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15th July, 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

We are happy to keep you posted about the various events and happenings at Suchitra!! .

Please read on for some interesting news from the Suchitra Campus….




Now that monsoon is here, it’s the perfect time to introduce the Preschoolers to the science of gardening. Gardening allows the children to learn many life’s lessons.

On Monday 4th July we tried out our “Green Thumbs” to sow some seeds. During this activity, each child was provided with a small plastic cup. The children added soil to the cup, sprinkled seed on top of the soil and covered the seed with a bit more of soil. Each child had the opportunity to water the seeds and then place the cup in a sunny spot. After watering and nurturing the seeds for several days, they can now see what is happening with their cups. Our seeds have started to sprout!!!!

Planting seeds with young children is a valuable life project as that helps them see how seeds become alive! Besides they learn responsibility as they provide daily care to the new plants.


On Tuesday 5th July we had Mrs. Sherebanu Imani, Taher’s mother from Sr. KG and Mrs. Humera Fatima, Sufiyan’s mother from Nursery visiting the school to describe the holy month of Ramzan, when they fast and give up eating and drinking during the day. They explained that this is a time of prayer and for thinking of those who are less fortunate. Children were also treated to yummy sheer korma by the parents.

We would heartily like to thank Mrs. Sherebanu and Mrs. Humera for spending their valuable time and sharing valuable information on the festival of Ramzan.


The Preschoolers had the opportunity to visit the Chocolate Factory on Thursday 14th July. Mr Ajit Jain parent of Devansh was kind enough to allow the children visit the factory. The children were amazed at where the chocolate came from. They watched a demonstration of how chocolates were moulded, how they were wrapped and how they were packed in the cartons to be sent out. We had many questions for the owner of the factory and learned a lot about the process. It was a very ‘sweet’ visit as all the children got to eat and carry chocolates !!!! Thanks a lot Mr. Ajit Devansh.



Monday 25th & Tuesday 26th July***         – Medical camp

Friday 29th July                                         – Theme-end Presentation



The students of Grade VIII visited the Police station at Petbasheerabad on Friday, 1st July, as part of an interactive programme. The officials spoke to them about the way a police station functions. The students visited the control room and other facilities at the police station. It was a highly informative session with the Sub- Inspector where the children asked various questions ranging from their ranks, functions to use the handcuffs and the service revolver. Some were curious about how the control room functioned and how the wireless sets worked. They were excited to enter the cell (the lock-up) and enjoyed the few seconds of getting ‘locked up’. The children were extremely happy to have availed this opportunity as they learned a lot about the police station and the police force.

A Special Assembly depicting the importance of RAMZAN was presented on Tuesday, 5TH July by the students of Grade IV A. The essence of the month of Ramzan was highlighted through a ppt explaining the meaning and significance of the festival. The children spoke confidently discussing the various facets associated with Ramzan.

The presentation ended with a thought- provoking video showing kindness as one of the simplest and most important character trait someone can possess.

Another Special Assembly on the ENIGMA OF SHAKESPEARE was presented on Wednesday, 6TH July by the students of Grade VIII A. The assembly started with a ppt on Shakespeare which highlighted his life and works. The genius of Shakespeare was brought forth with enactment of a scene from the hilarious play “Much Ado About Nothing”. The entire presentation was put together beautifully and effective dialogues brought the characters to life.


As a special activity, grades I to III had COLLAGE MAKING on Van Mahotsav on Friday, 8th July. The mentors and students had a brain storming session and came up with some innovative and creative collages using different parts of plants. It was not only a fun activity but also a learning experience for the students. All the students were proud of their handiwork and posed excitedly with their masterpieces.



An INVESTITURE CEREMONY was conducted on Wednesday, 13th July to invest the newly appointed office bearers of the School Council to take charge. The programme began with a Ganesh Vandana dance. Colonel Manoj Gupta and Mrs Neeti Manoj, parents of the School Captain, were the Guests of Honour. Colonel Manoj Gupta is currently serving as the Commanding Officer at the Training Centre in Roorkee. He invested the student representatives with the office giving them the badge and the sash. The office bearers took their oath of office and pledged their loyalty to the school.

Aryan Manoj, the School Captain spoke about his dreams and vision for the school in his acceptance speech. Col Gupta, the Chief Guest, spoke about the profound role that the school is playing in shaping of the children’s destiny, specially his son Arayan Manoj’s. He lauded the relentless hard work of the teachers at Suchitra.



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Preparations for the Language Week are in full swing. As promised we have made sure that each and every child participates and gets an opportunity to enter the competitions. The first round of eliminations was held in the classrooms, next round was among the different sections and now the final elimination rounds for all the competitions are over. The Inter House competitions start from 18th July. Dear Parents, we hope that you are taking time off from you schedules and are helping the children prepare for the upcoming competitions. We wish them all the best!!


18TH July, Monday                    – Inter- House Solo and Group Recitation Competition (Gr I-X)

19th July, Tuesday                    – Inter- House Story Telling (Gr I- II) and Extempore    Competitions (Gr III-X)

20th July, Wednesday              – Inter- House Creative Writing Competition (Gr I-X)

21st July, Thursday                  – Inter- House Oration (Gr I-VII) and Declamation Competitions (Gr VIII-X)

22nd July, Friday                       – Inter- House Debate Competition (Gr VIII-X)

25th -26th July                           – Medical Check-up

27th July, Wednesday              – FA2 starts

28th July, Thursday                  – Visit to Legislative Assembly and Public Garden Museum (Gr VII-VIII)

28th July, Thursday                  – Visit to Science Museum (Gr IX-X)

29th July,Friday                        – Field trip to the Zoo (Gr I, II and IV) and Field trip to Police Station (Gr VI-VII)

As you can see dear parents, our calendar is choc-a-bloc with plans for each and every grade. This is what we mean when we say that we are concerned about ‘all around’ development of the child. These are the experiences that shape your child’s thoughts and perceptions. The easiest thing to do is to sit in the class room and teach from a text book. But life doesn’t originate from a text-book!

This is our differentiator!

Please note the following to ensure overall discipline and order-

  1. Children can not come to school with fancy hair-cuts and fancy gadgets including wrist-watches!
  2. Sick children are not to be sent to school, at all, be it for a test or a spell bee. There is no half day permitted.
  3. Please send all the child’s belongings in the morning. It is not possible for us to deliver stuff to your child during the school hours.
  4. The overall turn out is checked on day to day basis, disciplinary action is taken against defaulters.
  1. Please speak to your child about how important it is to behave properly in the school bus. The children MUST sit in their allotted seats. Must not get up and walk around. Must not get into scuffles and fights. Must listen to Ayamma. If they are not cautious they can get hurt.
  1. Second Term Fees has to be paid by or before 31st Later than that there would be a late Fee charged.
  2. Our School Excursion in October (1st to 7th) to Delhi, Dalhousie and Amritsar is open to grades V to X.  50 children have already enrolled. We can take in another 10. Send in your names at the earliest please.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy


Namaste Dear Parents

We are happy to keep you informed about the various events and happenings at Suchitra!! . The month of June was a blink and miss with a flurry of activities. It was exhilarating!!

Please read on for some interesting news from the Suchitra Campus….


June has come to an end! All the children have settled into their new routines extremely well. We have enjoyed watching new friendships blossoming and the reconnecting of friends from last year. You should all be very proud of your little ones as they are doing an amazing job of learning new routines, being responsible helpers and thoughtful friends. Needless to say, we are very excited for a wonderful year ahead!


Father’s day is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society. We at Suchitra Academy celebrated FATHER’S DAY on Friday 24th June. Thank you everyone for your wonderful response to the Father’s Day celebration. It was truly heart warming for us to see such involved fathers. Thank you for being you. We appreciate your existence and the often times silent but impactful role you have been playing. You all rocked !


To understand that all living things grow and have various stages of growth, children were introduced to the LIFE CYCLE OF A BUTTERFLY through stories and videos. To understand the learning better children had the opportunity to see real larva, cocoon and caterpillar. On Wednesday 29th June to make the process of learning more fun teachers enacted the story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and performed on a butterfly dance for the children.


On Saturday, 18th June all the new parents were invited for an Orientation Programme to put across the school philosophies and teaching methodology etc. Thank you so much for turning up in big numbers.


  • Please remember to arrive at school on time.
  • Please ensure that there is extra pair of clothes in the child’s bag, always.
  • Please ensure that all clothing and lunch boxes, water bottles and shoes etc. are all clearly labelled so that missing items can easily be traced.
  • We remind you that personal toys from home are not encouraged as we cannot keep track of them.


Monday 4th July                       – Making our vegetable patch

Tuesday 5th July                       – Parent visit (talk on Ramzan)

Wednesday 6th July                 – Ramzan Holiday

Thursday 14th July                   – Field trip (Chocolate factory)



An ORIENTATION SESSION FOR NEW PARENTS was conducted on Saturday, 18th June. This session was an attempt to familiarize parents with the school and its practices. This meeting highlighted the mutual expectations to be shared and provided a better understanding of our teaching and learning process.

Parents of grades IX-X were specially invited to be familiarised with the CBSE and CCE practices. It is a pity that the most parents did not deem it fit to attend. The school works extremely hard to train the students and without sufficient parental support the purpose gets defeated. In fact most parents missing the day were the ones that most needed to be there. Hope in future we can expect better response.


“Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand” 

On the occasion of World Music Day a MUSICAL ASSEMBLY was conducted on Tuesday, 21st June. The budding musicians of Suchitra showcased their expertise not only in playing the different musical instruments but also left us enthralled with their melodious singing. They presented an informative PPT which highlighted the different genres of music and the world famous musical maestros who left no stone unturned in taking their music to greater heights. It was a wonderful assembly which left everyone wanting for more.  Special thanks to our music mentors.


As a special activity on Thursday, 23rd June there was a house meeting of all the four houses. Students were nominated for the various school portfolios like school captain, sports captain and house prefects. The four different houses nominated these students and the final appointments would take place after another round of selections.


An Inter-class DISPLAY BOARD COMPETITION from grades I-X was held on Monday, 27th June. All the classes were decorated in a very tasteful manner and the effort of the mentors was evident. Each and every classroom had a theme which was the backbone of the chart display. Some of the interesting themes were stationery, sports, flags, unity, space etc.

The winners of the competition are:

Group –A Nursery B and Junior KG B (share the prize)

Group –B Grade IC

Group –C Grade VA

Group –D Grade IXB


A Special Assembly on the topic LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE was presented on Tuesday, 28th June by the students of Grade III A.  The presentation highlighted the importance of laughter in our daily lives. It also conveyed that being happy irrespective of the difficult situations will definitely keep us in a good mental and physical health. They presented the topic beautifully and the children spoke with confidence. As the saying goes that all good things come to an end, the assembly came to an end with a laughter exercise.

Another Special Assembly on the topic PERSEVERANCE, PERSISTENCE AND PERFECTION was presented on Wednesday, 29th June by the students of Grade X.  The students exhibited immense confidence leaving a profound effect on all.


The students of grade VI were taken on a field trip to the GHMC office at Chintal on Wednesday, 29th June. This trip was an attempt to enable them to understand the functions of the local self-government (Municipal Corporation) in the cities. The students saw the office of the executive engineer. They had an interactive session with Ms. V.Mamata, Deputy Commissioner GHMC. She explained about the different departments and answered questions raised by the students about the working of GHMC. This trip was highly informative and it provided a practical insight into the government system and their functions.

GK QUIZ COMPETITION 20160630_092848

An Inter House General Knowledge Quiz competition was organized on Thursday, 30th June for grades II- IX. The Quiz consisted of  seven rounds viz. Quick Thinking, Mixed Bowl, Sports, Science, Audio Round, Visual Round and Rapid Fire. The questions were highly innovative and of extreme diverse nature, covering practically all fields of General Knowledge and overall awareness. It was clearly evident that the students from all the four houses were well informed and performed amazingly well, answering even the seemingly difficult questions with ease. The Quiz contained questions on a wide range of topics to test every facet of the student’s knowledge. All the participants displayed a commendable level of awareness and knowledge and gave each other a tough fight for the top honours.  They strove to be declared as winners till the very end of the contest. Finally in the junior category  SUKRITI HOUSE and in the senior category PRAKRITI HOUSE


Dr. Mahesh Prasad, Principal of Step by Step school, Noida visited us on Wednesday 27th June, 2016 for and interaction. Dr. Prasad has experience of working as a Principal in reputed schools like Army Public School, The Heritage School.

These schools are known for their approach in alternate ways of teaching-learning pedagogy and Dr. Prasad has an immense contribution in bringing these schools to a remarkable position. E is a true facilitator who can bring out the best in teachers and students. He believes in a kind of education which helps children to come out of their fear and exercise their abilities to the fullest.


2nd July                                              : II PMI

6TH July                                              :  Holiday –  Ramzan  ( may change as per moon sighting)

13th July                                            : Investiture Ceremony

13th July                                            : Class level Eliminations for Language Week begin.


Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy

Who Should Decide?

Schools should decide how the society should look like in future. But sadly, schools are governed by the present society. Schools decide their syllabus, activities……..not to progress, but to maintain what is already existing whether it makes sense or not. The criterion for choosing what should exist in schools is based on what makes parents happy. And who are these ‘parents’? These are people who are the product of a stagnant, dead schooling, who have not seen the other side of the world to understand what ‘good’ education can actually manifest into. I agree, it’s not their job, but then how do they dictate what should education look like? If this is the scenario, then how does one look into the need of the future?

The first important question on which humans should deliberate is-where are we heading towards and why? To me, if we can delve into this basic inquiry of life, a lot of the existing chaos will look redundant. There is a lot of blame game which goes on – parents unhappy, so school is to be blamed, management unhappy, so teachers are to be blamed, teachers unhappy, students unhappy……the vicious cycle doesn’t have an end.


The second most important question is if parents should not decide what should happen in schools, then who should. Should the management and teachers decide? But how, are they also not the products of the same system? For years, teachers have taught incorrect concepts, not helping students to polish their skills and if I have to say anything about the affective domain, then it’s better not to discuss because nobody cares what happens to it.


In such a scenario, the government can take initiative and bring a progressive curriculum which can cater to the questions I’ve asked. When the expectations are different, then slowly things will start changing. But wait, we all know what the government can and what it can’t. I am not saying this because I’ve lost hope in our government, but we need to simply understand that government forms with people like us, products of easy, meaningless and unscientific education.


Recently, when I met a doctor and as he discovered what my role is in our school, I was kind of pleaded to help children with skills, not just fine or gross motors but…skills that can help them to apply their learning. Amazingly or coincidentally, again another doctor came up with a similar request. I am sure in many platforms you or others must have discussed about the sorry state of our education system. Does this mean that our education system has failed to provide what it is supposed to provide?


What shall be our role in such a disheartening state of affairs? The answer probably, is not that difficult. Engaging one in a dialogue with oneself and with others can help. Going through the good work happening around, questioning it and seeing the results can challenge one’s pre-conceived notions. Involving oneself into reading on education and getting into some research work in this area are the other ways of educating oneself on this matter. But this needs time, energy and some devotion…emptying one’s mind and then reaching out for new ideas often helps. But yes, all these can happen, only if, there is a desire to know beyond…and if one is ready to push the comfort zone.


Even after everything, we can still fail if we choose not to take action. Mere talking about big things really doesn’t help….it would then mean cheating oneself and the very cause of education.



[I’ve met parents who make a huge sense and have met and worked with educators, who are doing a wonderful job of providing what one can say ‘good schooling’. These sets of people are excluded, when I use the words ‘parents’ and ‘teachers/educators’ along with those parents and teachers who are doing exceptional work, I may be simply not aware of them.] 


Trisha Chakraborty,

Head of Research and Training

Suchitra Academy