NEWSLETTER 28th May, 2016

Namaste Dear Parents,

 Summertime is perfect for relaxing, hanging out with friends and taking a break from school. The unusually harsh April relented a bit in May and we all heaved a sigh of relief.

I am sure the young minds were active throughout the summer break. The Summer Camp going on in school came to a close on 28th May with a closing day celebration. All of 75+ children had a great time learning and having fun!

Please read on for some interesting news from the last week of April.



Our students Shriya Menon and Sarvesh Paradkar of Grade X along with Trisha Chakraborty, Head of Research and Training, participated in the 4th International Youth Conference “Science and Environment” on 21st & 22nd April, 2016. It was organized by The Achievers’ Programme (TAP) and hosted by The Doon SchoolDehradun. It was a call to our young people to understand environmental problems that plague our world and become proactive about their role in controlling the damage.

They were encouraged to assume their roles as youth leaders in the area of Earth Sciences and find appropriate solutions to some of the problems that persist. The conference was based on an Action Research Paper on any issue related to Environment. Twenty projects were selected from across the globe.

Our students worked on a project titled- Water Table Depletion in Hyderabad. They excelledin their presentation and exhibited prodigious confidence. Shriya Menon also bagged the ‘Best Team Work’ award in another presentation.

This conference served as a good platform to learn and left us with innovative ideas that can be implemented both at school and home to save Mother Nature.



A workshop on “Project Based Learning” was conducted on Tuesday, 26th April, 2016. This session was introduced as a specific pedagogical technique in which problem scenarios are used to increase knowledge and understanding of an issue. This workshop introduced the technique and created a space for discussing possibilities for PBL in different disciplinary contexts. The workshop helped the teachers to understand how to incorporate PBL instruction in the classroom by placing themselves in the role of students.  Teachers observed the process first hand, working with others to solve problems and to create effective materials, design activities and modes of assessment that will facilitate PBL in our classrooms.


Tuesday, 26th April, 2016, was a day to unwind for all the teachers with a POOL PARTY!! The teachers enjoyed an afternoon of interesting games and took a dip in the refreshing water of the swimming pool. It was an occasion for everyone to relax and de-stress after a very hectic and demanding schedule. It was a very welcome and pleasant change for all, especially before we all split up to go our own ways for the holidays.


Ms. Deepa Kapoor (Vice Principal) and Ms. Trisha Chakraborty (Head of Research and Training) attended ED-TALKS organized by Mind Mingles in Delhi on 30th April and 1st May, 2016.

It was a two day event meant to expose school leaders to the ideas of pioneers in education, to deliver years’ worth of ideas, insights and inspiration and revolutionize the sense of possibilities of transforming education in India.

Thirteen experts from the world of education were the key speakers who have devoted their lives to the cause of quality education.

The experience of listening to these speakers have made a great impact and helped to see the possibilities that exist in different facets of school life.


On May 1st, I accompanied a group of eight students from Classes IX and X for a memorable trip across four countries in Europe- Holland, Switzerland, France and GermanyEvery city that we visited had its own quaint charm- the tulips, the canals, the cobbled streets, the architecture of Amsterdam; the picturesque houses with the windmills in the background in Brussels, the breathtaking views as we drove through the countryside to reach the Rhine Falls, the spectacular beauty of the Alps, the awesomeness of Paris at night are scenes that I will never forget and I am sure that it will have the same significance for the young people that I went with.  The pictures we have attached speak a thousand words.

I would like to extend my appreciation to Mrs. Malleswari, a parent who accompanied us and Mr. Roger, our tour operator who were very helpful and supportive all through the trip.


Summer- a time to engage in a wide range of activities –when music, dance, the play ground beckons.  From 2nd May, our annual Suchitra Summer Camp took off with more than 75 participants. Children enjoyed swimming, basket ball, dance and foot ball in their three hours here.

On Saturday,28thMay, the Summer Camp concluded with an impressive display by the participants.  Ace Badminton Shuttler PV Sindhu was the Chief Guest.

Dear Parents, as June arrives, I am sure thoughts of going back to school must be resurfacing too. I sincerely hope the Home Assignments are being completed and books dusted!  I am sure you have spent quality time with your children and discovered new facets in their personalities.


It’s amazing how quickly the good times pass and very shortly it will be time to join back. Till then,enjoy !

Warm Regards


Director Principal, Suchitra Academy




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