NEWS LETTER 24th March 2017

News from Pre – Primary School

Namaste Dear Parents,

As another academic year passes by in a flurry of assignments, grades, assessments and evaluation, we are back with a breath of fresh air and once again reminded of our vision and goals.

Education must strive to broaden minds and push towards spiritual horizons. Our journey is  an ongoing one.

We are thrilled to welcome you and your child to the new Academic year at Suchitra Academy Pre-primary. Your child’s pre-primary experience will be filled with personal growth as a thinker and learner. We are looking forward with great excitement to starting this learning journey with them. Our goal is to foster behaviours and attitudes that will allow them to become efficient learners for the rest of their lives. They will be expected to follow directions, work independently and with others, and take responsibility for themselves. Our goal is to develop good work habits that will help them in the future.

We will be communicating what the children are doing at school in our fortnightly newsletters.

Also, please check your child’s diary regularly for important information.

Please do not try to speak to or hold the mentor’s attention during arrival and dispersal time as there are kids around who need their attention more. If there is anything important you may communicate through the school diary or mail or you can call during the mentioned call time.

Please be sure to send your child to school with a reasonable amount of snack.

The learning focus during the month of March and April besides the theme will be on Social skills and Classroom responsibilities and rules.

Kids have started to learn the class routine and rules. They have learnt to find their names on the cubbies.  They were taken on a tour of the school, they drew pictures of themselves, wrote their names and played theme games.


29th March, Wednesday               : Holiday -Ugadi

3rd April, Monday                         : Introduction ‘Theme Marvellous Me’

5th April  Wednesday                    : Holiday -Ram Navami

6th April, Thursday                        :  Teeth brushing activity

News from High School

News from High School


Thursday, 16th March was a momentous day both for the students as well as the teachers. It was the beginning of THE NEW ACADEMIC SESSION for Grades I to VIII. The air was filled with mirth as students entered their classrooms with new and old classmates. It was as if the school had donned a new look!! The students began the day interacting with their new class teachers, making new friends and enjoying many ice-breaking activities.


An ORIENTATION PROGRAMME for the students of Grades IV to X was conducted by Mrs. Deepa Kapoor, the Vice Principal on Thursday, 23rd March. This programme highlighted the Timeline of Suchitra Academy accentuating the vision and mission that the school upholds. It was an enriching and informative presentation especially for the new students. It focussed on our core values and our expectations from the students for a fruitful progression of this academic session.


The students are imbued with new strength and enhanced energy as they are enjoying their swimming activity every week, especially as the weather grows warmer. Each splash and swim invigorates the senses. The benefits of swimming are endless. Our children are really having a great time!!!


        28th March, Tuesday                 : Ugadi Celebration

      29th March, Wednesday           : Holiday- Ugadi

      5th April  Wednesday               : Holiday -Ram Navami

      30th March, Thursday                 : Special Activity Grades I-X

      6th April, Thursday                       : Special Activity Grades I-X

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy

Note : For more pictures of events visit us at

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