NEWSLETTER 20th November 2015

Namaste Dear Parents,

Please read on and find out what we’ve been up to this busy fortnight.

News from the PRE-PRIMARY

It has been a very hectic fortnight for the pre-primary kids, as all are gearing up for the upcoming Mega Theme-end Presentation.

The kids are also very excited and putting in their best to create a master piece for the upcoming canvas auction.

Besides the preparation for the mega presentation, the routine classes too have been in progress and the current topic being machines the teachers have highlighted the use and functions of various machines. As an example, demonstration of pulley was shown, emphasizing on how this simple machine helped pull a bucket of water easily.

In view of the upcoming event, parents too have shown their enthusiasm in making the costumes and props. We would like to thank you parents for your hard work and getting things done in time.

Dear parents you are requested to note the following to help make the event a success.

  • Students must report to school dressed in their costume and makeup at 2.00 pm sharp on Saturday 21st November 2015.
  • Please ensure that your child reaches the school in time. You are requested to handover the child to the respective class teachers.
  • The school will not provide transportation for students on Saturday 21st November 2015. Kindly make the necessary arrangements to drop your child at the reporting time.
  • Please note parents will be allowed inside only at 3.15 pm and the show starts at 3.30 pm sharp.
  • School will arrange to click photographs of the event. If you wish to click pictures yourself, kindly do so without leaving your seats, as it may disturb the performance and the audience.
  • Children will be handed over to the parents only at the end of the show.
  • Please do not enter the backstage area at any time during the show.

Kindly co-operate to make the show a grand success.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Mega Theme-end presentation.


Friday 4th December 2015     – Talent Show

Saturday 5th December 2015 – PMI (Parent Mentor Interaction)





Founder’s Day

12239620_1191397564209154_37411241729319518_nFOUNDER’S DAY was celebrated over two days on 15th and 16th November, with great pomp and show.
On Sunday, 15th November, Mr Jayesh Ranjan, Secretary to Government, IT, Electronics & Communication Department was the Chief Guest for the evening. Shri Krishnam Raju, Chairman Suchitra Group and Mr P.V.Ramana, father of the famous badminton player P.V.Sindhu were the guests for the evening and Mr Ganesh was the surprise guest of honour.

The program started with the arrival of the Chief Guest. He was accorded a warm welcome by the children of the school. The function commenced with the presentation of the school report by the Director Principal, Mrs Renu Shorey followed by the inaugural dance by students of grade IX. The students of grades I, II and III staged the play Alice In Wonderland.

The story was presented in the form of a musical ballet. It was a mesmerizing journey through the fantasy land of Alice. The children put up an excellent show of talent, skill, coordination and cooperation. The stage came alive with the dances and, the props and lights added to the magical experience. It was an excellent show with the students at their colourful best.

12250099_1191407120874865_8158814189894419287_nMr Jayesh Ranjan thanked everyone for making the day memorable and was full of praise for the wonderful show of talent. He also appreciated the new age teaching methods adopted by the school. He said that such an approach creates a congenial and happy environment for a healthy, all round development of the children’s personality so that in the long run they emerge as confident social beings, ready to face the competitive world. The program ended with a Vote Of Thanks by the Vice Principal Mrs Deepa Kapoor followed by the school song.

On Monday, 16th November, grades IV-X had organized an academic


carnival – ‘Knowledge Infinite’. The chief guest on that day was Shri Krishnam Raju, Chairman Suchitra Group. The G uest was accorded a warm welcome by the children of the school. Each class had done up the classroom based on various themes. Grade IVA had focused on the amusing English vocabulary, while grade VIIA familiarized you with the genius of Shakespeare. Grade VA took one back to the Mughal era while VIA amazed us with their Mathematics in monuments! Other exhibits like the Egypt room, took the visitors back in time, while the scientists and their inventions motivated the students. Hindi and Telugu plays were also staged. The Hindi play highlighted the need to eradicate corruption whereas the Telugu play depicted Krishnadev Raya’s majestic courtroom.

_MG_8099There was also an inaugural dance, a musical band and a karate display. The school band comprising of students of grade VIII, IX and X was an instant hit with the audiences. They mesmerized everyone by playing and singing the classic all time favourites. Students of grades IV-X displayed their karate skills through the various katas.

A blood donation camp was also organized in the school by the Lions Club. This got a very good response from the parents as well as the teachers.      


The ACER test was conducted for grades III-X on Friday, 20th November. Many students appeared for this test and the results would be known soon.



24th November – Picnic (G IV-X)
25th November – Picnic (G I-III)
Dear Parents as part of our conviction and policy of ‘no-child-left-behind’ we are committed to make each single child participate in our programmes, hence Founder’s Day had to be spread over 2+1 day.

( Pre-Primary makes a presentation on Saturday 21st Nov.)

On 15th it was Grade I to III, 16th was Grade IV to X.

I am sure you can understand what a herculean task it must be to involve all 760 children. Some children are bound to get very short stage time for obvious reasons; we can not prolong programmes beyond a point.

This was the best we could have done so please do cooperate and appreciate that all of you got to see your children in action. More than this is not going to be possible please!

I am so grateful to the parents who have sent congratulatory messages and shown appreciation for the programmes. Programme on 16th came in for special appreciation for the novelty of its idea as well as execution. Thank you so much for being such lovely and supportive partners.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy


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