27th January, 2017

Namaste Dear Parents,

Here’s the fortnightly round up of the medley of activities at Suchitra. Please read on for some interesting news from the Campus….



The theme ‘Habitat on Land and Water’ was introduced on Tuesday 17th January. Through this theme children will learn and understand the term ‘Habitat’. They will discover that forest, desert, water and arctic areas are unique and separate habitats. Children will identify animals and creatures living in different environments. Children will learn about the characteristics of animals that help them live and adapt to various environment.



Field trip to the zoo on Friday 20th January was an exciting learning experience for the kids. They got the opportunity to see various animals at the zoo. The Sr. KG kids were encouraged to observe and describe the similarities and differences among animals, including structure, growth and their movement. The train ride at the zoo added to all the learning fun and excitement.


Saturday, 4th February             – PMI (Parent Mentor Interaction)

Friday, 10th February               – Sr. KG Quiz Competition



An interactive session was conducted for the students of Grades IX-X on Monday, 16th dscn2699January. Our guest speaker, Raman K.V. has been associated with T.I.M.E. for over 16 years. He counseled and motivated our students to reach their career goals. He interacted with the students particularly about competitive exams like NTSE, NSLSTE, and OLYMPIADS. He shared his experiences and provided valuable advice to the young minds.

Another counselling session was conducted for the students of Grade X on Wednesday, 25th January. Our guest speakers, Ms Spandana and Ms Megha are from the Fountainheads Services. This interactive session involved both the students and their parents. The process was divided between the psychologists and counsellors. This interaction was designed to break the different myths associated with choosing a career, good over view of different career options and they also provided ample career information.



As part of the PBL topic “Are We Sensitive?” students of Grade II were taken to Krishna Sadan in Kompally on Wednesday, 18th January. An orientation was given to the students by Mr. Krishna Mohan, the founder of this home and a counsellor. A small cultural programme was organized by the school choir followed by a dance performance by the children. The teachers along with the students planted a sapling in their farm. It was the kindness, attention and the incredible love that they received from their elderly friends which made the children feel special in their presence.


The fragrance of the flower is never borne against the breeze; but the fragrance of human virtues diffuses itself everywhere.”                                                                                                                       ―Ramayana
A special assembly was presented by the students of Grade I on Tuesday, 24th January. Dressed as Ram, Lakshman, Sita, Hanuman and the demon king- Ravana, the little ones were seen walking in through the school gates!! The children showcased a heartwarming rendition of different scenes from the Ramayana. In fact the children were excited to perform the short dramatization of the scenes in their own special way. It was also wonderful to see them confidently moving on the stage performing and coordinating their parts in the play, moving props, mikes and sometimes even prompting. They left the audience awe struck with their performance.

Another special assembly on the topic ‘LIFE IS A SPORT, MAKE IT COUNT’ was presented sports-1on Wednesday, 25th January. The presentation emphasized on the importance of sports in a student’s life. Apart from highlighting the famous sports personalities who have carved a niche for themselves it also focussed on the various career paths that sports offers these days. The students made the audience aware that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and how sports teach us the value of discipline.

dscn2673A special assembly was conducted on Wednesday, 25th January to celebrate Republic Day. It was a moment of great pride for all of us to soak in the fact that it took almost 3 years for the Indian Constitution to be shaped in its current form. It was delightful to witness our students of grade II reciting the poem ‘I Salute My Flag’. The students of grade VII B presented a beautiful fan-dance giving an expression to their patriotic emotions. It was a perfect tribute to our motherland that reminded us that our country has flourished despite adversities.

Republic Day was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm.  The management, teachers and students of Grade X were present.  The celebrations commenced with the hoisting of the National Flag by Mr. Praveen Raju, M.D followed by a short programme.  The highlight of the programme was a soulful rendition of thoughts on patriotism by the Hindi Language department.


Winners of the Spell Bee Finale- Grade VIII

Rhea Bogarapu English VIII A
Rhea Bogarapu Hindi VIII A
Thrisha Varma Srimandapati Hindi VIII B
 Shashank Reddy Telugu VIII A
  B.Nikhil Telugu VIII B
 V.Sai Medha Telugu VIII B
Meghana Thakur Telugu VIII B


2nd February               : Grade VIII- SA2 begins  

4th February               : PMI & Art and Craft Exhibition

6th February               : Grades I to VII- English Spell Bee Finale

7th February               : Grades IB to VII B- Project Presentation

8th February               : Grades IA to VII A- Project Presentation

9th February               : Grades I to VII- II Language Spell Bee Finale

10th February            : Grade VIII- Paper sharing

10th February            : Grades I to IV C- Project Presentation

Dear parents the year is winding up as we start SA2 for Grade VIII and Spell Bee Finale for various classes.

Today we had the first day of CBSE Inspection for upgradation to Grade XI and XII. Tomorrow would be the final round. So at this point of time we can say with much more confidence that we would be starting Grade XI……….but the final verdict has to still come from the Board. In the meantime you can make your plans regarding your children’s admission here in Grade XI.

It is Thanks to the faith you all show in our plans and programmes that we have taken the next step in our growth. I can never thank you enough, also, for the Feedback you give through our surveys each Term reaffirming our faith in what we are doing for our children. If the school is able to grow in quality and numbers it’s all thanks to you and our teaching faculty.

Warm Regards.

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy.


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