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NEWSLETTER 22nd April 2016

Namaste dear parents

We take this opportunity to wish all our students and their parents a joyous summer vacation. Hopefully we will see all our students back at school ready for the literary week activities, quizzes and special assemblies.

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra. The month of April was a blink and miss with a flurry of activities. It was exhilarating!! It was an amalgamation of academics, community and action experiences that are vital in supporting the academy’s holistic programme.


DENTIST VISIT12718023_1291219374226972_2808052821289662189_n

Our focus this week shifted from body hygiene to dental hygiene. We talked about how to keep our teeth clean and healthy. Children explored their feelings about going to the dentist for an appointment, during which few children expressed their discomfort about visiting a dentist.

To make the children aware of the importance of a Dentist, we had Dentist Dr. Y. Chandra Neela come and visit our school On Thursday 14th April. Children learned about the tools dentist uses to check our teeth. They also got the opportunity to look at real teeth mould. 12985542_1291219187560324_6241316208506314065_nChildren compared a child’s teeth to an adult’s teeth and realized that adults have many more teeth than the children’s. Children realized the importance of brushing twice each day. Through this session children learned new words like decay and cavities.


Thank you to all the parents who attended the PMI on Wednesday 20th April. We enjoyed talking with each one of you. Our conversations are extremely important to us. Open communication between parents and us plays a major role in our working together towards achieving the maximum potential of your child.


Monday 13th June                – School Re-opens for Sr. KG and Jr. KG

Wednesday 15th June         – School Re-opens for Playgroup and Nursery




On Tuesday, 12th April, 2016, students of grade V A presented a special assembly on the topic ‘GIVE A LITTLE, GET A LOT’. The assembly started with a thought- provoking video showing kindness as one of the simplest and most important character trait someone can possess. The students staged a skit which highlighted the fact that one random act of kindness, a simple compliment or expression of empathy will not only make the person’s day, but it will have a profound effect on yours, too. In the end, the students sang a melodious song that tuned towards the fact that the power to make the world a better place begins with us.


Mother Teresa once said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” The true meaning of life is the joy of giving. As part of the Community Service Programme our students had visited the Zila Parishad Primary School last year. This visit brought to light the lack of infrastructure in this school. Children sat on the floor, with their backs hunched for almost the entire day. We felt this could lead to bad posture, bad eyesight and could bring down their enthusiasm. Thus we came up with this idea of providing benches and we donated 15 benches to this school in an endeavour to help students to study more comfortably.

TEACH FOR CHANGE 13015686_1294532453895664_8371311133720083443_n

An interactive session was conducted for the students of grades IX-X on Monday, 18th April 2016. Our guest speaker Mr. Chaitanya MRSK is the Founder and CEO of Teach for Change. He is a young social activist working to make quality education inclusive in India. The session was extremely enriching!! His words not only enlightened but also motivated and inspired our students to identify their role in building a wider movement for educational equity in the country.



IMG_0063A workshop on “Buffer Time Management” was conducted on Tuesday, 19th April 2016. This session highlighted how a small time pocket or gap between two tasks in a class can be utilized efficiently to bring out the best in the students. This workshop equipped the teachers to design activities to engage the students so that any time can become a happy learning time. These activities can serve a general purpose that apply to various subject areas or be specific content-oriented activities that allow students to learn by tapping into multiple intelligences beyond the usual listening and recalling.







NEWSLETTER 25th March 2016

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may not remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand”

Namaste dear parents,

As another academic year passes by in a flurry of assignments, grades, assessments and evaluation, we are back with a breath of fresh air and once again reminded of our vision and goals.

Education must strive to broaden minds and push towards spiritual horizons. Our journey is an ongoing one and as we strive to acclimatize our aims, goals and methods our students’ voices echo their well-formulated views, their awareness of the community and their pledge to uphold the values.

News from  PRE-PRIMARY

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2016-2017 school year! This is an exciting time for your child, although he/she may be a little apprehensive about going to ‘new school or new class’.  We hope that you and your child will enjoy the year with us.

3087_1270595199622723_4825369379777180253_n - CopyThank you for your patience in the first few days whilst we have been establishing routines for the Jr. KG and Sr. KG children. The children have all settled in beautifully and confidently in their new classes.

We are all excited to commence the new academic year. The children are beginning to establish relationships with their peers and teachers. Your child’s pre-school experience will be filled with personal growth as a thinker and learner. We are looking forward to starting this adventure with them!

734959_1270594812956095_4239275230713858416_n - CopyIn pre-school our goal is to foster behaviours and attitudes that will allow them to become efficient learners for the rest of their lives. They will be expected to follow directions, work independently and with others and take responsibility for themselves. Our goal is to develop good work habits that will help them in the future.


Holi – the festival of colours is one of the most popular, vibrant, exciting and fun festivals of the year and we absolutely love it. Like we say kids are never too young to have fun! On Wednesday 23rd March, to expose the children to various cultures and their celebrations teachers explained the festival Holi and later took kids out to the soccer field with their 941336_1270592142956362_9178615765140253294_n - Copypichkaaris and herbal colours to celebrate the festival. It was an exuberantly lively and amusing day.

Please Note: We will be shuffling sections of the students in the month of June, our normal practice. We need to wait till June as the admissions are going on actively and we do not know how many sections we may have by June.

We do this to balance the numbers, girl /boy ratio, house colours in each class. This would imply that the class mentors too may change. Please bear with us as this is unavoidable and cannot be done now. We would request you to abide by the sections allotted as no changes would be entertained.

In advance I thank you for understanding and cooperating

Up-coming Events

Monday 28th March            – Nursery new session begins

Thursday 7th April                – Ugadi Celebration

Friday 8th April                     – Ugadi Holiday



An INDUCTION PROGRAMME for the new and old teachers was conducted on Monday, 14th March. The day began with many team building activities. These activities were aimed at building team morale by fostering interconnectedness, forthright communication, constructive feedback, developing plans for the future, encouraging festivity and fun and to help one achieve maximum effectiveness. The following two days, the teachers prepared their teaching material and classrooms to welcome the students for the new academic session.



Thursday, 17th March was a momentous day both for the students as well as the teachers. It was the beginning of THE NEW ACADEMIC SESSION for grades I to VIII. The air was filled with mirth and guffaws as students entered their classrooms with new and old classmates. It was as if the school had donned a new look!! The students began the day interacting with their class teacher, making new friends and enjoying many ice-breaking activities.


An ORIENTATION PROGRAMME for the students of grades V to X was conducted on Wednesday, 23rd March. This programme highlighted the Timeline of Suchitra Academy accentuating the vision and mission that the school upholds. It was an enriching and informative presentation especially for the new students. It focussed on our core values and our expectations from the students for a fruitful progression of this academic session.


ACER test was conducted for grades III – X in the month of November, 2015. ACER is a recognised international leader in the development of educational assessment and reporting tools for schools and systems. The International Benchmark Tests are a highly researched program developed by ACER and incorporate a “Skill based approach” to improve learning within classroom and to monitor progress of students between years. Our students performed exceedingly well securing distinction and high distinction in English, Math and Science.  The winners were awarded a certificate of achievement by ACER.

Congratulations to all the winners!!!


31st March ( Thursday)             – CAS Program

7th April     ( Thursday)              –  Ugadi Celebrations

8th April    ( Friday )                    –  Ugadi Holiday

Dear new parents this is probably the first of the innumerable newsletters that you will receive from me. Please ensure that this does not remain a one-way communication and that I too have the opportunity to hear and share your views on matters of mutual concern.

Truly hope that your kids have had a pleasant and exciting few days in the school till now.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy


NEWSLETTER 12th February 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

Here’s the news from the Suchitra campus!

News from the PRE-PRIMARY

It is hard to believe that the end of the school year has arrived, time has flown away so quickly.

The year’s end always brings with it a tremendous sense of accomplishment. So many things have been accomplished this year. Our students have been involved in an extraordinary number of activities and of course, we should not forget the tremendous amount of learning which has taken place during the year. Throughout all these activities our students have demonstrated great character.

12647052_1232532616762315_4396282243447128550_nTHANKING OUR HELPING HANDS

On Friday 29th January our Pre-primary kids expressed their gratitude by distributing shoes, pressure cookers and shawls to the ayammas, drivers, gardeners and other helping staff in school. These gifts were purchased with the money collected from the Canvas Auction.

Inner Image-1We have also adopted 2 kids from the SOS village and will be taking care of their food clothing and education for a year. We would like to thank Ms. K S Nagarathnamma great grandmother of Khushi Sharma from Jr. KG B for donating Rs. 1000/- towards this cause.

We appreciate your involvement. Your donations provided help to people in need and taught our students how to be compassionate.




During the last few weeks we have been talking about food and nutrition. We talked about 12647289_1238656589483251_6591115168058121886_nfruits and vegetables, learned about seeds and what all plants need to grow and flourish. Children are having a great time taking care of their vegetable garden. To make learning more fun and interactive Fruit Chat Day was conducted on Wednesday 3rd February. Hands on activities get the preschoolers moving and interacting. So children had a chance to touch, smell and distinguish the differences between skin, size, color, texture etc. Later on kids had fruit chat for lunch.

12512554_1238654929483417_1426797368511685557_nTHEME-END PRESENTATION

The last Theme-end presentation of this academic year was held on Friday 5th February. Themes covered were ‘Joy of Sharing and Caring’, ‘Fantasy World’, ‘Farm to the Table’ and ‘Transport’ Children spoke and performed amazingly well.



Thank you parents for expressing your happiness on Parent Mentor Interaction (PMI) day which was held on Saturday 6th February. Your words of appreciation for the teacher’s efforts and hard work were truly rewarding. Your positive expressions motivate us to do better each day.


Thursday 25th February    – Sr. KG Graduation Day





The much awaited PARASAILING event took place on Wednesday 10th February and Thursday 11th February. Students from grades I to X as well as the teachers did parasailing over these two days. It was an exhilarating experience for the children and the air was filled with squeals of laughter and delight. Most unexpected was the enthusiasm and fearlessness shown by the students of grades I to III. Not a trace of fear was seen on their faces!!! We’re sure that you must have heard a lot of stories of this event from the students. It has always been our endeavor to give a varied variety of experiences to the students and this event was one of them. Thank you for the overwhelming response.


On Thursday, 11th February, year end G.K. EXAM for grades I to VII was conducted. The results of the G.K. Exam will be announced later.


On Friday, 12th February, ENGLISH SPELL BEE FINALE was conducted for grades I to VII. The results of the spell bee will be announced next week.


Darphad Reddy of grade IIA entered the quarter finals of India Math Bee – 2015.

Arunima Verabelli of grade VI won silver medal for Telangana state at Roller skating nationals in Ahemdabad.



15rd February( Monday)                    – G-VIII Year-end PMI
16th February (Tuesday)                   – New session for new G-IX begins
18th & 19th Feb.( Thu/Fri)                 – ICT assessment (G I-VII)
20th February (Saturday)                 – Farewell Party for Grade X

Dear Parents this week and coming week are your deadlines for Fee payment. Please honor them. Also by 15th February you will need to inform the school about your plans for the coming Academic Year and if you are to discontinue.

The GK, Spell Bee, ICT tests etc. are almost done and now we are revising for the SA2s scheduled to start by 29th Feb. Please monitor the children’s study hours closely and support them wherever needed and communicate to us if there is any issue.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy


NEWSLETTER 29th January 2016

Namaste dear parents,

Here we are with the fortnightly round up of the news from the Suchitra campus!

News from the PRE-PRIMARY

12552785_1230106097004967_4885809995068821905_nFIELD TRIP TO SUDHA CARS

Field trip to Sudha Cars on Friday 22nd January was a unique experience. Kids were amazed to see the vintage and handmade cars. Captivating designs of cars in the shape of handbags, lipsticks, compact, stilettos and the replica of red London bus were a treat for their eyes.



Competition plays an important role in academic achievement because it often spurs students to pursue excellence. On one hand it teaches them the value of participation and on the other to accept winning and losing gracefully.DSC_1748

Towards the end of the academic year, children of Sr. KG had been eagerly waiting and were prepared well enough to showcase their academic achievements and their knowledge. On Friday 29th January a quiz competition was held among students of Sr. KG. A, Sr. KG. B and Sr. KG. C. Kids confidently answered to each and every question posed to them in a random order, in which Sr. KG. B, emerged as a winner.


Wednesday 3rd February – Fruit Chat Day

Friday 5th February          – Theme-end Presentation

Saturday 6th February      – Parent Mentor Interaction (PMI)



IMG_7915On Thursday, 21st January, a TALK ON FINANCIAL LITERACY was delivered by Mr KVN Sirish Kumar for students of grades VIII-X. He explained the true meaning of economics to the students and also the importance of starting savings from an early age. He stressed upon the different types of insurances that are a must for every person to have. He encouraged the students to be more aware about the finances in the family and appreciate the hard earned money which makes all their wishes come true. It was a very informative and interesting lecture. The best part was that the speaker spoke in the language the students easily understood and gave examples they could easily relate to.


On Monday, 25th January, Sqn Ldr Kaushik gave a TALK ON ADVENTURE SPORTS and careers in the armed forces. A video on parasailing was shown. He spoke about various sports like parasailing, para gliding and sky diving. He explained the gear used for these sports and the safety measures to be taken. Dear parents, you must have already received the parasailing pamphlet. This is a golden opportunity for the children to experience first hand the excitement of parasailing. It would be a wonderful experience for them and we hope that they take full advantage of this opportunity.


For grade VIII HINDI AND TELUGU SPELL BEE FINALE was conducted on Thursday, 21st January and ENGLISH SPELL BEE FINALE was conducted on Monday, 25th January.


IMG_8048REPUBLIC DAY was celebrated with great enthusiasm on Tuesday, 26th January. The entire staff and the student office bearers attended the program. The tricolor was hoisted by Mrs Renu Shorey, the Director Principal of the school followed by some patriotic songs by students and teachers.


A special assembly on the topic ‘World Is A Canvas’ was conducted on Wednesday, 27th January. The assembly not only focused on the meaning of art but also explained the differences between various art forms like cave art, patachitra, abstract art, etc. to name a few. An introduction to the great paintings and painters of the world was given, as also the various movements like surrealism or abstract art. Photos of interesting paintings depicting optical illusion were shown. A sand art video was shown. The students also gave a demonstration of face painting and tattoo making, which were an instant hit. It was a very informative assembly.


As a special activity, a PAINTING COMPETITION on the topic ‘India Of My Dreams’ was conducted for grades V-VII on 28 January, Thursday as Special Activity.


3rd February           – Gr-VIII SA 2 begins
4th February            – Hindi / Telugu Spell Bee Finale (G I-VII)
11th February        – English Spell Bee Finale (G I-VII)
11th February        – G.K. Assessment (G I-VII, Inter-House quiz teams will be picked up following the quiz)
We are fast moving towards closure of this Academic Year. Portions are almost getting over, revisions are about to start. Hopefully it has been a great learning year for children and a satisfactory one for you too.


Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy


NEWSLETTER 15th January 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

This is how we began our new year at Suchitra !

News from the PRE-PRIMARY


New theme ‘Farm to the table & Transport’ was introduced on Monday 4th January. Through this theme children will be learning how food is grown on the farm and how it reaches our table. They will be learning about the four means of transport and how it helps us transport food and other materials from the farm to various places.


The harvest festival is celebrated all over the country with different names like Lori, Pongal, Makar Sankranti etc. On Thursday 7th January pre-primary kids celebrated Sankranti with great zest. Teachers cooked Pongal and a bon fire was lit around which children danced and enjoyed. Latter the Pre-primary kids ran across the back yard flying their kites.


Colouring Competition for Nursery and Jr. KG and Drawing Competition for Sr. KG was held on Friday 8th January. It was amazing to see the tiny tots from Nursery colour so beautifully. The Jr. KG students were directed to use colour code to colou which was done amazingly well. For the Sr. KG theme was seasons. Few kids drew the four seasons and some drew one of their favourite seasons.



Monday 18th January   – School Re-opens

Friday 22nd January     – Field trip



On Tuesday, 5th January, grade IIB presented a special assembly on the topic ‘EATING RIGHT’. Dressed up as various fruits and vegetables, the students presented a short skit in which they spoke at length about the benefits and importance of eating the right kind of food at the right time. A very informative video highlighted how various deficiencies affect the life of a child and what needs to be eaten to reduce the deficiency. The students also sang a peppy song. All the students were extremely well prepared and it was evident that a lot of planning and practice had gone into it. They spoke flawlessly and with loads of confidence. Good job grade IIB.

On the same day an assembly on the topic ‘ONCE A SPORTSMAN, ALWAYS ONE’ was also presented. Students dressed up as various world famous sports personalities like Sachin Tendulkar, Diego Maradona , Ben Johnson and spoke about their contributions on and off the field especially the admirable work these celebrities have done in the promotion of sports in their own countries. .

On Thursday, 7th January, grade IVB presented special assembly on the topic ‘LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE ORDINARY’. The assembly gave information about those personalities who, in spite of their disabilities, achieved success in their lives. The children enacted a skit about India’s pride “SUDHA CHANDRAN”, followed by a video about Azher Maqsusi who, being ordinary, made his life inspirational for others. The children read out some motivational quotes and, to conclude the assembly, a video on importance of life was shown.

IMG_7390The SANKRANTI OR PONGAL ASSEMBLY on the same day ignited the festive spirit among the students as well as the teachers. The students explained the various customs and traditions followed during this festival. The ritual of bhogi pandlu was performed and the significance of the bhogi bonfire was explained. Students also demonstrated how the most important dish “pongal” is made.





On Friday, 8th January, as a conclusion of the year long theatre classes, grades V-VIII presented a play HORRID HIGH based on the same book by Payal Kapadia. Each and every student of each grade/section participated and the play was presented in an unusual format. The same characters were taken over by the students of different grades as the play progressed. The throw of voice, the handling of the mikes and the superb acting of each and every student amazed the audience. It was wonderful to see the shy students deliver their dialogues almost like a professional! Dear parents, we’re sure you too agree with us that the play was a treat for the eyes!

The best performance by a class was that of grade VA. The other best performances were

Character Best performer
Narrator Veer & Powlomi
Ferg Inder & Advik
Perverse Gautam
Granny Medha
Verbose Prachi
Chef Maytri
Mynus Shivcharan
Coach Chetan & Sparsh
Fermina Prardhana
Phil Sai
Nurse Saharsh


18th January – School reopens
19th January – G.K & ICT assessment G-VIII
21st January – Hindi/Telugu Spell Bee finale G- VIII
25th January – English Spell Bee finale G- VIII

26th January – Republic Day ( Holiday)


These children are turning into National level skaters and doing us all proud-

Konaki Vanshika Chowdary, grade IIA, , Anvita.V. (IVB), Arunima .V. (VIA)participated in the 12th National Ice Skating Championship held at Gulmarg between 31st Dec to 2nd Jan 2016 and won the following medals

Name of child Competition Event Position
Arunima .V. (VIA) Hyderabad District Roller
Skating Competition 2015
Artistic Freestyle Bronze
Solo Dance Silver
Pair Dance Gold
Pair Skating Gold
2nd Telangana State Artistic Roller Skating Championship 2015 Artistic Freestyle Bronze
Solo Dance Gold
Pair Dance Silver
Pair Skating Gold
Ice Skating National
Championship 2015
Artistic Freestyle Bronze
Show Group Gold
Pair Dance Gold
Pair Skating Silver
Anvita.V. (IVB) Ranga Reddy District Roller
Skating Competition 2015
Artistic Freestyle Gold
Solo Dance Gold
Figure Skating Gold
2nd Telangana State Artistic Roller Skating Championship 2015 Artistic Freestyle Silver
Solo Dance 4th
Figure Skating Bronze
Ice Skating National
Championship 2015
Artistic Freestyle Bronze and TC
Show Group Gold
Pair Dance Silver
Pair Skating Gold


Dear Parents the admissions for 2016-17 Academic Session are in progress. Please let your friends and neighbours know about this.

You have been sent Fee challans for the I Term of 2016-17. The last due dates for payment are mentioned in the challan. Please do honor the dates as our planning for the next year depends on the numbers that pay up by the dates given. If you have not received the fee challan please contact the office immediately.

Also if you are planning to discontinue from school the last date for Withdrawal and TC request is Monday, 15th February 2016.

Look forward to seeing the children on 18th January, Monday, all refreshed after this short break .

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy


NEWSLETTER 6thMarch 2015

Dear Parents, Namaste !

Here’s wishing all of you A VERY HAPPY HOLI!

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail – by Ralph Waldo Emerson

News from the PRE-PRIMARY

11001759_1036061433076102_1460920866718072368_nGraduation Day

The song has ended, but the melody lingers on…………………..

The children of Pre-primary celebrated their Graduation Day ceremony on Thursday, 26th February 2015. On this day they graduated from Pre-primary to grade 1. It is the first step towards formal education. Mrs. Monalisa Dash graced the ceremony with her enlightened thoughts and holistic approach towards upbringing of the children. The ceremony began with a prayer song and a welcome dance. Our little Graduates summarized their journey of Pre-primary through a skit. The Nursery and Jr. KG children mesmerized the audience with an amazing musical skit. Last but not the least our new Graduates spread the message of their graduation through a heart touching song.

Today we stand proud of a new beginning, as our Little Ones move forward from Pre-school to Grade one. These little ones have received their first diplomas and they are our future high school graduates. Congratulations to All !!!

Holi Celebration

The last of the festivals for this academic year was celebrated at school on Thursday 5th March 988495_1040454082636837_4821511430590030734_n2015, with a lot of enthusiasm. Holi is a lot of fun for the kids and for some, it was the first time with so many of their friends. The pictures have been put up on FB.

As we are in the last days of what has been a wonderful school year, I want  to take this  time to thank you for all you have done to make this year such a success. Working together we can accomplish great things.

Up-coming event

Year end Pool Party – Tuesday 10th March 2015.



On Wednesday, 25th February 2015, a STREET PLAY on child abuse was performed by students of the theater group. This play addressed various issues of child abuse such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and family violence.This street play was an effort and a voice in order to fight against the cruel acts and hence creating an awareness among several others around us. Parents too were invited to witness this play and they were overwhelmed to be a part of this heart touching play. All the students enthusiastically participated in this play and put up an excellent show. Good job kids!

Olympaid Toppers

Our students did us proud in the National Science Olympiad. Sarvesh P. of Gr VIII, Armelle N.of Gr V, J R Kashvi  Gr IVA and Aryan J of Gr III had qualified for the second round of NSO.IMG_1269

The class toppers for NSO are-

Grade II – Sreemayi.K ,  K.Sai Ohm Nabhya,  Sai Sri Nimai, Jaideep R,

Grade III – Varnika.R, Aishi Raju

Grade IV–  Anamay M, Sruthi

Grade V – Poorna C

Grade VI – Vamika A,

Grade VII – Vaibhav S

Grade VIII – Vaishnavi Ch, Rohit R


The TERM ASSESSMENTSfor all the classes began from Monday, 2nd March 2015. Students are coming well prepared for their exams and we are sure they would perform to the best of their potential.  Lessons have been revised well in classes too.


  • Dear parents we would be sending you the detail of when you must come to collect school uniforms etc. for your children.
  • The class photographs, new text books and stationery etc. will be given on 14th , PMI
  • As reminded already, school fees for the next academic session, Term 1, must be paid on or before 7th March to avoid late fee.
  • Issue of Text Books etc. will be subject to clearing the 1st Term Fees.


7th – 10th March   – Paper discussion

11th – 18thMarch  – Term Break
14th March           –  PMI
19thMarch            – New session begins (G- I to X)

23rd March              – New session for Pre Primary

Dear Parents hope you have found the year fruitful and fulfilling for your children. They have shown growth, wisdom and learning and awareness of self and others.

That has been our true endeavor.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy.


NEWSLETTER 20th February 2015

Namaste, dear parents

Our activities this fortnight…………

News from the PRE-PRIMARYDSC06085

It’s hard to believe that we have come to the end of the academic year. Pre-primary has completed  their portions and now we have been revisiting concepts done through the year.

Parents often ask what they can do to help their child in getting ready for first grade. We have been giving suggestions in our previous newsletters.

Getting your child ready with reading skills is an important area you could help the school with. When adults read aloud to children, children have the opportunity to hear new words which help them with their own independent reading. In addition, reading aloud stimulates imaginations, expands attention spans, and nurtures emotional development. Children who are read to at home and who read to an adult at home have a higher success rate in school.

In the area of math, our goal as teachers and parents is to help the child develop number sense. To accomplish this goal we recommend continuing some of the activities we have been doing with the children in the past year, such as : skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Counting backward from 20 , or to look for patterns in everyday life. Sorting objects in a variety of ways and by more than one attribute.

Besides revising concepts children are busy preparing for the Graduation day ceremony. We have had a terrific time working with the Sr. KG classes. This is always a bittersweet time for us as teachers. They are so ready to move on to the first grade but we will miss them.

Up-coming events

Thursday 26th February – Graduation day.

Timings                         – 9.30am – 10.45am



On Saturday, 8th February, an INTER SCHOOL KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP was organized by United  Karate Association at Gitanjali senior School , Begumpet . A total of 12 students participated from Suchitra Academy out of which 6 won medals.
1. Tanvi Mukul Joshi (Grade-VI), M. Harshit Kumar (Grade – VII) and  Abhay Polker (Grade-IX) –  won gold in KATA

2. Yash Palla (Grade-VI) and Srija B – (Grade-IX) – won silver in KATA
3. Vansh Sharma (Grade-IX) – won bronze in KATA

The remaining 6 students got participation certificates. Congratulations to all!

The new batch of grade IX began its NEW ACADEMIC SESSION from Wednesday, 18 February, 2015. Lots of new challenges await them this year and we are confident that they will come out successful. We wish them all the very best for this new session.


The TERM 2 ENGLISH SPELL BEE FINALE was held on Thursday, 19 February 2015 for grades I to X. Throughout the year the students enthusiastically prepare for their spell bees every week and they are tested every Monday. This final was a culmination of their preparation during the second term. We are sure these spell bees have benefited the students. Results are mentioned in the end

Dear Parents, with the SA2 just around the corner thorough revisions are the focus now.  We have already mailed the revision schedule to you, please follow that on a daily basis and help your child learn  for the next day accordingly.  The datesheet for the assessments has already been sent to you with the portions.

Timings for the assessments are 8.30am -12.20pm. The dates to pick up books and uniforms for the new session will be mailed to you soon.

Dear Parents, we request you to give us a week’s time to process any Bonafide or TC requests. This procedure takes time

21 st Feb  – Farewell to G-X

2nd March – Term assessments
11th – 18th – Term Break
19th – New session begins (G I to X)

Spell Bee