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NEWS LETTER 21st April 2017

News from Pre – Primary School

Namaste Dear Parents

You shall not be getting these fortnightly mails in your Inbox for some time to come now.

The month of April was a blink and miss with a flurry of activities. It was exhilarating!! It was an amalgamation of academics, community and action experiences that are vital in supporting the Academy’s holistic programme.



Children are learning about the importance of cleanliness. On Wednesday, 12th April, an activity on hand washing was conducted to make the children understand the role proper hand washing plays in preventing the spread of infection. Children learnt that hand washing is the most important means of preventing the spread of infection. We are encouraging children to wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after eating, after using the toilet, after wiping their noses and after playing outside. Please encourage your child to put into practice the skills he/she is learning.


‘Stranger-danger’ are the buzz words commonly used to refer to the important topic of teaching children about the inherent dangers they may face as they venture out into the world. On Monday, 17th April, the pre-primary teachers put up a skit on “Stranger Danger” to equip children with the knowledge and strategies they will need to protect themselves in dangerous situations. Children were also sensitized on the topic of ‘Good touch and Bad Touch’. The topic on ‘Stranger Danger’ and ‘Good touch and Bad Touch’ will be ongoing lessons through the academic year.


PMI                                       –  Saturday, 22nd April, 2017

School Re-opens

Sr. KG & Jr. KG                    –  Wednesday, 14th June ,2017

Nursery & Playgroup        –  Thursday, 15th June ,2017

News from High School


Every day we can find at least one newspaper article, Facebook post or a TV report on bullying in schools. Keeping this in mind, a special activity, SAY NO TO BULLYING was conducted on Thursday, 6th April. This activity was designed to ensure that students understand the seriousness of the term ‘Bullying’ and what devastating effects it can have on someone. The activity ended with a pledge that they will never encourage bullying in any form and will always raise their voice against it.


A special assembly on the topic EARTH, OUR ONLY HOME was presented on Friday, 7th April, by the students of Grade III A.  The children highlighted the point that Earth is the only planet in the universe where life is possible and its natural quality needs to be maintained to continue a healthy life. They also enacted a skit on the topic “Save Trees”. They presented the topic beautifully and spoke with confidence. As the saying goes all good things come to an end, the assembly came to an end with a song on “Save Earth”.


The students of Grade X presented a special assembly on the topic EARTH DAY on Tuesday, 11th April. The audience was informed about the importance of Earth Day and the need to save the planet. As the finale, the students of Grade V enthralled everyone with their ‘NUKAD NATAK’, spreading the message that even a tiny endeavour would go a long way in saving mankind from disaster.

On Wednesday, 12th April, the students of Grade III B presented a Special Assembly on the topic, BEING GRATEFUL. The assembly focussed on being grateful not just for our lives, parents, people who help us, friends and nature, but also for our troubles, mistakes, new challenges and difficult times as they make us strong and give  us new opportunities to learn. The students sang a song of gratitude and presented a dance on the track “Grateful”. They learnt that “Gratefulness” is a habit cultivated consciously and a muscle built over time. As a famous Roman, Cicero, once said, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”

17834223_1661035930578646_7073140315330871223_o (1)


Dear parents , PowerPoint presentations of two of the assemblies were shared with you by Mrs. Kapoor, the Vice Principal.


An INTER- HOUSE GK QUIZ was organized on Thursday, 14th April, for Grades II- X.  The Quiz consisted of seven rounds viz. Quick Thinking, Mixed Bowl, Sports, Science, Audio Round, Visual Round and Rapid Fire. The Quiz contained questions on a wide range of topics to test every facet of the student’s knowledge. All the participants displayed a commendable level of awareness and knowledge and gave each other a tough fight for the top honours.  Their quest to be the winners continued till the very end of the contest. Finally, SUKRITI HOUSE in both the junior and senior category emerged as winners and Sanskriti ( Seniors), Dhriti ( Juniors) as Runners up.




Prize House Members Prize House Members
Seniors Quiz














1. Usha Gayatri.J  VI A

2. Skanda Sundaresan VII A

3. Bhoomi Joshi VIII A

4. Nikhil Patel IX

5. Eric Vaiduriam X

1. Aryan Jaiswal VI B

2. Chhavi Ojha VII A

3. Yash Toshniwal VIII A

4. Aryaman Thakurdesai IX

5. Inder Kumar X

Juniors Quiz














1.Nishka Agarwal II D

2.Sri Vardhan IIIC

3. Anvi Waghmare IV B

4. Nitya Reddy VA


1.    Bharat Jain IIA

2.    G. Dheeraj IIIB

3.    Vanshika Chowdary IV A

4.    Tanusha Barigala V A



As a part of the CAS PROGRAMME ,the students of Grade IX visited the ZILA PARISHAD SCHOOL on Tuesday, 18th April. Our students became thoroughly engaged in this process and truly understood the responsibility given to them. They sang a prayer song followed by an interactive session. Their immersion in the interactions was remarkable. As a token of love, our students presented gifts to their new friends which were cherished and appreciated by them. The self-realization of the fact that how small things give great happiness made the whole trip worth it.

News from High School


22nd April, Saturday    : PMI – Grades PP to X

(Timings 9.00 to 11.30 a.m. Please note no tokens will be  issued after 11.30 a.m)

22nd April, Saturday          : Periodic Test Begins- Grades IX & X

28th April, Friday               : Last working day- Grades VIII to X

12th June, Monday             : School Reopens for Grade I to VIII

 1st  June , Thursday          : School Reopens for Grade IX , X

Dear Parents

You have sent the ECA slips with the activity preferences marked, to us already. In case you still wish to opt for ABACUS (Gr I to IV ) or LEGO ( Gr I to VIII ) you may please inform the Class teacher when you come on Saturday. The Activity finalised for your child will be informed to you through mail along with the equipment needed. The Note Books, Home Assignments etc. were sent with the child on Thursday. Please collect it on Saturday, in case the student hasn’t.

The year has come to a close and the vacations will see some of us travelling or bonding with relatives in town or joining a summer camp around, but whatever it is, you will certainly have more  time to spend with your children.

On the next page is a letter I picked up from the net as I found it resonating what I had to say to you all. Please go through and let it guide you about your time with your children. On the last page of the newsletter we have some contributions by students of Grade X. Please read it to find out about their views on discipline.

 Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy

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For the past 10 months we were the caretakers of your children. You might have noticed that they all loved to come to school. These little ones enjoyed our care, love and attention. It is because we know that the childhood is the most important period of their life.

You their natural guardian will spend vacation with them for the next one and a half months. Let me share with you a few tips to make this time fruitful and enjoyable.

  • Have atleast two meals together with your children.
  • Tell them 100’s of people work hard to provide you a meal.
  • Let the child understand the ­importance of agriculture and the hardwork of people in the fields.
  • Let them wash their own plate after every meal. Children learn dignity of labour from such habits.
  • Learn 5 new English words daily and list them in a book.
  • Visit 3 neighbors. Know more about them click pictures with them – build a good rapport with
  • Allow them to learn cooking, let children learn to make some cold snacks.
  • Take them to your workplace and let them understand that you work hard to support the family.
  • Try to share stories with them; tell them about your childhood and family
  • Teach them a few folk songs.
  • As far as possible keep them away from TV and electronic gadgets; They have their whole life for that.
  • Look into the eyes of your little ones and thank God for giving you one – which is a wonder of nature. You are only a temporary custodian.
  • In a short while she/he will be soaring to heights where you will have no role to play.
News from High School


Discipline by teachers and parents is an ongoing topic of discussion – both within schools and in the broader community. Discipline is a complex issue.  We have heard a lot on this from both teachers as well as parents.  But the child of the 21st century who has endless sources of visual stimulation and distraction at his/her disposal has a mind of his/her own too.  And so, we present to you their points of view.  And surprise of surprises, our children showed that they have balanced minds. Reprehensible their behaviour might be, but when cut to the chase, they know right from wrong. So here you have words of wisdom from the mouths of our young ones.

ELISHA SUHAS TEETLA (16 JUNE 2002)Suhas :The truth remains that the younger generation is easily attracted to deviant behaviour. The only reason is ‘lack of discipline’. Most parents let their children choose between right and wrong at a very young age which encourages  them to choose the wrong path Children can be manipulated.  They are too immature to take decisions which might cost them their future.

METPALLY HARSHIT KUMAR - DOB- 13.06.2002Harshit: Children get angry when parents advise them for their good, but I feel they are too young to know what is good for them. For example, given a choice between a healthy salad and a burger oozing with fat, you can be sure about what the teenager will choose.  Therefore, guidance is essential.

Eric: Teenagers are driven by passions and desires. They are immature and they need ERIC VAIDURIAM(23 FEb 02)the maturity and experience of their parents and teachers to influence their lives.  We live in an unstable and dark world.  A person can fall into the world’s deceptive trap if he is not guided well in his teenage years. It is therefore necessary for schools and parents to enforce discipline in order to shape them to handle the big, bad world!

Proteek: We are in the 21st century, but attitude of parents and teachers have not evolved.  Making children independent is now a need, or they will rely on someone every time they have to take a decision.

Abigna: I feel that parents and school must give teenagers enough freedom to live as they like, but not unlimited freedom as then they might misuse it.  They have to keep an eye on their children, but not so much as to suspect them

PARIDHI SARDA (26 JUNE 2002)Paridhi: Teenagers should be given freedom only to an extent.  It is important for parents to set parameters and train children to differentiate between right and wrong.  Children need trust and freedom, but they also need values,education, ethics, manners and discipline.  Every child is not the same, every child needs a different kind of treatment and training for their life ahead.I believe that parents are like guiding stars through the darkest nights that we face. If your parent scolds you, there is so much of love, care and concern behind it.  With freedom comes discipline.  If we demand freedom, we should also maintain discipline.

NEWS LETTER – 7th April 2017

News from Pre – Primary School

Namaste Dear Parents,

We are happy to keep you informed about the various events and happenings at Suchitra!! As we traverse further into the new academic year, students are busy in familiarizing themselves with the syllabus and the hard work they are expected to put in.



mybodyThe theme Marvellous Me was introduced on Monday , 3rd April. My body and body parts are the focus of this theme. It’s time to discover what makes our bodies special. We will do lots of thinking, exploring and creating together. Children will learn to name body parts, their location and that all parts in their body work together like an engine. Children will also learn about the five sense organs and how these organs help us to enjoy the world around us.

Lesson on our emotions and feelings will help children to understand, cope with and express their feelings and emotions, as well as develop and express an awareness of self. Children will be encouraged to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas using language.


The early years in a child’s development are the best time for a child to learn about oral health and develop a positive attitude about good dental habits. We have been talking to our children about why it is important to keep our teeth healthy. With our oral dental activity on Thursday , 6th April ,we demonstrated how to brush teeth and encouraged children to brush their teeth in proper way. Brushing, eating tooth-friendly foods, and going to see the dentist are just some of the topics children will learn about.


Friday,21st April              – Pool Party (last working day)

News from High School



20170328_084946On Tuesday, 28th March, the students of Grades V-IX presented a special assembly on the occasion of UGADI. The assembly focused on the importance of Ugadi, discussed the meaning of the festival and how it is celebrated in different parts of India. It was an occasion for all of us to learn and remember. The constant mention of the Ugadi Pachadi and the various ingredients that make it,  reminded us of the various facets of life and to prepare ourselves for the year ahead.


Another special assembly on the topic SAY NO TO BULLYING was presented on Tuesday, 4th April, by the students of Grade IX. The message was to ‘Make a Noise’ against bullying. The students spoke about how they could use their powers for good by standing up to people, being brave, speaking out, helping and being kind to each other. The presentation culminated with a meaningful song that projected the harsh reality that “…….Sometimes words that hurt the most, start as a joke or a boast.”


Better that rules are agreed between teacher and learners and best that they are established ‘up front’. The age, maturity, size and purpose of the group is important in this regard.  Keeping this in mind, a SPECIAL ACTIVITY was conducted on Thursday, 30th March. The students across Grades I-X enjoyed as they collaborated their ideas and opinions and formulated class goals and rules.  Giving them a hand in creating the rules made them realize the importance of the responsibility given to them.



Name Competition Won
Varnan Gonek



Chess Tournament


Gold Medal

Himanshu Agarwal V A Runway– 09

Chess Tournament




Thursday, 13th April            : Inter-House GK Quiz Competition

Friday, 14th April                 : Holiday- Good Friday

Monday, 17th April               : Periodic Test 1 Begins

Friday, 21st April                 : Last Working Day- Grades I-VII

Saturday, 22nd April           : PMI- Grades I-X

Dear Parents, though the summers are hitting the peak, we at Suchitra are lucky to be in a relatively cooler environment because of the trees on campus. Besides, the rooms are air-conditioned and so are the buses. In case of a power cut there is our generator. We plan to run the school till the scheduled dates in April, unless some serious situation arises. We have no plans to close the school early as we see no merit in that as yet.

Kindly help us in maintaining discipline of punctuality, proper turn-out and timely submission of Home Assignments etc. It’s only with your support that we can enforce the quality we want.


Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy

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