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NEWSLETTER 26 th December 2014

Namaste dear parents,

As the year end Draws Near, we wish you lots of Good Cheer.

News from the PRE-PRIMARY

Best out of waste:10177890_989561921059387_7874512620753489676_n

Friday 19th December – Parent and child activity, best out of waste. The habit of getting the best out of waste should be instilled in kids from an early age. Not only to teach them about recycling but also to encourage their creativity. To teach our kids the importance of conserving the resources and to make the best use of waste things, A Best out of Waste activity was conducted. As learning and teaching continues beyond the school environment, parents were invited to work with waste and create best out of it along with their kids. Parents participated with great enthusiasm and came up with amazing ideas like making photo frames, wall hangings, flower vase, plant holders and the list could go on. The main objective of this activity was to enhance the students creativity and make them understand the importance of 3 R’s REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

14596_992552087427037_8229923358943291866_nFantasy Land party

Tuesday 23rd December was a fun-filled day for the Pre-primary kids. The area near the admin block was done-up with candies, paper streamers, bells, candy canes, snowman and fantasy characters. Games like cookie eating, bombing the city and find your colour were organised. Kids danced to the music and enjoyed various yummy foods like cake, chips, iddlis, cookies, sandwiches, juice, etc. We thank all parents for helping making the party such a success. Your contribution makes all the difference.

Up-coming events

Tuesday 30th December – Visit to the Old age home – we will be continuing to celebrate the season of sharing and caring. Parents if you wish to donate any stuff- warm clothes, toiletries, towels, biscuits, milk powder, combs, clothes (in good condition) – to the old age home, please do send it across on Monday 29th December.

3rd January – PMI (parent mentor interaction)


Wednesday, 17th December 2014, grade IV conducted a special assembly on the topic ‘A BIRD IN HAND IS WORTH TWO IN A BUSH.’ The students highlighted the importance of being content with whatever we have rather than craving for more. They conveyed this message through a beautifully crafted skit, a few proverbs and videos. The students concluded their presentation with the song ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’. It was a beautifully conducted, well-planned assembly. Well done grade IV.

Grade IB also had their special assembly on Wednesday, 17th December 2014 on the topic ‘CLEANLINESS AT HOME AND IN SCHOOL.’ The special assembly started with a video on “Cleanliness at home and in school”, which was followed by  an introduction by one of the students. The students presented a short skit on Swachh Bharat focusing on personal hygiene and cleanliness as well as of our surroundings. The students also presented a dance which beautifully suited the theme. Each and every student of the class participated with enthusiasm and put up an excellent show.

NIGHT CAMP1506737_989723321043247_2951287058837589033_n
Friday, 19th December 2014 was a day of adventure for grades I to IV. Grades I to IV had a NIGHT CAMP at school!! The students started trickling in around 3:30 with their bedding and by 4:30 the school was reverberating with their chatter. Each class teacher had organized some interesting games and the students loved playing in the open spaces right through the evening. A grand camp fire was organized and the students danced and sang around it. The students retired for the night after a sumptuous dinner. Early morning they visited the deer park at Shamirpet and enjoyed the exhilarating fresh morning air in the lap of nature. After a hearty breakfast the students left for their homes full of wonderful stories for their parents.


To commemorate Ramanujan’s birthday on 22nd December 2014, MATH WEEK was celebrated in various classes. The students of grade VIII tabulated the data of SA1 marks  of all the subjects from Grade V to VIII and converted it into  pie charts and line graphs. Grade-VI did an activity using Jodo Gyan Kit. It was a learning experience for the students.

A CAREER-COUNSELING SESSION was conducted by Harrison Assessments for grades IX & X on Thursday, 18th and Monday, 22nd December 2014. The students attempted an online assessment test. The test report was discussed with the students and their parents. Experts guided the students and the parents in interpreting and understanding the assessment report. In this world of multiple choices it is very easy for the students to be confused about their choice of career. This was a good way for the students to identify their areas of interest, aptitudes and suitable career streams.

On Friday, 19th December 2014, the students of grade I went on a FIELD TRIP TO A “DAIRY FARM”. This visit was aimed at making the students aware of life on a farm. The tiny tots were very excited and eager to explore. They started squealing with excitement on seeing many cows and some calves. It was an unusual experience for them to feed the calves and see the cows being milked. Their greatest discovery was that milk comes from a cow/ buffalo and not just a super market.

On Monday, 22nd December 2014, grades IV & VIII went on a FIELD TRIP TO THE BIRLA PLANETARIUM. 1507637_992470484101864_3547145575521732192_nThe visit was part of their Science curriculum. A show on possibility of life on Mars was shown to the students backed by the latest discoveries. They were also updated with India’s latest achievements in the field of astronomy. Such visits help to stimulate the minds of young children thus encouraging them to think and wonder at the vastness of the universe.


Grade VIIIA conducted a special CHRISTMAS ASSEMBLY on Wednesday, 24th December 2014. It was a musical extravaganza through and through. The assembly hall had a festive look with a lit up Christmas tree adorning a decorated hall. The students sang some Christmas carols and enacted a musical skit. The real meaning of Christmas was highlighted through a video on charity. It was evident that the students had worked hard for this presentation. Excellent work grade VIIIA!


1st Jan 2015                    – New Year holiday
5th Jan 2015                  – International English Olympiad Mock Test
10th – 18th Jan 2015    – Sankranti vacations (G I-VIII)
13th-18th Jan 2015        – Sankranti vacations (G IX-X)
19th Jan 2015                – School reopens.

Dear Parents as we move into the year 2015, slowly we also inch towards the last part of the academic year.

Time has flown and has been kind to most of us to not let us know its passage.

Let us look forward to the New Year with hope and confidence and we are sure to be blessed with great things.


Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director principal, Suchitra Acdemy

NEWSLETTER 12 th December 2014

As the year comes to an end, please read through our regular Newsletter.

 News from the PRE-PRIMARY

Seasons greetings!

We want to first say a big thank you to all of you, who have continued to support us here at Suchitra Academy. It has been an honour to care for and teach your wonderful children this year. 2014 has been a wonderful year for all of us. Each of our children has grown a little taller learned a few new words and continues to blossom each day. We are proud to be a part of your amazing children’s development. There were many new things we learned together and are still continuing to learn.

Introduction of new theme

To continue with our learning, new theme “Joy of Sharing and Caring / Fantasy Land” was introduced on Monday 1st December. Importance of sharing and caring for our friends, family and people around is being emphasized upon through this theme. Children are also learning to differentiate between the real world and fantasy world through various stories.

Serving the helping hands            

On Friday 5th December, to understand the importance of the helping hands at school, DSC05469
group discussions were held in individual classes, children were encouraged to think and imagine a day without any help around, kids came up with amazing answers. To express their gratitude towards the drivers, maids, guards, and gardeners few kids made cards and few got flowers and sweets for them. Snigda from Sr. KG B got oranges for all the helpers. Later kids served lunch and expressed their thanks to the people who help them at school.

Effective parenting workshop

Parenting is an extraordinarily challenging question because the job of raising children is complex and involves carrying out a wide range of responsibilities. To help parents make this job more effective, workshop on “Effective Parenting” was held on Saturday 6th December.

Points covered in the workshop were, effective discipline techniques, the power of encouragement, balancing work and family, balancing love and discipline, effective parent-child communication, enhancing child’s self-esteem, parenting as a team and hassle free homework. Even though it is extremely sad that very few of you attended it, the workshop was an eye-opener for parents who did attend.

Coloring competition

Coloring competition for Nursery and Jr. KG was held on Friday 12th December. The winners are ………………………………………………………………

Up coming events

Friday 19th December                              – Parent and child activity best out of waste

Tuesday 23rd December                          – Fantasy party

Thursday 25th and Friday 26th December – Christmas holidays

News from PRIMARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOL1959649_978653792150200_7423352937209518562_n

On Wednesday, 3rd December 2014, grade VII went on a FIELD TRIP TO GROMOR NURSERY at Kompally. The students saw a variety of plants including a whole range of unusual cacti. Mrs Pratime Satyarthy explained the art of Topiary (ornamental plants) and the characteristics of aquatic plants, cacti, succulents and ground covers. She showed the method of grafting and explained its advantages. The students had a lot of queries and questions and were very curious about the plants that they saw there for the very first time.

‘MEET THE AUTHOR’ activity was organized by Scholastic for Grades IV and V on Tuesday, 3rd December 2014. Ms. Pooja Lulla, from Mumbai interacted with the children and she conducted a quiz and games on different countries.

Grade III had ‘BRING YOUR BOOK ALIVE’  festival on Thursday, 4th December 2014. The focus was on the writer Roald Dahl. A story telling session was conducted for the students and parents had volunteered to narrate the stories. Ms Sri Priya.V , mother of K. Nirvan Reddy (IIIA), Ms Uzma Qadri mother of Syed Bilal Qadri (IIIA), Ms Meghana Mukul Joshi, mother of Aaryan Mukul Joshi (IIIB), K.Shashi Kiran Rao, father of Sriharshini Koppala narrated interesting stories like The Magic Finger, George’s Marvelous Medicine, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and Fantastic Mr. Fox respectively. The children were mesmerized by the stories and enjoyed the session. A big thank you to the parent volunteers.

 On Tuesday, 9th December 2014, the children of Grade II were taken on a FIELD TRIP to HYDERBAD ZOO. The aim was to make the children understand what real animals look like and how they behave. The trip was an extension of a topic covered in EVS . Children observed the animals closely and were fascinated by the aquatic life at the aquarium. A peek into the animal kingdom was a great learning experience for the children. The train ride through the spacious park added to their excitement. Over all, the trip was an excellent outdoor activity thoroughly enjoyed by one and all.


Wednesday 10th December was the day of Special assembly.  Grade -VIII conducted the assembly on the topic  ‘MAN IS WHAT HE BELIEVES HE IS’. Various ppts and videos were shown highlighting the importance of having a positive self image. The students also sang a song and spoke their lines well.
10849925_982408578441388_5997139507885428837_nGrade IA also had their assembly on the topic ‘TRY AND TRY UNTIL YOU SUCCEED’. The special assembly started with an inspiring funny video which drove the children towards the main concept to keep trying till you succeed. It was followed by a small role play and a lovely motivational song. Although the children are still quite young, there was 100% participation and each and every child spoke and performed very well. Well done Grade I!

CBSE CLUSTER MEET     10502070_982875825061330_4514935201276696761_n

A CBSE SAHODAYA SAMPOORTHY PRINCIPAL’S CLUSTER MEET was held at school on Thursday 11th December. Principals of 20 schools participated. The latest CBSE circulars were discussed along with the challenges for implementation of CCE. It was a very good opportunity to update ourselves with the latest curriculum changes, rules and regulations and modes of assessment.

On Friday, 12th December, a G.K. QUIZ was conducted for grades I to IX. The quiz was conducted separately for Juniors and Seniors. Questions from varied fields like art, sports, literature etc. were asked. The students were well prepared and participated enthusiastically in the quiz.


19 & 20 December          – Night Camp FOR GRADES I TO IV

20th December                 – PMI for grades IX & X

24th December                 –  FA-4 begins

25 th & 26th December – Christmas Holidays


  1. We have a large collection of lost articles, including school jackets. It’s a pity that no one claims these things and there is no labeling so that we could hand over the stuff to kids. Parents please make sure that all articles which can be labeled are labeled.
  2. Children must be given small age-appropriate responsibilities at home. Please don’t underestimate them, they will surprise you with their ability.
  3. Grade 5 onwards you must allow children to handle small amount of money too. This increases their confidence as well as improves math speed for simple calculations.
  4. Grade Paly Group to X, admissions are in progress.

As usual we remain committed to quality and consistency.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy


Newsletter 28th November 2014

Namaste dear parents,

Here’s the fortnightly round-up from Suchitra Academy.


Saturday 15th November was an eventful day at Suchitra Academy. The Annual sports day was organized with great fun-fare and gusto at the Venkatapathi Raju Cricket Academy. It was a huge success with parents turning out in large numbers to motivate their children. The day was full of fun, cheers, exciting games and great exhibition of sportsmanship qualities by young students. Children participated in various events including two in a hoop, treasure hunt, nuts & bolt, tyre flipping, etc. In the Aerobics drill all the students demonstrated amazing agility, coordination and keenness.

It truly showed how at Suchitra Academy learning and fun go hand in hand.


We celebrated Children’s day on Friday 21st November. To make this day special, funny skits in Hindi and English and dances were performed by the teachers. Children also received gifts from their teachers on this occasion.

PUPPET SHOW 100_2835

Puppets are a natural and fun extension of the pretend-play that young children engage in so readily and develop some important learning skills. Puppet-play provides opportunities for cognitive development; children can tell stories and act out ideas with puppets. This kind of play helps foster creative imagination, abstract thinking, vocabulary and sequencing. Friday 22nd November, was yet another fun-filled learning day, when teachers put up a puppet show for the kids. Kids thoroughly enjoyed the show while learning.


Pre-primary kids did not stop after the hectic sports day. With enthusiasm and energy the kids continued working for the Theme-end presentation. Though they had little time to practice and to get their canvases ready, yet they carried on.

Kids put their best foot forward and presented a lovely show.

It was amazing to see parents zest and zeal while bidding for the canvas. Bravo !!!! parents that was an amazing response

We would like to thank all our parents for participating in the CANVAS AUCTION and a special thanks to our bidders and winners. Parents who won the bid are Mr. Mahesh Pujari from Nur, Mr. Sunder B. Gopinath from Jr. KG A, Mr. Renil George from Jr. KG B, Mr. Ravinder Reddy from Jr. KG C, Mrs. V. Sunitha from Sr. KG A, Mrs. K. Deepthi Reddy from Sr. KG B and Mr. K. Rajeshwar form Sr. KG. C


Friday 5th December       – Serving our helping hands at  school

Friday 12th December    – Colouring Competition for Jr. Kg & Nursery


The mega event of the year the SPORTS DAY CUM FOUNDER’S DAY of Suchitra Academy was celebrated on Saturday, 15th November. It was a day of sports extravaganza. The programme began with an impressive march past and was followed by the various races like Treasure Hunt, United We Stand, 4x100m relay race to name a few. There were also many interesting drill dances like the pom-pom dance and the glove dance which showcased the children’s hard work and perfection. The karate and gymnastics display wowed one and all.

Shri Krishnam Raju, Chairman Suchitra Group, Mr Anup Kumar Yama, the roller skating sensation and Mr K. Vishal Khamkar, the national level basket ball player were the special invitees of the day. In his speech Shri Krishnam Raju appreciated the spirit of sportsmanship among the children and highlighted the importance of a healthy mind in a healthy body.

CHILDREN’S DAY CLEEBRATIONS10346458_970536636295249_3058784542650075202_n

Friday, 21st November was CHILDREN’S DAY CELEBRATIONS at school. This was a special day for the children, a day which they were looking forward to since the beginning of the month. On this day the teachers had planned a special entertainment programme for the students which comprised of dance, drama and mimicry. The children were overjoyed to see their favourite teachers in new avatars! After the entertainment the students were given gifts by their teachers.




Wednesday, 26th November was the day of Special Assembly for grade ID. They conducted the assembly on the topic TEAMWORK. They started their assembly with a beautiful video on teamwork and followed it up with a short skit and a song. Each and every child spoke confidently and clearly and their broad smiles were indicators that they were enjoying their time in the lime light! Good job grade ID! Keep it up!




Thursday 27th November was CHILD SAFETY DAY at school. Grades I –VI focused on making the children aware of the various dangers in the society and ways to keep themselves safe. A ppt was shown to the children and posters put up on the notice boards. The teachers also explained the importance of telling a trusted person be it a parent or a teacher in case they have been harmed in any manner.

Grades VII-X focused on the influence of peer pressure, underage driving, harmful effects of smoking and drugs. These being impressionable years, it is very important to make the children understand that restrictions are put for their own safety and good and it is important to learn to say NO! to things that are wrong.


Three of our students have made us proud by winning medals in the 1st Telangana Inter District

Roller Skating Championship 2014.100_2828

Vanshika of grade IA has won 7 gold medals in freestyle solo, freestyle pair, compulsory dance pair,
compulsory dance solo, figure skating solo and group as well as the individual championship .

Arunima.V.  of grade V has won 1 gold in show skating and 4 silver in free style, pair skating,

pair dance and solo dance.


Heartiest congratulations to these students and their proud parents.Keep up the good work children!

November 28th-001

Dear parents we are proud to inform you that we have been ranked 1st among the Emerging

National Curriculum Schools from Secunderabad.according to National and International School

Survey 2014 conducted by Times Group in partnership with i3 Research Consultants.


29th December  – PD Workshop for teachers

11th December   – GK Quiz (G-I-IX)


1.Despite my repeated  pleas a few children continue to come consistently late to school in the

morning. This results in arguments and unnecessary unpleasantness right at the beginning of the

day. Punctuality is a virtue to be inculcated and not scoffed at. It’s a value we are trying to build

for life. Your cooperation will go a long way in meeting this objective.

2.The boys come with hair-cuts which are funky and odd. THIS IS NOT ALLOWED. They must

have very short and neat hair-cuts. I will have to send the kids back for a more regular hair-cut

if this happens.

3. 30th November is the last date for Fee payment for the 3rd term. Kindly do the needful, if not

already paid.

4.Admissions for the 2015-16 Academic year are in progress now for grades Play Group to X.