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Vision   : To be lifelong learners and leaders.

Mission: To provide whole education with academic excellence.


Suchitra Junction, Qutubullapur(M)

RR (Dist), Hyderabad




                 NEWS FROM PRE PRIMARY                 1

Namaste Dear Parents,

We are happy to keep you informed about the various events and happenings at Suchitra!!

Please read on how the fortnight unfolded at Suchitra Campus….


Change is the only constant in this world and nothing else is.  In our everyday life, we observe so many changes around us—of night turning into day, of our piping hot breakfast turning cold before we consume it, of fresh flowers in the morning drooping by evening. While these are more immediate changes, there are also changes that take place over a period of time. To teach this omnipresent topic, teachers used the inductive method of teaching.   It truly has been exhilarating for the kids to learn different types of changes through various activities which, we are sure have triggered multi-dimensional learning in children.


Different types of changes like fast change, slow change, permanent change, desirable, undesirable change, etc. were explained through beautiful illustrations such as sharpening a pencil, curdling of milk, burning paper to ash. These activities were done throughout the week to make children aware of how the changes take place around them.



To make children understand the life cycle of a butterfly, the Pre-primary teachers enacted the story ‘Charlie, the caterpillar’ on Wednesday, 20th June. This story helped children understand and tell the various stages of the life cycle of a butterfly.


Colours are indeed the smiles of nature…

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 7.06.14 PM (1)

Red colour symbolizes enthusiasm, life and vitality. Pre-primary celebrated the Red colour day on Friday, 22nd  June. The children and the teachers were dressed in different shades of


                 NEWS FROM PRE PRIMARY                 2

red and spent a spectacular fun filled day playing various red colour games. It was indeed a wonderful learning experience for the children.


WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 8.41.40 PM

On Tuesday, 26th June, the Pre- Primary teachers introduced the water cycle through a skit on the story ‘The life of water-Water which gives life’. Children were shown how the tiny drops go up and form clouds and then fall in the form of rain. They were also taught about the importance and the uses of water.



On Wednesday, 27th June, children were encouraged to sow seeds. Children had brought pots that they painted and sowed the seeds in them. Children will soon learn that the plants need soil, sunlight, air and water to grow. They were also taught the importance of taking care of them and to observe their growth.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 8.39.21 PM


Monday, 2nd July                  :  Demonstration on working of simple machines

Friday, 6th July                      :  Demonstration on turning wheat to flour, flour to roti.

Friday, 13th July                     :  Visit to a Carton box factory



“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” – Henry Ford.

On Friday, 22nd June, the students of Grade III D presented a special assembly on the topic OF ALL POSSESSIONS, FRIENDS ARE PRECIOUS. The assembly focused on how friends play a huge role in our lives in shaping us into the person we are. The students enthralled the audience with their melodious singing and a foot tapping dance number. They learnt that loving relationships are integral for our well-being and survival.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 7.06.05 PM (1)


WhatsApp Image 2018-06-27 at 10.03.35 AM

An INVESTITURE CEREMONY was conducted on Tuesday, 19th June. Mr Kacharu Toshniwal and Mrs Anjali Toshniwal, parents of the School Captain, were the guests of honor. Mr Toshniwal invested the new bearers of the student council. The office bearers took their oath of office and pledged their loyalty to the school.  Yash Toshniwal, the School Captain spoke about his dreams and vision for the school in his acceptance speech. The sombre occasion was marked with grace and dignity. Mr. Toshniwal

addressed the gathering and complimented the school on its various brilliant policies. We are grateful to Mr and Mrs. Toshniwal.



The political science students of Grade XI brought out their artistry as they drafted constitutions for the school in pairs, as a part of their creative assignment for the week. Drafting a constitution for the school not only gave them a better and engaging understanding of their lesson based on the creation, essentiality, functioning and implementation of the constitution, but also gave them a clear picture of the decorum of the school and the vitality of basic rules and etiquette. It also imbibed in them the value of team spirit and co-ordination and the lofty process of accommodating different ideas and mindsets and social contexts into a document that promotes collective good and the principles of fairness and justice going hand in hand with liberality and self identity. The students came up with different and

                 NEWS FROM HIGH SCHOOL                 4

impressive layouts and content for their respective constitutions and enjoyed the project as well as acquired quite a chunk of knowledge through this innovative assignment.


An Inter-class DISPLAY BOARD COMPETITION from Grades I-XI was held on Thursday, 28th June. All the classes were done up in very appropriate and aesthetic  manner and the effort of the mentors and students was evident. Each and every classroom had a theme which was the backbone of the chart on display. Some of the interesting themes were World War II, Marvels, food, social media, monuments etc. The winners of the competition are:

Grade First Second Third Consolation
Pre Primary Sr. KG  C ( Laila )

Jr. KG  B ( Sravanthi)

Sr. KG A ( Supriya ) —– ——
Grade I – III II A ( Manjeet ) I B ( Kamlesh ) I D ( Karina) —–
Grade IV – VII IV C ( Mary ) IV B ( Kamalpreet ) —— ——
Grade VIII – XI IX A ( Aliza ) X A ( Sujana)

IX B ( Nayantara)

——- X B ( Lalitha)




Like every year, we began with the Literary week eliminations this week.  Our objective has always been to ignite and foster a love of words in addition to encouraging children to come forward to speak.  The Literary week is a manifestation of the fact that we walk our talk- our policy of ’No child left behind’ is the unbending truth when

36176462_2179009335447967_3135432795887763456_o (1)

every child is given an opportunity to speak in front of an audience.

Talen-Time, the Inter- School event we conduct every year in July requires us to begin planning early.  This year, a Grade XI student- Anna Joyce Velpukonda designed our invitation to other schools. It delights us that new students have woven themselves into our school fabric so effortlessly by either compeering the investitureinvite5

event or being such an integral part of the World Music Festival that we celebrated in school. It seems unbelievable that they have been here barely for a month!



                 NEWS FROM HIGH SCHOOL                5

Noise makers !


The Noisemakers, as they call themselves,made a lot of noise, amateurishly yet emphatically. Poorna Chandra(Keyboard), Vaibhav Kaza (Drums,vocals) and Shiv Charan(Guitar) made Suchitra Academy proud as they performed at the Rock Castle restaurant on Sunday, 24th of June alongside other budding musicians. The Grade IX music enthusiasts searched for this opportunity, auditioned and practised hard to render classics from The

Beatles, Queen and Linkin Park along with a couple of Hindi dance numbers. Three Cheers for their initiative and Wishing them many more such opportunities!



Students from Grade III were given a homework assignment in April to begin composting in a small pot. They brought/bought the compost and went around the campus to put it around the trees and plants.36268614_2182487921766775_1054889198198194176_o (1)



As part of their topic on Community Helpers, students from Grade II went and spoke to the drivers and maids in the school about their childhood and what they like to do.


Students from Grade V became data scientists for a day when they collected data regarding number of trees in the school. They found out the names of trees, type of reproduction, flowering time and uses were plotted on the bar graphs.


Artificial Intelligence-Day 1

Grade VIII had a session on making a robotic arm from material used everyday as part of the Artificial Intelligence program. The students were all excited and got actively involved in the process.

                 NEWS FROM HIGH SCHOOL                 6


SPELL BEE INTERNATIONAL- National Level Topper Results

S. No Group Reg No Name Class Sec Marks Position
1 II SPINTL10005 VivaanKanungo II B 97.8 Medal Winner
2 II SPINTL10001 K.Sankeerth Reddy II B 97.5 Medal Winner
3 II SPINTL10007 Saanvi Rajalingari II 92.5 Medal Winner
4 III SPINTL10002 SudikshaSundaresan III D 92.75 Medal Winner
5 IV SPINTL10038 Darphad Reddy B IV C 89 Medal Winner
6 IV SPINTL10040 KonankiVanshikaChowdary IV A 87 Medal Winner
7 VII SPINTL10055 KrishivGubba VII B 96.75 Medal Winner
8 II SPINTL10006 Rachit Raj Singhi II D 85 Achievement
9 VII SPINTL10061 Meenal Sahay VII B 86 Achievement


Congratulations to our Achievers !!


VEDA PRAPURNA of Grade VIII A has participated and won events in Lawn Tennis:

  1. Asian U 14 championship – held at Pune : Winner – Doubles ; Runner Up : Singles.
  2. All India Tennis association U14 and U16 Super series – held at Hyderabad : Runner Up – U 16 Singles

                    Eshita Raju has won a silver medal in the Mangolia Junior International series of Badminton.


30th June, Saturday                         : PMI Grade X

30th June, Saturday                         : New Parent’s Orientation

3rd – 6th July                                         : Language Week for Grades I-VII

6th July, Saturday                             : MUN preparations begin

9th July, Monday                              : Blue Jeans Day

10th July, Tuesday                            : Talen-Time

Dear parents I sincerely hope that having the App for bus tracking has brought some relief to all of you.

Those students and parents who joined us this June- hope everything is fine and the children have settled in well.

For any issues please write in to


Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principla, Suchitra Academy.


Contributions : Deepa.K, Anne.I, Satya.S, Sujana.L,, Sirisha.S.

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