NEWS LETTER 09th February 2018, VOL.6, ISSUE: 167

Namaste Dear Parents,

We have moved smoothly into the last few days of this academic year and are proceeding into preparation for the annual examinations and our focus is on refining the performance of our students.

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra. Please read on for some interesting news from the Campus….

It was a week full of quizzing fun…


A Quiz enhances general knowledge, thinking skills and curiosity among children. For Jr. KG this month, the competitive activity was quiz. The preliminary rounds were held, and the students who answered the best were selected to represent their class team. The Final quiz competition was held on Thursday, 1st February. A very interesting quiz was designed around the themes that have been covered this session. The quiz comprised of four rounds- general question, audio, visual and chit round.   The tiny tots participated with great enthusiasm and there was much anticipation in the air. The competition was very tight and all the students participated with high spirits. The Jr. KG B students won the competition by one question. The winning team comprised of –

  1. Malank Bahukandi      2. Neave Jain 3. Nivaan Shah


‘Spell and Tell’ competition was held for Sr. KG students on Friday, 2nd February. The competition helped the students to gain confidence and improve their vocabulary, which is an invaluable tool for language improvement. Post prelim round students were selected from each section to represent their class. The quiz was very creatively designed and had rounds on jumbled words, missing letters and spelling the picture. The Sr. KG A students won the competition. The winners were applauded and the efforts of all

the students were appreciated. The winning Team comprised of –

  1. Aarav Singla 2. Kush Mittal 3. Saharsh Kumar Kalva                         
    Forthcoming Events 

    Friday, 21st February               : Graduation Day

    Wednesday, 14th March         : New session begins for Jr & Sr KG

    Thursday, 15th  March            : New session begins for Playgroup and Nursery 




    27331839_1995756283773274_1051208772927851929_nThe book warriors from Grades V A and B made their second foray into Grades I- IV on Tuesday, 23rd January and were met with as much enthusiasm as their friends had received earlier. They spoke about characters, narrated short stories and encouraged their younger school mates to DROP EVERYTHING AND READ!



    On 26th January, 2018 we undertook the task of promoting and marketing the best of our “brand” in a gated community- Rainbow Vista, Kukatpally. The best practices followed in the school were highlighted and we hope the message has gone through- Suchitra is the place to be in!


    29th -30th January was an exhibition of a plethora of activities- the culmination of a year long extracurricular activity schedule. From strengthening the mind to promoting better time management skills, the extracurricular activity presentations both indoor and out door demonstrated how students have succeeded in much more than just their academic endeavors.


    The students of Grade VI tried their hands and minds to understand the concept of WASTE MANAGEMENT through their PBL presentation on Tuesday, 30th January. They presented the given topic through various activities, skits and street play.  In the process, students honed their organizational and research skills and developed better communication with their peers.


    18The students of Grades V-VII displayed their acting prowess through the THEATRE PRESENTATION on 31st January and 7th   February. They presented ‘Navrasas’—the nine emotions as part of their presentations. In this context they presented declamation, displayed different levels of the emotion through short plays and dances. The audience was treated to performances from a wide range of styles that made them enjoy every bit of the act.


    Visiting a POST OFFICE was something out-of-the-ordinary for the students of Grade III on Wednesday, 31st January. They visited the general Post Office, Secunderabad. They were taken around to see how the letters are collected and stamped. They were also educated on how postal banks are different from other commercial banks. They were taken to the accounts department, where they learnt how money is collected and stored. The warmth and eagerness with which the Post Office people welcomed the children was amazing. We can’t thank them enough!


    • Sir Ken Robinson


    An ART AND CRAFT exhibition was held on Saturday, 3rd February. This exhibition was an opportunity for the students to display their creative side, either through paint, craft, needle work or drawing etc. Articles made by students of Grades 1 to 10 were on display. Parents visited the exhibition and were impressed with their children’s work. We found it just as important to showcase the talent and brilliance of our Art and Craft Teachers. Hence their works too were on display including some amazing installations and sculptures.


    The SAHODAYA CLUSTER MEET was held on Wednesday, 7th February. The meeting was headed by the Chairperson, Ms Kasturi Reddy, Principal, St. Michael’s School, Alwal. 28 Principals from different CBSE schools came together and shared their expertise and experience for collective growth.


    8th and 9th were the days to make memories. Class photos were taken for the year 2017-18. Children can treasure them for years to come and look fondly at their teachers and class mates.


    Konanki Vanshika Chowdary of Grade IVA, won two Bronze medals at the 55th National Roller Skating Championship held in Chennai from 27-31st January, 2018.

    Yash Toshniwal of Grade VIII A is the winner of the English Spell Bee Finale, Term 2.


    12th February, Monday        : English Spell Bee Finale Grades I-VII

    12th February, Monday        : Revision for Annual Exam Begins

    13th February, Tuesday        : Holiday- Mahashivratri

    14th February, Wednesday : II Language Spell Bee Finale Grades I-VII

    15th February, Thursday      : GK Annual Exam Grades I-VII

    16th February, Friday           : ICT Annual Exam Grades VI-VII

    17th February, Saturday      : PMI – Grades VIII-IX

    19th February, Monday       : New Session for Grades IX-X

    22nd -28th February              : Annual Exam Grades I-VII

    Dear parents Fee Challans have been sent and last dates mentioned. You are requested to honor the dates and pay by the last date. Kindly meet the deadlines as there will be a late Fee charge after the last date. . You will note that we have not charged any additional Fees for all the Books/ Stationery/ Excursions and Tickets/ Class photographs / Craft requirements / Uniforms ( Rs. 10, 000/- or Rs. 11,000/-) other miscellaneous items,  this year. All these costs will need to be borne by you from the coming Academic year, as and when neededIn case you are withdrawing your child from the school please note 17th February is the last date to send in your TC request.  Beyond that, 1st Term Fees will have to be paid in order to get the TC.

    Please understand that our whole planning for the next Academic year (number of sections, teachers, class rooms, activities) is dependent on the school/ class strengths and it is necessary for us to know the number of children who will continue with us. Of that we can be sure of only after you pay the Fees.

    Revisions are going on in the classes and tests for GK, ICT, Spell Bees are already started. Please do make time to sit with the kids at the same time do not get excessively stressed. I am sure they will do well.

    Warm Regards

    Renu Shorey

    Director Principal, Suchitra Academy.

    Contributions : Deepa.k, Anne.I, Satya.S, Sujana.L, Shyam, Sirisha.

    Note : For more pictures of events visit us at

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