NEWSLETTER 18th December 2015

Namaste dear parents,

Please read on and find out what we’ve been up to this busy fortnight.

News from the PRE-PRIMARY

They say time flies when you’re having fun and the speed with which this year has flown by, just proves this point. Indeed Pre-primary kids are having fun at Suchitra Academy.


Yes! Children’s Day Celebration happened on Friday 11th December. We DSC_1118missed out on the date but not the special Occasion. The teachers ensured to make this day very special for the kids. The Kids enjoyed watching their teacher’s perform especially for them, which was followed with games and yummy snacks and juice. Teachers also expressed their affection by presenting gifts to each and every child.


As our theme ‘Joy of Sharing and Caring / Fantasy Land’ is in progress kids enjoyed learning through various stories and are also learning to differentiate between Real and Fantasy world. Kids are also getting the opportunity to go to other classes and enjoy stories told by various teachers. Kids are talking about their favourite stories and book characters as part of the theme.


During our last theme kids had created a vegetable patch and sowed some seeds, which they have been taking care of and now our vegetable patch has bloomed. We have been identifying the changes in the bulbs and flowers and are watching our vegetables grow.


During our reading program we have been talking about concepts of print and about how authors convey their stories /messages. Kids have been developing reading habits by trying to read independently and sharing ideas with others. We continue to reinforce phonics and have a word wall in our classrooms.


A well deserved break from the school routine was long overdue. The trip planed to NTR Gardens on Thursday 17th December was amazing. Kids thoroughly enjoyed playing various games. The Horse ride and the train ride was an icing on the cake. Not forgetting the 3D movie which was an experience by itself.


  • Please can we remind you to make sure your child’s school bag is emptied regularly and that only essential items remain in there.
  • Change of clothes is a must
  • Also make sure your child carries only healthy snacks for short break. ( no chips, fried stuff etc. pl.)                                   


Tuesday, 22nd Dec – Pre-primary Sports Day

Friday,   25th Dec – Christmas Holiday



On Tuesday, 8th December, grade IIIB conducted a special assembly on the topic. ‘TEAMWORK’. The program started with the theme ‘United we stand Divided we fall’. The students spoke with great confidence about the importance of teamwork in school and emphasized how teamwork is crucial in all spheres of life. They also explained the top seven essential qualities to build a successful team. The children had put up an amazing performance and their efforts were greatly appreciated by one and all.

On Wednesday, 9th December, grades VIIB and VIIIB conducted special assemblies on the topics ‘FORGIVENESS’ and ‘STRESS MANAGEMENT respectively.
Grade VIIB showed 2 videos based on the theme and also enacted a short skit about how misunderstandings crop up in class and how they can be resolved easily. The students ended their assembly with a song.
Grade VIIIB started their assembly with a skit followed by tips to reduce stress. They showed a video on stress management and involved the entire audience in a guided meditation session.

On Tuesday, 15th December Gr III A presented a special assembly on the topic ” TRY TRY TRY TILL YOU SUCCEED “. The children conveyed the importance of taking up a work and never giving up till it is achieved. They presented the topic beautifully in the form of a skit followed by a video of the same. All the children spoke with confidence and conducted the presentation with enthusiasm.

IMG_6478On Wednesday, 16th December, grade IVA presented an assembly on ‘COMMUNICATION SKILLS.’ The assembly began with skits which showed how not only non-verbal but also words can be misunderstood. This highlighted the importance of effective communication. A ppt and a video was shown and tips on good communication were discussed, the most important being becoming an engaged listener. Ways of dealing with stress during communication were also established. The assembly was very effective and lived up to its topic.


12316663_1201539506528293_1313592027220937769_nOn Tuesday, 8th December, grades V – VIII went on a FIELD TRIP TO NISA facility of CISF ( Central Industrial Security Force) on the occasion of their Silver Jubilee celebrations. The students witnessed the celebration program which consisted of a parade, a display of various formations and watched a video which explained the modest beginnings of NISA. They also saw a photo exhibition showcasing the various tasks accomplished by CISF. The show stealer was the weapons display where many guns starting from India made rifles to Czech made, US made and Bulgaria made guns, LMG and MMG were displayed. Students were really excited to see them. They were also shown how these guns are used.

On Friday, 11th December, the ECA students of grades III & IV presented THREE PLAYS namely ‘The Ugly Woodpecker’, ‘The Emperor’s New 11215120_1203213069694270_7203762227107580017_nHair’ and ‘The Golden Goose’. This presentation was the culmination of the year long efforts of both the students and the teacher. It was heartening to see the really shy students deliver their lines and act with new confidence. It was a wonderful program and the costumes and settings were a treat for the eyes.


On Friday, 11th December, as per the latest instructions of CBSE, basic SELF-DEFENSE TECHNIQUES were shown to the girl students of grades VIII to X. Safety of children is of prime concern to one and all. Self-defense training will equip the girl students with useful strategies to defend themselves from spontaneous or pre-meditated violence and abuse. Learning self-defense strategies not only involves physically tackling threats to safety but also the ability to identify and avoid potentially unsafe circumstances. This training will assist girl students to become more aware of their surroundings and to not feel helpless in any situation.


KARATE BELT TEST was conducted for the students of the school on Wednesday, 9th and 16th December. White to green karate belt test was conducted on 9th. Total appeared were 57 of which 21 passed with ‘A’ Grade and 36 with ‘B’ Grade. Green to Orange karate belt test was conducted on 16th. Total appeared were 38 of which 20 passed with ‘A’ Grade and 18 with ‘B’ Grade.

18th /19th December                 – Night Camp (I-IV & X. A one-time fun            experience)
Sports Day
22nd December, Tuesday            – PP
23rd December, Wednesday     – I-IV
24th December, Thursday         – V-X
25th December, Friday             – Christmas Holiday
28th December, Monday         – FA-4 begins.

Dear Parents, sometimes we ourselves are left breathless reading up the compilation of all that we manage to pack in, in a fortnight.

Hope you do spare more than a glance at our newsletter and read through the content put together by us with great effort and zeal.

After all we have been in your mail box like clockwork every fortnight for the past more than 4 years !!!!

Please do spare a few moments to set or check your child’s school bag each evening. The bag has to be set as per the time table and should not contain unnecessary books. Very heavy bags continue to be a problem as children carry un-required books regularly without your supervision.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy

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