rose is holding a plate.
  2. She is deciding to eat pizza or vegetables.
  3. She is confused.
  4. She loves pizza but she knows vegetables are healthy.
  5. First Rose takes some vegetables.
  6. After she finishes she will take some pizza.
  7. Now Rose can have healthy and junk food.


Name : Sudiksha Sunderesan , Grade-II D , 2nd prize

  1. It is lunch time. Rita is waiting for her lunch.
  2. Pizzas are junk food.
  3. Rita likes vegetables.
  4. Rita dislikes pizzas.
  5. Vegetables are good for our body.
  6. Rita is holding a tray she is thinking should I eat veggies or pizzas?
  7. Vegetables are healthy.


Name : Anshuman  Nanda  Grade II C  -3rd prize

  1. Vegetables are healthy food.
  2. Healthy food makes us strong.
  3. Junk food don’t have the provictims and minerals.
  4. Veggies have the proteins and fibers.
  5. Junk foods are not good for health.
  6. Healthy foods are good for health.
  7. We should keep ourselves strong and healthy.


Creative Writing

Group 2

Name:  Tanusha Barigala, Grade IV C- 1st prize

Topic: The bird who couldn’t fly.

There once was a bird who couldn’t fly, she was a sparrow. Since the minute she was born to the last try she couldn’t fly, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t fly. All the other birds would tease her because she couldn’t fly. She felt like crying when they teased her. She only had one friend who cared for her very much. They were best friends. No one could bring them apart .She always felt joyful when her friend found a way to stop others from teasing her. One day as they were talking about why she could not fly, a huge bird came down and took her friend away. She called for him, but all in vain. So she had only one chance to rescue him. She flapped her wings harder and harder till they lifted her off the ground. She kept trying and she finally got the hang of it and she went faster and faster and finally caught up with the huge bird. She found her friend and stopped the bird from eating him. Then they went back to their tree happily.


Name : Mysha Javed Lirani- III A  – 2nd prize

Topic: The bird who couldn’t fly.


One day a girl was walking in the garden. She saw a beautiful bird flying in the sky. Suddenly the bird hit a branch of a tree and fell down.  ‘Oh dear,’ The girl said as she ran and picked the bird. Then the girl took it to her home. There she bandaged the bird’s hurt. Then she gave the bird some food to eat and some water to drink. After some days, she removed her bandage. The bird tried to fly again and again but it couldn’t. It tried the last time and it flew. The bird and the girl were both happy.


Group 3:

Name: Vaibhav- VII A- 1st prize

Topic : My Journey On a Pirate Ship

This story is all about my journey on a pirate ship.So here goes.I was on vacation with my friends on a small island. There, I saw a ship.  A ship that wasn’t ours.So I decided to take a peek.When I got on, the ship started moving. Curiosity killed the cat and all that….When someone was lifting the anchor, I realized I was not alone.I was drifting away from my friends!  Jack! Save me! Anyone here?” I shouted.  Who should come, but the pirates themselves.I realized that as I heard the deck creaking.

I had been running to and fro in my fear when I tumbled over a chest.  I had found a treasure chest.It had a imprint of a skull on it which was made of gold. When I opened it, I realized that I had hit jackpot. I filled my pockets with coins.

Meanwhile, the pirates had caught me. I thought they were going to loot me and push me off the deck.  On the deck, when I looked around, I realized that the boat was only a few metres away from land.I thought I could jump off.  I was sweating profusely. The clock was ticking and the boat was slowly drifting away. I made the decision in a split second. I dropped all the coins for speed and weight reduction.I jumped off the deck using the same plank.  I swam and later when I reached the beach, ran very fast. I was lucky the pirates did not chase me. So I hope this tells you what to do and what not to do on a pirate ship.Now this is just something extra.The captain had a hook for a hand! Weird ,huh?




Name: P.Priyanka- VII A – 2nd prize



Topic : A Dark Hallway

It was night. I was in my room watching videos on my laptop because it was the weekend.It was around mid-night when I heard a noise from the hallway.I was really scared.So I ran to my parents’ room and woke my mom first.She told me that it might be coming from the kitchen. And then she told me to go have a look.  That should have given the game away.  Which mother tells you to go and check a dark hallway?

I went to my room and quickly grabbed my toy gun filled with water.  It was not regular water.It was paint water.I wore my baseball hat which made me feel more like an under-cover agent.  I tiptoed down the stairs.I heard another sound which was louder. I finally got downstairs.Now, I had to pass through the dark hallway.My heart was beating faster than usual.I was scared of my own footsteps.As I was passing through the hallway, I heard different sounds from my brothers’ room, which was weird because my brother had left for college.  I opened the door slightly, when I realized that my little sister uses his room.She was playing with her dolls.I asked her to accompany me to the hallway.Now we had to go inside the kitchen.I opened the door to make sure no one was there.Then I noticed that the light was ON.My sister smelled cookies and opened the door.There,  I saw my dad. He was stuffing his face with cookies.  So, my dad was the thief of the day and was coated with pink paint.  And what’s more, I turned around to see my mother doubled over with laughter!!!


Group 4:

Name: Namratha Alluri , Grade IX B- 1st prize

Topic – A friend who moved away

As far as I remember, the time I spent with her, the joys we celebrated together are the most precious memories I have. She was Aprajita Mukherjee, my best friend, whom I can never forget. We were together since we were in first grade. We used to get time to play before the assembly started. Somehow, we were the only ones who would not hear the bell and always ended up going late to assembly. And once, the teachers were so annoyed that they made us stand in front of the crowd while the assembly was going on with our hands touching our toes. You might be thinking how embarrassing it would have been.

But for me, it is a precious memory. Even though we were punished, we kept on laughing and chatting which is what I remember. Then, another time, while we were playing in the play pen, we suddenly saw a spark in the sky. We thought it would bring us joy, but it brought us life-long misery.  It was a UFO.  It came down, and suddenly everyone in the school vanished. Aprajita and I were wearing black clothes with our hair put up in a bun. The first thing the alien with one eye and an antenna kind of thing on his head, green in colour said “We hate black” with an angry face.  Aprajita and I looked at each other and saw that we were indeed wearing black clothes. We were brave enough to ask him why he had come to earth.

He replied,” I have come here to take one of you away from the other, because we hate when two people are very friendly and have a lot of affection between them.” We were proud that he had indicated that Aprajita and I were best friends. Without another word, he took Aprajita with him. I started crying and I suddenly heard my Mom calling me. And I woke up and realized it was just a dream.

But we did get separated that year as I changed my school. Till date, there are nights when tears fill my eyes when I recall these memories. I still try to look for her in social networking sites. She was funny, she was kind and we got along so well that the bond we shared, even if it was so transient has left an everlasting memory.



Name : Shriya Menon,  X – 2nd prize


Topic: A friend who moved away

She was not just a friend, Ashna was the sparkle if I were the diamond. IF I were gold, then she was the real value. She was my best friend.

In a world where there are girls and there are boys, we are those girls who think, act and work like boys. We don’t really understand what runs in each other’s head, but we, surely do the same thing. Ashna and I have shared a lot of experiences and adventured together.

One of them was a time when both of us had gone to take our neighbor’s dog for walk.  We were so engrossed in our talk that Hatchi, the dog pulled itself and ran away.   It took a long time for me to realize that Hatchi was missing. Both of us started to run around our whole complex looking for him. After two and a half hours, we went to Mrs. Bring our neighbor, to tell us that Hatchi was missing, but to our surprise, we saw Hatchi peacefully sleeping in his garden.

There were so many more adventures filled with joy, excitement, anxiety, guilt, depression that Ashna and I shared. If I had a chance,I could write a whole book about it.

Ashna is now in Bombay, and even today, after 3 years, she tells me that she doesn’t belong to the city and wants to come back. And I often think, I could give up anything for her to come and live here again and be able to spend time with her.














Who Should Decide?

Schools should decide how the society should look like in future. But sadly, schools are governed by the present society. Schools decide their syllabus, activities……..not to progress, but to maintain what is already existing whether it makes sense or not. The criterion for choosing what should exist in schools is based on what makes parents happy. And who are these ‘parents’? These are people who are the product of a stagnant, dead schooling, who have not seen the other side of the world to understand what ‘good’ education can actually manifest into. I agree, it’s not their job, but then how do they dictate what should education look like? If this is the scenario, then how does one look into the need of the future?

The first important question on which humans should deliberate is-where are we heading towards and why? To me, if we can delve into this basic inquiry of life, a lot of the existing chaos will look redundant. There is a lot of blame game which goes on – parents unhappy, so school is to be blamed, management unhappy, so teachers are to be blamed, teachers unhappy, students unhappy……the vicious cycle doesn’t have an end.


The second most important question is if parents should not decide what should happen in schools, then who should. Should the management and teachers decide? But how, are they also not the products of the same system? For years, teachers have taught incorrect concepts, not helping students to polish their skills and if I have to say anything about the affective domain, then it’s better not to discuss because nobody cares what happens to it.


In such a scenario, the government can take initiative and bring a progressive curriculum which can cater to the questions I’ve asked. When the expectations are different, then slowly things will start changing. But wait, we all know what the government can and what it can’t. I am not saying this because I’ve lost hope in our government, but we need to simply understand that government forms with people like us, products of easy, meaningless and unscientific education.


Recently, when I met a doctor and as he discovered what my role is in our school, I was kind of pleaded to help children with skills, not just fine or gross motors but…skills that can help them to apply their learning. Amazingly or coincidentally, again another doctor came up with a similar request. I am sure in many platforms you or others must have discussed about the sorry state of our education system. Does this mean that our education system has failed to provide what it is supposed to provide?


What shall be our role in such a disheartening state of affairs? The answer probably, is not that difficult. Engaging one in a dialogue with oneself and with others can help. Going through the good work happening around, questioning it and seeing the results can challenge one’s pre-conceived notions. Involving oneself into reading on education and getting into some research work in this area are the other ways of educating oneself on this matter. But this needs time, energy and some devotion…emptying one’s mind and then reaching out for new ideas often helps. But yes, all these can happen, only if, there is a desire to know beyond…and if one is ready to push the comfort zone.


Even after everything, we can still fail if we choose not to take action. Mere talking about big things really doesn’t help….it would then mean cheating oneself and the very cause of education.



[I’ve met parents who make a huge sense and have met and worked with educators, who are doing a wonderful job of providing what one can say ‘good schooling’. These sets of people are excluded, when I use the words ‘parents’ and ‘teachers/educators’ along with those parents and teachers who are doing exceptional work, I may be simply not aware of them.] 


Trisha Chakraborty,

Head of Research and Training

Suchitra Academy