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NEWS LETTER 17th November 2017 , VOL.6 , ISSUE: 161

Namaste Dear Parents,

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra. Please read on…….


“A child who learns about traffic rules and road discipline will grow up to be a law-abiding citizen. The habit of obeying traffic rules teaches a person a sense of responsibility, empathy for others and respecting the other person’s rights,” – The Hindu

It was an exciting, fun-filled days of role plays which our children as well as their parents thoroughly enjoyed. Please read on for all the interesting details.


In view of the importance of road safety , an elaborate pathway was made in the school premises on Wednesday, 8th  November to ensure active participation of students and get an idea of road safety rules.

To familiarize the students with traffic and road safety, they were made to do traffic role play. Children were asked to get their bicycles, motorbikes, toy cars etc. to drive around the drives and pathways set up in school. Children were explained the importance of safety on the road when walking as a pedestrian or as one driving a vehicle. Children drove around the pathway and had a super learning experience.

Interesting educative traffic slogans were designed by the Sr. KG students. Slogans like ‘‘ A motorbike is for two, not for too many’ and many such were made and put up around the parking lot.



A wide variety of Fruits and Vegetables in good quantities was bought on Thursday, 9th November for the school vegetable market.

The students of Jr. KG were involved in a ‘learning with fun’ activity of packing all these fruits and vegetables in specific measured quantities in sealed bags. Children learned about different fruits and vegetables, felt their texture and learnt about their packing before they are taken to the market to be sold to the customers.



To continue with the process of ‘Farm to the Table’ and to provide healthy food Screenshot_20171116-124340education and to promote healthy eating habits, a fruit and vegetable market was set up in the school on Friday, 10th November.

Durries were spread out and many small stalls were created with fruits and vegetables for sale. Children came dressed up as vendors and they looked truly adorable. Parents were also invited to come and buy vegetables from our tiny vendors in the vegetable market. There were proper counters made for payment of purchases. Children not only learned about different vegetables but also about the whole buying and selling process in the vegetable market. It was an informative as well as a fun experience for both the children and their parents.


Monday, 20th November                     :  Parent and child non-fire cooking Jr. KG

Thursday, 30th November                   :  Food Court by Sr. KG



The nearest thing to the love of God is the love of Grandparents. The students of Grade II D extended the same thought through their special assembly GRANDPARENTS ARE FOR LOVING on Tuesday, 7th November.  They spoke about the importance of grandparents in their lives. A hilarious skit was showcased to explain that the generation gap cannot reduce the love for grandparents.



Collages are a lovely way to express your imagination and thoughts and the students of Grade III did just that on Thursday, 2nd November with various themes-Variety in Nature, The 3 R’s, Where I live and An Aquarium using a variety of materials ranging from newspapers and wool to dried leaves and old CDs.

Grades I and II were not far behind in using their imagination and creativity.  Grade I made beautiful little doll puppets with paper plates with ice-cream sticks and Grade II, animal puppets. These works of art are on display on the notice board in the new building.


Keerthika Reddy of Grade III B won the first prize in National Level Abacus Competition held in Chennai on 29th October, 2017.





17th November, Friday                        : Holiday

18th November, Saturday                    : FULL WORKING DAY FOR PP TO GR X

22nd November, Wednesday               : Grade IX- Visit to Osmania University

23rd November, Thursday                   : Grades IV-X CHILDREN’S DAY CELEBRATIONS

Field Trips                                           : Grade I – III

25th November, Saturday                    : Grades IX-X Guest Lecture

30th November, Thursday                   : Grades IV-X Tips on E-Safety

: Grades I-III Solo Singing Competition

: Grade IV   Field Trip to Plant Nursery

1st December, Friday                          : Grades IX-X Periodic Test 3 Begins

2nd December, Saturday                     : PP to VIII- PMI

Dear parents we would cover news of the extravaganza that unfolded before you on 16th November Thursday, in our next news letter. Right now we sincerely hope that you enjoyed the quality, the class, the research and the hard work we all put into presenting the programme. Please look beyond how much part your child got, how gorgeous or plain were their costumes and look at it for what it was- A great labour of love and your kids’ talent ! We also regret if any inconvenience was caused to you yesterday.


Warmest Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy

 Contributions : Deepa.k, Anne.I, Satya.S, Sujana.L, Shyam, Sirisha.

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NEWS LETTER 3rd November 2017 , VOL.6 , ISSUE: 160


Namaste Dear Parents,

With the advent of winter the school premises are abuzz with the preparations for Founder’s Day.  This has set an environment of excitement in the school. The students and teachers are putting in all efforts to make the annual day an affair to remember.

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra. Please read on for some interesting news from the Campus….



“Children are not things to be molded, but people to be unfolded.”   Jess Lair


Healthy food week was celebrated form 23rd October To 27th October. To get children involved and be a part of the celebration, children were asked to get steamed, baked, boiled, raw food and their favourite food in their Tiffin all through the week. Health Food Week was celebrated to make the kids practically experience eating healthy and also learn the different ways food is cooked. Children were explained about the importance of nutrition to be healthy- because healthy kids learn better!



Mustard day was celebrated on Friday, 27th October. Our little scholars were dressed in shades of mustard and they shined bright. Children did various interesting and creative activities related to the colour. Children also experienced mixing colours like yellow and brown to make mustard colour.




The pre primary celebrated a fun and spooky Halloween on Monday, 30th October, filled with lots of yummy treats and exciting games. The pre primary was decorated with spiders, black cats and skeleton cut-outs for the spook effect. All the students and teachers came dressed up as scary witches, goblins and ghosts. Some enthusiastic parents participated in this celebration as well. They played fun games with the children and got

lots of yummy candies for them. It was a fun day scaring each other- just a little bit. It was indeed a Spook-tacular Halloween.

Field trip to Air Force Station

Scheduled for Friday, 3rd November will not happen as the Air Force Station called up to say that they are no more allowing children under the age of 8 years into the Station.


Wednesday, 8th November                 : Making traffic sign boards

Thursday, 9th November                     : Vegetable Packing- Jr. KG

Friday, 9th November                          : Vegetable Market Sr. KG





The students of Grade I A presented their special assembly on the topic Panchatantra – Our Lost Tales on Tuesday, 24th October. They shared their views on the importance of reading books and how it develops and helps them build a more beautiful world, fueling their imagination where plants and animals can speak and converse with human beings too.



Another special assembly on the topic Mantra for Good Health was presented by the students of Grade IVA on Wednesday, 25th October. The students spoke with confidence and conveyed the message of making a choice to eat healthy. It highlighted the vital importance of exercise in our lives. In fact it covered all the information that one needed to eat healthy!



Beginning your day with a grateful heart is always a better practice. The students of Grade IB presented an assembly on the theme Being Grateful on Tuesday, 31st  of October. The little talents spoke and performed on the various incidents that happen in our life for which we need to be grateful.





Dr. Qazi S Azher, Clinical Associate Professor from Michigan State University, USA was the facilitator of the workshop attended by the Science mentors, Academic Coordinator, Head of Research and Training and the Director Principal on Tuesday, 24th October. The session emphasized on how to guide the children to approach the world more scientifically, why we are not able to have more Noble laureates in Science and the steps to be taken to move from retention based methodology to inquiry based methodology.


With the awareness generated by the Pro Kabaddi League and the enthusiasm of the coaches inspiring the students,  several students have taken a liking to the sport which laid the foundation for a very successful Inter-House Kabaddi Competition on Thursday, 26th October.

Both the boys and girls team of Prakriti House won the match in the senior category.

Dhriti in boys and Sukriti in girls won the match in the junior category.


78 students from Grades II-VIII participated in the International Spell Bee Competition on Friday, 27th October organized by Spell Bee International Private Limited.


Students of Grade V A, B and C understood the concept of patterns through their Project Based Learning, ‘Our Life – a Pattern’ and presented the same to the parents on 30th and 31st October. The parents actively participated in activities like painting, making bookmarks, decoding the patterns etc.


Students of Grades VII A and B perceived the importance of Natural Resources and presented it before the parents on Friday, 27th October. They concluded their presentation with a mini quiz for the parents in which they participated wholeheartedly.


Food is our common ground, a universal experience. We can’t think of our life without food but it costs us much more than money. Students of Grade VIII A and B on 30th and 31st October , have perceived it through their Project Based Learning, ‘Food-Our Lifeline’ and presented the same to the parents.





Ruhi Raju of Grade IX secures SILVER MEDAL at the  APACS Kazakhstan Junior U19 International Series 2017.

Ramkrish of Grade III D won the Upcoming Player Trophy in the NEXT LEVEL CAMP under 8-13 category, conducted by the Hyderabad Basketball Association.



11th November, Saturday             : Working Day

15th November, Wednesday        : Dress Rehearsal

16th November, Thursday            : Founder’s Day

Dear parents of Grade IV to X, hope you have set the date of Thursday, 16th November aside as that’s when we will gather to celebrate our 7th Founder’s Day.

Pre Primary and Grade I to III will have their presentations in the month of December. Grade IV to IX children are working hard and we do hope to surprise you with our presentation.

Our policy is to have each child participate in all/ any activities that the school has. But this too, is a fact that some kids will land bigger parts and some small. Please understand our constraints and appreciate your child even if he/ she just walks across the stage. Similarly, costumes are being stitched and hired. It is hardly possible to control quality and fittings in this kind of mass productions. Besides, all this is outsourced and even the pricing is not in our control. Hope you will understand all of this and be the ever cooperative parents that you are.

I request you all, to please maintain punctuality in arriving at school and not get into a discussion and argument with the people doing their duty. Coming 5 minutes in advance will save us all so much of unpleasantness. Please note, once again the cutoff point is 8.25 a.m. every day and after 3 lates the children are not allowed into the classes.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy.

 Contributions : Deepa.k, Anne.I, Satya.S, Sujana.L, Shyam, Sirisha.

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