NEWSLETTER 25th September 2015

Namaste dear parents,

Here’s news and views of this fortnight once again for you from the Suchitra Campus!

News from the PRE-PRIMARY

Greeting to all our Dear Parents!

We are happy about finishing the First Term of this academic year, and as we come to the end of the term, we would like you to have a glimpse of all our academic and non-academic activities.

12003393_1164420026906908_4848592297835743352_n“Success is a journey, not a destination.” We are striving to be successful in all areas and we are happy to see the outcome in our students with the closure of our first Term. Qualitative improvements are happening and to ensure good quality education we are seeking parent suggestions to maintain the consistency. To improve student performance in all aspects we are training our students in all-round developmental activities. They are learning much more in school than just academics.

We are sure we cannot accomplish anything without the support of our Parents and well-wishers therefore we regularly involve you dear parent in our school programmes and accept comments and compliments with the same spirit and enthusiasm.

A big thank you to all you dear Parents for being so closely associated with the Pre-primary during this term

Theme-end Presentation12038002_1164425963572981_8296753231460209419_n

Pre-primary children performed amazingly well on Thursday 24th September for the theme-end presentation. This presentation covered the theme ‘Discovery of India’ and ‘learning through stories.’ It was astounding to watch the Sr. KG kids compere and present the whole show. The Jr. KG and Nursery kids supported the show well with their performance.

Gentle reminder

It is very important that the children come to school in time. Please ensure your child arrives no later than 8.30 a.m. as the 10 minutes before assembly give your child the opportunity to familiarize him/herself, greet friends, unpack the bag and have a quick play before having to settle down to more formal activities.

Every morning, during assembly children are encouraged to talk about things of their choice. Please make a big deal out of these at home too and encourage your child to speak a few lines about everyday objects around us, like- refrigerator, spoons, plates, TV, laptop….the list can be endless !


Up-coming events

26th September – PMI (Parent Mentor Interaction, 9.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.)

28th September – Term 2 begins

2nd October      – Gandhi Jayanti Holiday




IMG_4462On Saturday, 19th September, a special lecture on CAUSES, IDENTIFICATION, INTERVENTION OF ADHD AND OTHER LEARNING DISABILITIES was conducted by Dr Padma Palvai, a renowned psychiatrist and child counselor. She spoke at length about the intricacies of a child’s behaviour and the various areas where a child can experience learning difficulties. She also stressed the fact that a child could be excelling in one subject but might be having difficulty in another, a fact which leaves all parents and teachers confused and at their wits end. She also explained the various ways and techniques to deal with these situations. It was a very informative session and the highlight was the eye-opening interaction with the parents wherein they asked a lot of questions and got many of their doubts cleared.

A special assembly on ‘Bakrid’ was conducted on Thursday, 24th September IMG_20150924_1115131132015. The students enacted a short skit which highlighted the significance of Bakrid. The students explained that it is a celebration of the spirit of sacrifice, love and brotherhood. They also focused on the various traditions and customs followed during the celebrations. An informative ppt and video which narrated the story of Bakrid was shown to the students.

Grades I to VIII finished their SA 1 exam on Monday, 21st September. Grades IX and X began their SA 1 exam on 21st September. Their exams will get over on 30th September.


A SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR is being held at school from 21st September to 26th September. A wide range of books- fiction, non-fiction, informative, encyclopedias etc are displayed. Each class was given a special slot for browsing through the entire collection of books and they selected some interesting books for themselves. This book fair was an ideal exposure to the interesting world of books and the infinite knowledge they can give. We are sure as the students start reading their newly acquired books, they would discover the joys of reading.

We also had Ms. Rubina Majid from Scholastic, taking up activities like story reading, plotting, reading between the lines, novel reading and an activity around it and crossword puzzles etc which were conducted grade-wise.  These sessions were thoroughly enjoyed by one and all.


26th September – Term End PMI (I-VIII, 9.00a.m. to 12.00 noon)

28th September – Term 2 begins
1st October          – Swimming competition

2nd October         – Gandhi Jayanti Holiday.

Dear parents when you come on 26th to meet the teachers and review the work done by your children some of you may have a happy interaction and some of you may feel discouraged. Regardless of whether kids have fared well or not, their journey has been a great learning experience. Of this I am certain. The kind of activities we do and the experiences we create work at a deeper level and give your child an understanding of the world around.

Yes, we do not give dictated answers and pre-worked upon essays. Yes, we do not make them mug up question and answers. Instead we enable the child to create on her/is own. To us that is growth and that is learning. This is tedious not only for the child but for us too but this is the only way we know and the only way they learn to learn.

So please support us and cooperate and you will see real growth in your children.

We start a fresh page- II Term from Monday and cheers to that.

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

Director Principal, Suchitra Academy

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