NEWSLETTER 31st October 2014

Namaste dear parents,

Here’s what we were upto during this fortnight of October.

News from the PRE-PRIMARY

100th working day and Diwali celebration

22nd Oct. was a fun-filled and busy day for the Pre-primary kids. The day started with kids performing a skit and dance for the senior school. The fun and frolic continued as kids got busy making beautiful flower rangoli around their classrooms. Sweets were shared and the air was filled with wishes of “Happy Diwali”.

100 is a big number and the One Hundredth day of school is a big deal!!!. We celebrated this important milestone doing various activities focusing on the number One Hundred.

Story-telling week 28th to 31st    

Story-telling is an important part of teaching, because learning is more efficient and more memorable. For young kids who are learning through their imaginations, stories are deeply nourishing for the hearts and souls. To make the learning more interesting and rich, we invited parents through this week. This gave an opportunity to the kids to enjoy and learn through more variety of stories.

We would like to thank all the parents who took time out from their busy schedules and volunteered to come for the story-telling session. Thank you very much.


31st Oct was another exciting day for the Pre-primary. Teachers put up scarecrow on a pumpkin patch made by the kids. The school campus was filled with batman, Spiderman, fairies, and many more. It was very impressive to see the creativity shown in the kid’s costumes. All of them got to show their costumes to their friends during our Halloween parade. Kids were all excited to go around with their trick-or-treat bags and collect their treat from the teachers.

Upcoming events

1st Nov. – PMI (parent mentor interaction) 11.30 to 1.30 p.m.

7th Nov. – Book donation day: we welcome new and gently used books which will be donated by our kids to the underprivileged children.




A guest lecture on the topic “MONEY MATTERS” was conducted on Monday 20th October. Mr Praveen Raju, the Managing Director of the school for grades VII to X. The aim of the lecture was to introduce the students to the concept of money, types of money used, evolution of money and importance of money. Concepts like inflation and Gold Reserve Ratio were also discussed. The difference between needs and desires was a very interesting session where children had shared their needs and their desires. The session came to an end with Mayank Menon of grade X proposing a Vote Of Thanks.

On the occasion of DIWALI, the school wore a festive look on Wednesday, 22nd October. Diwali was being celebrated with great enthusiasm. The day started with a SPECIAL ASSEMBLY on Diwali which highlighted the importance of celebrating a green Diwali. The students presented a beautiful festive dance and the pre-primary students presented a skit depicting the story of lord Rama. It was an informative and innovative assembly. An INTER-HOUSE RANGOLI COMPETITION was also held in which the students from grades IV to VIII participated. They created some beautiful rangolis. Dhriti house got the first prize for the best rangoli and Sanskriti house came second. But most important of all stress was laid on reducing air and noise pollution. Children promised to halve their Crackers’ budget !

Do tell us if they kept their promise.


Wednesday, 29th October was Grade I C’s turn to present the special assembly on Halloween. The little moppets looked pretty even when they tried to scare. Children showcased the significance of the celebrations and enlightened the gathering on the myth, the tradition and the festivities that surround it. They enacted ‘trick or treat’, ‘apple bobbing’ and played  pranks.  They sang a Halloween song too.

Many of you parents could come in to witness the assembly. Thank you so much!


Thursday, 30th October was designated for Special Leadership Activity. Our endevor is to train our students to be skillful and adaptable to needs and circumstances of life. Training them to these life skills is the aim of these activities. Simple activities  like, “how would your react to your parent if you are at play and are called inside the house to catch up with studies since your play time is up? Would you throw a fit or listen to their instructions or argue for some more time?”   Don’t you think this is interesting? Children talk about it and discuss the best possible way to tackle situations. Children come up with amazing solutions and answers. Training them towards the right direction is well worth our effort.

Please note

Dear Parents the coming 2 weeks are going to be spent preparing and practicing for the upcoming Sports-cum-Founder’s Day. Class schedules may be somewhat disturbed due to practices. Our endeavor is going to be to see that each child participates. I expect cooperation from you all.

A matter of great regret has been failure of my initiative to meet parents of certain classes. The classes were facing a few issues and my intention was to sit across the table and to see how best we could address those issues. To my regret, of the total of 58 parents invited, only 2 turned up !!! Obviously no dialogue was possible.

Upcoming events

1st November – PMI 11.30 to 1.30 p.m
4th November – FA-3 begins
5th November – Heritage Quiz ( CBSE Regional Centre)

Warm Regards

Renu Shorey

(Dir-Principal, Suchitra Academy)


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