My Experience at the DAV MUN!

“And the best delegate award goes to the delegate of UK…”, was my moment of utter shock!
Well, this doesn’t happen in many MUNs to me, even in those that I win. This was only because
I was up against undoubtedly one of the most experienced delegates in the Hyderabad MUN
circuit; one with over 39 MUN experiences, was the Chairperson in DRSMUN 2K19, and an
extremely intelligent friend. People say hard work really pays off. I now do second that notion.
You must be thinking that I had been researching for days and days to reach this result, but in
fact, I had registered only two days before the MUN deadline. Well, that is not something I would
recommend! To make up for the delay I had nights that lasted till almost 1AM or 2 AM
researching, with the best partner any MUNer or researcher can have – a can of Monster (BTW,
believe me, you drink Redbull, you’ll doze off straight away).
This is undoubtedly the most productive MUN I’ve been to as it has opened a whole other
side of the United Nations to me – the ‘technical part’ as I call it. One where you dig up
resolutions and treaties signed in the 1940s and 50s and find articles and clauses that the
opposing party violates and retort to them with evidence or loopholes and interpretations that
can be used to justify and defend your side. The agenda of the Committee – The Security Council
– I participated in was ‘The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.’ And one thing that made the most
challenging committee, the Security Council even more challenging was that it was a historic
Security Council, with the freeze date being 4th January 1980. (In real life, the Security Council
meeting was called on 5th January 1980).
So, what that means is there are 0 Reuters reports or UN reports up to this date, as in the
simulation the Soviets had just invaded Afghanistan around 6 months back, and there were no
huge advancements made by that time, except in the President’s House. So basically, the soviets
invoked Article 51 of the UN charter, one of the most widely used and controversial article
which allows “collective self-defense” and the Afghanistan government was under threat from a
militant group, the Mujahedeen – the Soviets intervened. They staged a coup and installed a
Soviet-backed president and killed the previous President who had also just killed the previous
Socialist President who also came to power in 1978 after a coup. Hilarious!!!
Well, that’s more or less what MUN-ing is all about. The MUN provides a platform for me to
meet new people and make new friends – people with diverse lives, and different perspectives
and high maturity. The icing on the cake is the Socials – with the rappers and beatboxers and the
DJs, it is the part that all of MUNers look forward to, to close our two-three days of formal
experience, let loose and enjoy.
#DemoracyDiesInDarkness #DAVMUN

– Murtasa Khambati

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