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NEWSLETTER 21st March 2015

Dear Parents, Namaste !

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

News from the PRE-PRIMARY

                              THE NEW ACADEMIC SESSION STARTS FROM 23rd March, Monday.

                                                           Reporting time 8.25 a.m.

News from PRIMARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOL10954494_1047865225229056_5311094351352171099_n


An ORIENTATION PROGRAMME for the new and old teachers was conducted from Monday 16th March to Wednesday 18th March. On Monday, 16th March, the day began with a meditation session followed by a lot of team building activities which not only brought out the team spirit among the teachers but also provided a lot of fun and amusement as well. After that the teachers collected the new books. The following two days, the teachers prepared their classrooms to welcome the students for the new academic session.


Thursday, 19th March was an eventful day both for the students as well as the teachers. It was the beginning of THE NEW ACADEMIC SESSION for grades I to X. The air was filled with laughter and excitement and squeals of happiness as students found that they had new classrooms and some new and old classmates. It was as if the school had donned a new look! The better part of the first day was spent interacting with the new teachers and making new friends. The students enjoyed ice-breaking activities in all the classes.

23rd  March    – New session begins for Pre-primary

26th March     – Community Service Programme.
Dear parents I am aware that there have been a few glitches with regard to distribution of school uniforms etc. This has happened despite our best attempts to avoid such a situation mainly because some of the parents did not follow the dates and timing given to them. This caused crowding and delays. Hopefully it is all sorted out now. A few sizes are yet to be received. We will keep you informed about the same.

Beginning of a new Academic year is always a matter of anxiety and concern. New teachers join, new students come in and there is an air of uncertainty as to how everything will work out. I too am in the same phase despite my years and years of experience.  At the same time extremely confident too. Rest assured the children are in the best of hands and together we will grow from strength to strength.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy.