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07th OCTOBER, 2016

Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and then staying with that plan. – Tom Landry
Namaste Dear Parents,

It is going to be another busy and exciting Term, with lots of learning opportunities and new experiences. We know you will continue to work with us, so your child can grow in confidence, with a love of learning and a determination to be the best.

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra before we closed. Please read on for some interesting news from the Campus….



14440765_1428801333802108_2554317739713734301_nTheme-end presentation was held on Wednesday 28rd September. It was awesome to see the Nursery kids stand on the stage and talk so confidently. The Jr. and Sr. KG Kids were incredible, the Hindi poem on the farmer and English poem dedicated to our soldiers was heart warming. The tri colour dance and the flag formation was mesmerizing. Thank you parents for being there and encouraging our kids. They performed amazingly well and your overwhelmed response brought further validation to us.


Through this theme Kids had the opportunity to listen to stories about community helpers. We read stories and talked about the various community helpers that help us in different ways. We sometimes take them for granted and in the big rush of life,  forget to say a special thanks to the people who help us day in and day out.

So on Thursday 29th September, we at Suchitra Academy Pre-school, gifted bedsheets and steel containers to the Aayamas and security, to tell them how much they all mean to us.

We also appreciate all the parents who donated bedsheets for this event. A big thank you to you from us.


After all the hard work through the term it was celebration time, we organised a term-end party on Friday 30th September. Children enjoyed the goodies and danced merrily to the sound of music.14440972_1428848807130694_6493732195381673414_n

TERM-END PMI (Parent Mentor Interaction)

Term-end PMI was held on Saturday 1st October, thank you to all the parents who took time out to fill our survey. We will look in to your suggestions and concerns and do our best and we will share the feed back with you shortly.

Up-coming events

Thursday 13th October                            – School Re-opens

Tuesday 18th October                             – Eye camp



Children of Grades I, II & III had immense fun on the last day of their term tests by trying out their culinary skills for the activity COOKING WITHOUT FIRE. They enjoyed being Chefs for a day and presented their dishes beautifully proving that they are no less in this art too. Children presented variety of dishes, Gr I with Puffed Rice Peanut Butter Balls, Gr II Sandwiches and Gr III Potato Fillers. On the whole it was a fun filled activity for both children as well as the teachers.


The much awaited SWIMMING COMPETITION was held at the school swimming pool on Wednesday, 28th September. All the students and teachers were enthusiastically cheering the students and their house relay teams. There was a lot of excitement in the air and some of the students displayed excellent swimming styles and techniques.



The students of grades VII-VIII displayed their acting prowess through the THEATRE PRESENTATION on Friday, 30th September. Each and every student of each grade/section participated and presented wonderful plays. The throw of voice, the handling of the mikes and the superb acting of every student amazed the audience. It was wonderful to see the shy students deliver their dialogues almost like a professional! Our objective of giving each and every child an opportunity to be on stage and face the crowd confidently was more than met. Thank you Sunita and Aarti for your untiring efforts and putting up a wonderful show within the very short time that we gave you.


To ensure that the students get access to the best books for their reading levels and interests a BOOK FAIR by SCHOLASTIC was held on Saturday, 1st October. It was an exploratory time when kids browsed through books about real-life experiences, fun facts, love and friendship. Popular, age-appropriate titles to engage older readers, relevant topics and current, relatable issues attracted even the reluctant readers. On the PMI day Scholastic did a whopping sale as you people bought the books that the children had identified. Hope children and you, both read those books together.dscn0753


13th October                                    : School Re-opens –  Term II Begins

18th-19th October                            : Eye Camp – PP-X

19th October                                  : Project Presentation Grades IV A, V A, VIA, VII A, VIII A

20th October                                  : CAS – Visit to Old Age HomesGrades VI-X     & QCT- How to be safe Grades I-III

Dear parents, the short break is moving briskly and very shortly we will be ready to reopen and charge headlong into a hectic 2nd Term.  In the mean time our Excursion that has gone to Dalhousie and Amritsar etc. will be returning tonight, after a fantastic break. It will be a pleasure and relief to welcome them back.

Hope you are having a good time with your children and enjoying the festival too.

Warm  Regards.

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy


23rd SEPTEMBER, 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra.

Please read on for some interesting news from the Campus….



Storytelling is seen as a crucial part of an all-round education, a core skill for learning and sequencing ideas, a way of developing skills and confidence in speaking and performing.

Final round of storytelling for Jr. & Sr. KG was held on Wednesday 14th September. Senior school teachers Ms. Sujana and Ms. Manisha graced the ocassion and judged the kids.

Names of winners

Jr. KG.

1st –  Jaideep Varma        2nd – Tanishka Reddy    2nd – Unnati Tripathi     3rd –  Prisha Modi

 Sr. KG.       

 1st – Siyona Kefira                  2nd – Nihit Sivalenka        3rd – K.  Nitisha               3rd – K. Sri Vibhavi


Theme-end presentation was held on Friday 23rd September. It was awesome to see the Nursery kids too stand on the stage and talk so confidently. The Jr. and Sr. KG Kids were incredible, the Hindi and English poems, the tri colour dance and the flag formation were mesmerizing. Thank you parents for being there and encouraging our kids. They performed amazingly well and you were a lovely audience.


Pre-primary kids will be thanking the helping hands at school on Thursday 29th september. Teachers along with students will be gifting a small token of love to say ‘Thank you’ to the Ayamma’s for all their help. Parents if you wish to be a part of this event you could gift bedsheets ( new ones only pl. ) which will be distributed amongst them.


Thursday, 29th October        – Thanking the helping hands

Saturday, 1st October           – Term-end PMI / Dushera vacation begins

Thursday, 13th October        – School Re-opens



The final round of the INTER-HOUSE KHO-KHO Competition was held on Thursday, 12th September. It was a nail-biting contest where the audience was at the edge of their seats, cheering for their respective houses. This competition helped the students develop strong bonds of solidarity and act as a great motivating force inculcating true sportsman spirit and competitive streak. SUKRITI HOUSE (boys team) and PRAKRITI HOUSE (girls team) emerged as winners.


A special assembly on the topic INDOMITABLE WILL was presented by the students of Grade VI A on Wednesday, 14th September. The children exhibited immense confidence and poise while speaking. The skit explained that ‘true strength is an indomitable will’ depicting examples from history about great achievers, who showed enormous willpower to achieve their dreams. The presentation was successful in putting across the fact that strength has little meaning in the world when you cannot have the inner strength to face life.


  1. A workshop “FIRST STEP IS THE LAST STEP” was conducted by Krishnamurti img_20160906_143433Foundation India, held at Besant School, Rajghat Fort, Varanasi. It was attended by our Vice-Principal Ms Deepa Kapoor and Librarian Ms Manjula from 6th to 9th September. The workshop revolved around watching videos on Jiddu Krishnamurti’s talks around the world, followed by discussions on those topics by the guests.  It was an exhilarating experience, encouraging them to delve deep into their thoughts. 
  2. I attended a Conference-cum-workshop conducted by Dr. Kobus Neetherling from South Africa on 13th September at The Park Hotel. It was an amazing work shop where Dr. Kobus spoke on ‘FROM ORDIANRY TO BEYOND’. Dr Kobus is a world celebrated speaker, author of 99 books, Guinness World Record holder ( He wrote a 110 page book in 4 and a half minutes- From Impossible to Possible) and a trainer on ‘CREATIVITY AND PASSION’. It was an extraordinary experience to be able to hear him.
  3. An introductory workshop for teachers was conducted in Ganges Valley School, Hyderabad in collaboration with the Indian Schools Debating Society, backed by Ramco Group of Companies. It was attended by our Academic Coordinator Ms Anne Issac and English Mentors Ms Madhuri and Ms Sujana, on Saturday, 17th September. This workshop was designed to bring teachers from various schools across India into the folds of the ‘World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC)’ format of debating.  

We would like to, once again, express our gratitude to Dr Kiran, parent of Dhruv Kumar Naidu, and his team for their dedicated contribution during the Medical Camp held in the campus for two days. Dr. Naidu and his team devoted 2 whole days to carrying out the examination of all children. Thanks a lot Sir.


26th -27th September                 – Paper discussion

28th September                         – Inter-House Swimming Competition

29th September                         – Scholastic Book Fair

30th September                         – Theatre Presentation Grades VII-VIII

1st October  ( Saturday)           –  PMI 9.00 to 12.00 p.m.

                                            SCHOOL REOPENS ON THURSDAY, 13th OCTOBER 2016.

Dear Parents the 1st Term is over and I sincerely hope you saw the growth and learning in your child. At our end, we have not left any stone unturned to create a happy learning and enriching environment for our children. In the Report Cards, we do give suggestions for improvement. These are mainly about encouraging your child to read more. Please do this sincerely and everyday spend about half an hour discussing some non-academic topic (may be sports or music or movies or good behavior) and you will see wonders happening. Regular and relevant communication with your child will form the basis for lasting relationships in her/his life.

It gives me immense pleasure and pride to share with you that our school ( estd. 2011) is ranked 9th in Hyderabad and Telangana by Education World, out of the 110 schools in Hyderabad, in the open category ( the toughest one) and we compete against schools which are 25 to many more years old.

Dear Parents, the credit goes to both of us for this success as it is your faith in us that is taking us places. Thanks you so much and let’s keep working to even better prospects.

Look forward to meeting you on 1st October and wishing you a great festive season ahead.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy


29th July, 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

We are happy to keep you informed about the various events and happenings at Suchitra!!

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra. The month of July was a blink and miss with a flurry of activities and competitions. It was exhilarating!!

Please read on for some interesting news from the Suchitra Campus…



On Thursday 21st July, we created stations with simple machines and objects that helped prove that simple machines make our work easier.

There was a lever station, wedge station, inclined-plane station, wheel and axel station, pulley station and a screw station. Children examined tools and machines and learnt how the machines improve the lives of humans. Children had the opportunity to operate these machines and understand the working of the machines.


As we are learning about various changes, we also touched upon the changes in season. We organized a ‘RAIN DANCE’ for kids on Tuesday 26th July. Through this we could draw their attention to the water puddle on which they splashed and played in the morning which disappeared later in the day. Children were encouraged to think where and how the water disappeared and in the process develop an understanding of the water cycle.


13886494_1368812079801034_1148670821773596629_nThe first Theme-end Presentation of this academic year was held on Friday 29th July. It was amazing to see the Playgroup and Nursery children display their confidence on the stage. The Jr. KG children mesmerised the crowd with their song, skit and dance. Sr. KG children displayed their learning through slide show of amazing facts, talk on reason for seasons and skit on life cycle of frog, germination of seed, stages of human growth and life cycle of the butterfly. The song on body parts and the butterfly dance was fascinating.



Monday 1st August                    – Bonalu Holiday

Tuesday 2nd August                   – Introduction of new theme (Discovery of India & People who help us)

Wednesday 3rd August             – Recitation competition (elimination round)

Wednesday 10th August           – Recitation competition (Final round)

Thursday 11th August               – Field trip (Sarva Dharm Sthal)



The entire week, starting 18th July, was a very busy week with a plethora of Inter- House competitions celebrating the English Language Week.

20160719_095049Monday, 18th July, was the day of ENGLISH SOLO AND GROUP POETRY RECITATION COMPETITION. It was a day when Edward Lear, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Shelly came alive on stage.  The students recited beautiful poems engaging with the audience through physical presence, including appropriate body language, confidence and eye contact. Some of the memorable poems were ‘Kubla Khan’, ‘Why Mankind Why’, to name a few. We were proud spectators as the children enthralled us with their performance. Ms Nalini Nanda Kumar, raconteur and compere of international fame, was the chief guest and judge for the day.

Tuesday, 19th July, was the day of STORY-TELLING AND EXTEMPORE COMPETITION. Students from Grades I and II narrated interesting stories from Aesop Fables and Akbar – Birbal tales. They brought the characters to life with their confidence, voice modulation, stage presence and beautiful props to support.

The students of grades III to X taxed their imagination to think off their feet. Their prioritization and sequencing of thoughts to display logical thinking was commendable. The poise and comfort with which they spoke, spoke volumes about the commendable job my teachers are doing to instil various skills in our children.

Mrs Urmi Mazundar ( HOD English) from St. Andrews School, Bowenpally, graced the occasion and judged the event. In her speech she expressed amazement at the expertise that the children seemed to display in thinking on-the-spot. She had profuse praise for the brilliant display on the day.

Wednesday, 20th July, was the day for CREATIVE WRITING AND POETRY WRITING COMPETITION for all the grades. Students had to write poems on interesting topics like ‘Magic show’, ‘Homework’, ‘My cozy spot at home’, ‘When everything goes wrong’, to name a few. Creative writing topics like ‘The idea hit me like a tornado’, ‘My journey on a pirate ship’; ‘The dark hallway’ highlighted our students powers of expression, empathy and critical reading and thinking.

Thursday, 21st July, was the day for ORATION AND DECLAMATION COMPETITION. Grades III-VII had been given the topic a few days in advance to prepare a speech for their oration. All the participants were well- prepared and even the little ones exhibited immense confidence and poise. Grade X students outdid themselves during the Declamation Competition. The participants did not make any attempt to mimic the original author of the speech. Instead, speakers developed an oration that delivered the message of the author in an original and engaging manner with clarity, emotion, and persuasiveness. Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln, John Cena radiated on the faces of the participants. Mrs. Shukla Dasgupta, Headmistress of Delhi Public School, Nacharam, graced the occasion and judged the event and expressed great admiration for the children.

Friday, 22nd July, was the closing day of the Language Week with INTER-HOUSE DEBATE COMPETITION. Four houses were pitted against each other. The audience witnessed heated debates on discussed topics in today’s world. Topics like ‘Cinemas are only to entertain the masses’, ‘Private tuitions are a necessary evil’, to name a few. It seemed like the perfect choice considering most of the pre-teens and teens around the world are actively involved in cinema and private tuitions. Speakers conveyed their points, presented well-formulated arguments and spoke confidently to prove their point. The countering sessions spiced up the talk, making the debate more enjoyable. Mrs. Shruti Bhattarcharya , Head of the Department of English, Gitanjali Senior School, was the chief guest and the judge for the day.  



As a part of the CAS Programme the students of grade IX visited the ZILA PARISHAD SCHOOL on 27th July. Our students became thoroughly engaged in this process and truly understood the responsibility given to them. Our students sang a prayer song followed by interesting games and an interactive session. Their immersion in the interactions was remarkable. As a token of love, our students presented gifts to their new friends which were cherished and appreciated by them followed by a lunch at Suchitra campus. The self-realization of the fact that how small things give great happiness and how blessed all of us at Suchitra are, made the whole trip worth it.


The students of grade X visited DEVNAR SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND, BEGUMPET on 27th July. The purpose of this visit was to sensitize them to the ways in which the visually challenged cope with life and to recognize the blessing of ‘sight’ that we take for granted in our lives.

The students were taken around the school and were explained about the different resources used  to impart education to the visually challenged students. They enjoyed an interactive session and shared chocolates with their special friends. Somewhere it is said that scarcity brings out the best in a person. And that was quite clear from the visit. Surely as children walked out of those gates, they knew that something had changed in all of them—the way they saw things, the way they looked at others and most of all the way they looked at themselves.

SARVESH PARADKAR of GRADE X shares through his words how he took back a powerful lesson for himself:  “We received the unique opportunity to interact with the students. It was a joy to talk to our grade 10 counterparts. We got to see how they learn a variety of subjects using the Braille script and other auditory aids. From the chairman of the school, we learnt how several alumni, despite being visually impaired, have successfully pursued academics. Some have completed their CA, others are now in renowned law universities, engineering colleges and even gainfully employed in IT firms. We learnt how the students overcome their disability with sheer hard work and willpower. By doing so, they have managed to thrive in various paths of life. I took back one powerful message inscribed in my heart – if they can overcome the barriers of their disability to be happy and productive, then all the hurdles we conceive to our success are purely excuses.”


1st August                          : Holiday- Bonalu

8th -9th August                : Talen-Time: Inter-School Literary Competitions

11th August                       : Inter- House Patriotic Song Competition



Dear Parents the past week- Literary Week-  has been extremely hectic as for any competition, to get the final participants we start from the very grass root level. The whole process started more than 2 weeks back.  I can say with complete confidence that each and every child of the school was given an opportunity to participate and eventually those who showed that bit of extra talent came on to the stage and took away  top honours. Please rejoice in the fact that all are being groomed and given the opportunity to explore. Finally the winners are those who ace it at all levels. I am sure your child too is next in line and has the potential.

My apologies as we had many hiccups in trying to organise fee payment through ICICI Bank. The bank just could not get its software readied and as a result we cut a sorry picture.

We request you to come and pay the II Term Fee in school itself. Please do keep in mind the last date for Fee Payment – 31st July (without any late Fee).

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy



15th July, 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

We are happy to keep you posted about the various events and happenings at Suchitra!! .

Please read on for some interesting news from the Suchitra Campus….




Now that monsoon is here, it’s the perfect time to introduce the Preschoolers to the science of gardening. Gardening allows the children to learn many life’s lessons.

On Monday 4th July we tried out our “Green Thumbs” to sow some seeds. During this activity, each child was provided with a small plastic cup. The children added soil to the cup, sprinkled seed on top of the soil and covered the seed with a bit more of soil. Each child had the opportunity to water the seeds and then place the cup in a sunny spot. After watering and nurturing the seeds for several days, they can now see what is happening with their cups. Our seeds have started to sprout!!!!

Planting seeds with young children is a valuable life project as that helps them see how seeds become alive! Besides they learn responsibility as they provide daily care to the new plants.


On Tuesday 5th July we had Mrs. Sherebanu Imani, Taher’s mother from Sr. KG and Mrs. Humera Fatima, Sufiyan’s mother from Nursery visiting the school to describe the holy month of Ramzan, when they fast and give up eating and drinking during the day. They explained that this is a time of prayer and for thinking of those who are less fortunate. Children were also treated to yummy sheer korma by the parents.

We would heartily like to thank Mrs. Sherebanu and Mrs. Humera for spending their valuable time and sharing valuable information on the festival of Ramzan.


The Preschoolers had the opportunity to visit the Chocolate Factory on Thursday 14th July. Mr Ajit Jain parent of Devansh was kind enough to allow the children visit the factory. The children were amazed at where the chocolate came from. They watched a demonstration of how chocolates were moulded, how they were wrapped and how they were packed in the cartons to be sent out. We had many questions for the owner of the factory and learned a lot about the process. It was a very ‘sweet’ visit as all the children got to eat and carry chocolates !!!! Thanks a lot Mr. Ajit Devansh.



Monday 25th & Tuesday 26th July***         – Medical camp

Friday 29th July                                         – Theme-end Presentation



The students of Grade VIII visited the Police station at Petbasheerabad on Friday, 1st July, as part of an interactive programme. The officials spoke to them about the way a police station functions. The students visited the control room and other facilities at the police station. It was a highly informative session with the Sub- Inspector where the children asked various questions ranging from their ranks, functions to use the handcuffs and the service revolver. Some were curious about how the control room functioned and how the wireless sets worked. They were excited to enter the cell (the lock-up) and enjoyed the few seconds of getting ‘locked up’. The children were extremely happy to have availed this opportunity as they learned a lot about the police station and the police force.

A Special Assembly depicting the importance of RAMZAN was presented on Tuesday, 5TH July by the students of Grade IV A. The essence of the month of Ramzan was highlighted through a ppt explaining the meaning and significance of the festival. The children spoke confidently discussing the various facets associated with Ramzan.

The presentation ended with a thought- provoking video showing kindness as one of the simplest and most important character trait someone can possess.

Another Special Assembly on the ENIGMA OF SHAKESPEARE was presented on Wednesday, 6TH July by the students of Grade VIII A. The assembly started with a ppt on Shakespeare which highlighted his life and works. The genius of Shakespeare was brought forth with enactment of a scene from the hilarious play “Much Ado About Nothing”. The entire presentation was put together beautifully and effective dialogues brought the characters to life.


As a special activity, grades I to III had COLLAGE MAKING on Van Mahotsav on Friday, 8th July. The mentors and students had a brain storming session and came up with some innovative and creative collages using different parts of plants. It was not only a fun activity but also a learning experience for the students. All the students were proud of their handiwork and posed excitedly with their masterpieces.



An INVESTITURE CEREMONY was conducted on Wednesday, 13th July to invest the newly appointed office bearers of the School Council to take charge. The programme began with a Ganesh Vandana dance. Colonel Manoj Gupta and Mrs Neeti Manoj, parents of the School Captain, were the Guests of Honour. Colonel Manoj Gupta is currently serving as the Commanding Officer at the Training Centre in Roorkee. He invested the student representatives with the office giving them the badge and the sash. The office bearers took their oath of office and pledged their loyalty to the school.

Aryan Manoj, the School Captain spoke about his dreams and vision for the school in his acceptance speech. Col Gupta, the Chief Guest, spoke about the profound role that the school is playing in shaping of the children’s destiny, specially his son Arayan Manoj’s. He lauded the relentless hard work of the teachers at Suchitra.



 Photo edited with https://www.tuxpi.com


Preparations for the Language Week are in full swing. As promised we have made sure that each and every child participates and gets an opportunity to enter the competitions. The first round of eliminations was held in the classrooms, next round was among the different sections and now the final elimination rounds for all the competitions are over. The Inter House competitions start from 18th July. Dear Parents, we hope that you are taking time off from you schedules and are helping the children prepare for the upcoming competitions. We wish them all the best!!


18TH July, Monday                    – Inter- House Solo and Group Recitation Competition (Gr I-X)

19th July, Tuesday                    – Inter- House Story Telling (Gr I- II) and Extempore    Competitions (Gr III-X)

20th July, Wednesday              – Inter- House Creative Writing Competition (Gr I-X)

21st July, Thursday                  – Inter- House Oration (Gr I-VII) and Declamation Competitions (Gr VIII-X)

22nd July, Friday                       – Inter- House Debate Competition (Gr VIII-X)

25th -26th July                           – Medical Check-up

27th July, Wednesday              – FA2 starts

28th July, Thursday                  – Visit to Legislative Assembly and Public Garden Museum (Gr VII-VIII)

28th July, Thursday                  – Visit to Science Museum (Gr IX-X)

29th July,Friday                        – Field trip to the Zoo (Gr I, II and IV) and Field trip to Police Station (Gr VI-VII)

As you can see dear parents, our calendar is choc-a-bloc with plans for each and every grade. This is what we mean when we say that we are concerned about ‘all around’ development of the child. These are the experiences that shape your child’s thoughts and perceptions. The easiest thing to do is to sit in the class room and teach from a text book. But life doesn’t originate from a text-book!

This is our differentiator!

Please note the following to ensure overall discipline and order-

  1. Children can not come to school with fancy hair-cuts and fancy gadgets including wrist-watches!
  2. Sick children are not to be sent to school, at all, be it for a test or a spell bee. There is no half day permitted.
  3. Please send all the child’s belongings in the morning. It is not possible for us to deliver stuff to your child during the school hours.
  4. The overall turn out is checked on day to day basis, disciplinary action is taken against defaulters.
  1. Please speak to your child about how important it is to behave properly in the school bus. The children MUST sit in their allotted seats. Must not get up and walk around. Must not get into scuffles and fights. Must listen to Ayamma. If they are not cautious they can get hurt.
  1. Second Term Fees has to be paid by or before 31st Later than that there would be a late Fee charged.
  2. Our School Excursion in October (1st to 7th) to Delhi, Dalhousie and Amritsar is open to grades V to X.  50 children have already enrolled. We can take in another 10. Send in your names at the earliest please.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy



Namaste Dear Parents

We are happy to keep you informed about the various events and happenings at Suchitra!! . The month of June was a blink and miss with a flurry of activities. It was exhilarating!!

Please read on for some interesting news from the Suchitra Campus….


June has come to an end! All the children have settled into their new routines extremely well. We have enjoyed watching new friendships blossoming and the reconnecting of friends from last year. You should all be very proud of your little ones as they are doing an amazing job of learning new routines, being responsible helpers and thoughtful friends. Needless to say, we are very excited for a wonderful year ahead!


Father’s day is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society. We at Suchitra Academy celebrated FATHER’S DAY on Friday 24th June. Thank you everyone for your wonderful response to the Father’s Day celebration. It was truly heart warming for us to see such involved fathers. Thank you for being you. We appreciate your existence and the often times silent but impactful role you have been playing. You all rocked !


To understand that all living things grow and have various stages of growth, children were introduced to the LIFE CYCLE OF A BUTTERFLY through stories and videos. To understand the learning better children had the opportunity to see real larva, cocoon and caterpillar. On Wednesday 29th June to make the process of learning more fun teachers enacted the story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and performed on a butterfly dance for the children.


On Saturday, 18th June all the new parents were invited for an Orientation Programme to put across the school philosophies and teaching methodology etc. Thank you so much for turning up in big numbers.


  • Please remember to arrive at school on time.
  • Please ensure that there is extra pair of clothes in the child’s bag, always.
  • Please ensure that all clothing and lunch boxes, water bottles and shoes etc. are all clearly labelled so that missing items can easily be traced.
  • We remind you that personal toys from home are not encouraged as we cannot keep track of them.


Monday 4th July                       – Making our vegetable patch

Tuesday 5th July                       – Parent visit (talk on Ramzan)

Wednesday 6th July                 – Ramzan Holiday

Thursday 14th July                   – Field trip (Chocolate factory)



An ORIENTATION SESSION FOR NEW PARENTS was conducted on Saturday, 18th June. This session was an attempt to familiarize parents with the school and its practices. This meeting highlighted the mutual expectations to be shared and provided a better understanding of our teaching and learning process.

Parents of grades IX-X were specially invited to be familiarised with the CBSE and CCE practices. It is a pity that the most parents did not deem it fit to attend. The school works extremely hard to train the students and without sufficient parental support the purpose gets defeated. In fact most parents missing the day were the ones that most needed to be there. Hope in future we can expect better response.


“Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand” 

On the occasion of World Music Day a MUSICAL ASSEMBLY was conducted on Tuesday, 21st June. The budding musicians of Suchitra showcased their expertise not only in playing the different musical instruments but also left us enthralled with their melodious singing. They presented an informative PPT which highlighted the different genres of music and the world famous musical maestros who left no stone unturned in taking their music to greater heights. It was a wonderful assembly which left everyone wanting for more.  Special thanks to our music mentors.


As a special activity on Thursday, 23rd June there was a house meeting of all the four houses. Students were nominated for the various school portfolios like school captain, sports captain and house prefects. The four different houses nominated these students and the final appointments would take place after another round of selections.


An Inter-class DISPLAY BOARD COMPETITION from grades I-X was held on Monday, 27th June. All the classes were decorated in a very tasteful manner and the effort of the mentors was evident. Each and every classroom had a theme which was the backbone of the chart display. Some of the interesting themes were stationery, sports, flags, unity, space etc.

The winners of the competition are:

Group –A Nursery B and Junior KG B (share the prize)

Group –B Grade IC

Group –C Grade VA

Group –D Grade IXB


A Special Assembly on the topic LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE was presented on Tuesday, 28th June by the students of Grade III A.  The presentation highlighted the importance of laughter in our daily lives. It also conveyed that being happy irrespective of the difficult situations will definitely keep us in a good mental and physical health. They presented the topic beautifully and the children spoke with confidence. As the saying goes that all good things come to an end, the assembly came to an end with a laughter exercise.

Another Special Assembly on the topic PERSEVERANCE, PERSISTENCE AND PERFECTION was presented on Wednesday, 29th June by the students of Grade X.  The students exhibited immense confidence leaving a profound effect on all.


The students of grade VI were taken on a field trip to the GHMC office at Chintal on Wednesday, 29th June. This trip was an attempt to enable them to understand the functions of the local self-government (Municipal Corporation) in the cities. The students saw the office of the executive engineer. They had an interactive session with Ms. V.Mamata, Deputy Commissioner GHMC. She explained about the different departments and answered questions raised by the students about the working of GHMC. This trip was highly informative and it provided a practical insight into the government system and their functions.

GK QUIZ COMPETITION 20160630_092848

An Inter House General Knowledge Quiz competition was organized on Thursday, 30th June for grades II- IX. The Quiz consisted of  seven rounds viz. Quick Thinking, Mixed Bowl, Sports, Science, Audio Round, Visual Round and Rapid Fire. The questions were highly innovative and of extreme diverse nature, covering practically all fields of General Knowledge and overall awareness. It was clearly evident that the students from all the four houses were well informed and performed amazingly well, answering even the seemingly difficult questions with ease. The Quiz contained questions on a wide range of topics to test every facet of the student’s knowledge. All the participants displayed a commendable level of awareness and knowledge and gave each other a tough fight for the top honours.  They strove to be declared as winners till the very end of the contest. Finally in the junior category  SUKRITI HOUSE and in the senior category PRAKRITI HOUSE


Dr. Mahesh Prasad, Principal of Step by Step school, Noida visited us on Wednesday 27th June, 2016 for and interaction. Dr. Prasad has experience of working as a Principal in reputed schools like Army Public School, The Heritage School.

These schools are known for their approach in alternate ways of teaching-learning pedagogy and Dr. Prasad has an immense contribution in bringing these schools to a remarkable position. E is a true facilitator who can bring out the best in teachers and students. He believes in a kind of education which helps children to come out of their fear and exercise their abilities to the fullest.


2nd July                                              : II PMI

6TH July                                              :  Holiday –  Ramzan  ( may change as per moon sighting)

13th July                                            : Investiture Ceremony

13th July                                            : Class level Eliminations for Language Week begin.


Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy


NEWSLETTER 17th June, 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

A very warm welcome to all the new students as well as those who come back after a vacation.

It is going to be a very busy and exciting year, with lots of learning opportunities and new experiences.

We know you will continue to work with us, so your child can grow in confidence, with a love of learning and a determination to be the best.


Welcome back! We hope you have had an enjoyable summer. The children have certainly had lots of exciting stories to share.

We also wish all our new students and families a special welcome, and  hope they will enjoy their time at Suchitra Academy.

Please ensure that, as parents you have a great value for school and education. Explain to your child that treating everyone with respect, being on time and wearing correct uniform is important. They are also important life skills. The value you place on these will be the value your child holds.

We in school will do everything we can to help your child to do the best. Let us know if we can support you in any way. Remember we have an open door policy. Feel free to fix an appointment with your child’s class teacher, if you have concerns or need support, help or advice.


Teachers have been busy last few days preparing for the 2016-17 school year. Teachers have participated in professional development courses to improve the instructional opportunities for students. Through these our goal is to improve student learning.


The safety of all the children is of utmost importance to us, and therefore we would just like to remind you that children must not be left unaccompanied in the school in the mornings before 08.15 a.m. Similarly, all children must be collected on time at the end of the school day. You MUST contact the school office if there is a change i.e another adult will be collecting your child.


We begin our term with the Theme ‘Change is Constant and Machines’.

Through this theme children’s attention will focus on the changes that occur everywhere, and every moment around us – of night turning into day, of fresh flowers in the morning drooping by evening.

But why and how do things change? Do they all follow the same pattern? Or do different things change differently? These are the questions that this theme will seek answers to.


Through this theme children will also learn about simple machines. Children will learn how these machines make our work easier. Hands-on-learning is always the best way to keep students engaged. In this theme children will observe and verbalize the differences in a variety of machines.


After the Nursery and Playgroup classes resumed on Wednesday 15th June, students of Pre-primary were gifted colourful glasses. These glasses will be retained in school to make their milk time more exciting.


Saturday, 18th June                 – New Parents’ Orientation                  

Friday 24th June                        – Father’s Day Celebrations



IMG_0351Wednesday, 8th June 2016, the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Air filled with excitement. Teachers eagerly awaiting the arrival of the students and the students too busy exchanging their summer holiday stories with their peers. That was the scene in the morning!!!!

There were a few surprises in store for them. Not only were their classrooms beautifully decorated but some classrooms had vanished and some new ones had come up!!! It took some time for them to get oriented with the new layout. The students were happy to receive welcome gifts from their teachers and enjoyed fun-filled activities, planned just for them.



13331150_1328676613814581_317778788557790016_nA workshop on the 4 P’S OF MATHEMATICS was conducted on Saturday, 4th June 2016. It was facilitated by Ms. Tahsin Chacko of Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd. for teachers teaching mathematics at the primary level. The session highlighted on how stories can be incorporated in teaching mathematics and problem solving skills. It was an educating session wherein new ideas were shared to understand the basic pedagogy of teaching mathematics.


A workshop on the DEVELOPMENTAL CHALLENGES OF STUDENTS was conducted on Saturday, 4th June 2016. It was facilitated by Ms. Spandana Kommuri, a counselling psychologist. The session focussed on the developmental challenges in children that are spread across a varied spectrum ranging from dyslexia, autism to ADHD. The workshop was designed to create the much needed awareness in the teaching community to help teachers identify different developmental challenges.



13406734_1335909083091334_2574736785949735558_nThe week, 16TH June – 17TH June, saw the students of grades II-X, engaged fruitfully through a range of activities in order to celebrate the REGIONAL LANGUAGES.. Being aware of the need to build a strong Hindi/Telugu literary foundation, it was endeavoured to generate a sense of participation and excitement amongst the students. Inter-house solo recitation, storytelling and group song were conducted as part of the event.

It was thoroughly enjoyed by all!!13466390_1335909729757936_6497113264875477749_n

(Results on the last page)






18th June                    – ORIENTATION FOR NEW PARENTS (I-VIII) 9.25am- 11am and                                                    (IX   & X) 1.25pm-2.45pm

24th June – 4th July   – FA 1 GRADES IV-VIII 

30th June                      – GK QUIZ COMPETITION GRADES II-X

Dear parents as you can see we have just started the session and we are headlong into ‘ACTION’. We would be starting the ECA too from Monday. Please refer to the class timetable to know your child’s activity days.

Please note-

As per your response in the feedback forms during the last PMI (16th March), we have introduced Sanskrit as III language. We have also changed the lunch time for junior classes. There were requests to monitor ECA (extracurricular activities) better. That too has been looked into.

Dear parents while we pay such close attention to what you say it will only be fair to expect that you too will do the same, with regard to our instructions. In my previous mail I had sent some dos and don’ts regarding discipline and turn out and I repeat some of those here.

Hair cut of the students and the Monday uniform are checked on every Monday. If not in order, defaulter students are sent back home. Prescribed haircut is evenly cut hair of not more than 1” length. (no fancy haircuts)

The overall turn out is checked on day to day basis, disciplinary action is taken against defaulters.

For the benefit of new admissions, please note discipline in all forms; whether it is punctuality, turn out, submitting Home Assignments in time or behaving and speaking in an appropriate manner- is most important to us. I am sure you share the same concerns too.

Together we can shape the future of our children and this country.

I will welcome responses from you.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy






NEWSLETTER 22nd April 2016

Namaste dear parents

We take this opportunity to wish all our students and their parents a joyous summer vacation. Hopefully we will see all our students back at school ready for the literary week activities, quizzes and special assemblies.

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra. The month of April was a blink and miss with a flurry of activities. It was exhilarating!! It was an amalgamation of academics, community and action experiences that are vital in supporting the academy’s holistic programme.


DENTIST VISIT12718023_1291219374226972_2808052821289662189_n

Our focus this week shifted from body hygiene to dental hygiene. We talked about how to keep our teeth clean and healthy. Children explored their feelings about going to the dentist for an appointment, during which few children expressed their discomfort about visiting a dentist.

To make the children aware of the importance of a Dentist, we had Dentist Dr. Y. Chandra Neela come and visit our school On Thursday 14th April. Children learned about the tools dentist uses to check our teeth. They also got the opportunity to look at real teeth mould. 12985542_1291219187560324_6241316208506314065_nChildren compared a child’s teeth to an adult’s teeth and realized that adults have many more teeth than the children’s. Children realized the importance of brushing twice each day. Through this session children learned new words like decay and cavities.


Thank you to all the parents who attended the PMI on Wednesday 20th April. We enjoyed talking with each one of you. Our conversations are extremely important to us. Open communication between parents and us plays a major role in our working together towards achieving the maximum potential of your child.


Monday 13th June                – School Re-opens for Sr. KG and Jr. KG

Wednesday 15th June         – School Re-opens for Playgroup and Nursery




On Tuesday, 12th April, 2016, students of grade V A presented a special assembly on the topic ‘GIVE A LITTLE, GET A LOT’. The assembly started with a thought- provoking video showing kindness as one of the simplest and most important character trait someone can possess. The students staged a skit which highlighted the fact that one random act of kindness, a simple compliment or expression of empathy will not only make the person’s day, but it will have a profound effect on yours, too. In the end, the students sang a melodious song that tuned towards the fact that the power to make the world a better place begins with us.


Mother Teresa once said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” The true meaning of life is the joy of giving. As part of the Community Service Programme our students had visited the Zila Parishad Primary School last year. This visit brought to light the lack of infrastructure in this school. Children sat on the floor, with their backs hunched for almost the entire day. We felt this could lead to bad posture, bad eyesight and could bring down their enthusiasm. Thus we came up with this idea of providing benches and we donated 15 benches to this school in an endeavour to help students to study more comfortably.

TEACH FOR CHANGE 13015686_1294532453895664_8371311133720083443_n

An interactive session was conducted for the students of grades IX-X on Monday, 18th April 2016. Our guest speaker Mr. Chaitanya MRSK is the Founder and CEO of Teach for Change. He is a young social activist working to make quality education inclusive in India. The session was extremely enriching!! His words not only enlightened but also motivated and inspired our students to identify their role in building a wider movement for educational equity in the country.



IMG_0063A workshop on “Buffer Time Management” was conducted on Tuesday, 19th April 2016. This session highlighted how a small time pocket or gap between two tasks in a class can be utilized efficiently to bring out the best in the students. This workshop equipped the teachers to design activities to engage the students so that any time can become a happy learning time. These activities can serve a general purpose that apply to various subject areas or be specific content-oriented activities that allow students to learn by tapping into multiple intelligences beyond the usual listening and recalling.